Cooker Hood Malaysia: Keeping Kitchens Clean in 2023

Why Invest in Top Rated Cooker Hoods?

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, it is essential to consider placing a cooker hood over the desired stove area. A cooker hood is also known as a range hood and we will be using these terms interchangeably in this article. What makes it essential?

Firstly, a cooker hood helps remove excess heat and steam from cooking. It does this by providing proper circulation, which in turn prevents excess steam and heat from damaging the ceiling or surrounding walls.

Secondly, a cooker hood helps to remove residue from grease while cooking. These residues are detrimental to the overall lifespan of your kitchen setup. If left to collect, these residues could attract unwanted pests or become a breeding ground for mold. Third, It removes smoke and odors from the kitchen area. Honestly, who wants a kitchen place that smells unpleasant?

With that being said, the task of selecting a cooker hood can be intimidating if you’re unsure about what to look for in a cooker hood. We’ve written this article to help first-time buyers as well as experienced buyers, select the right cooker hood for their home. In this article, we will first go over the types of cooker hoods, followed by what to look for in a cooker hood, and lastly some of our recommendations for the best cooker hood (Malaysia).

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Types of cooker hoods

When it comes to the conversation of cooker hood types, you will often hear people comparing vented and unvented cooker hoods. So to familiarise yourself with the types of cooker hoods, we’ve made a quick summary that you can go through.

Vented cooker hood

Vented or ducted cooker hoods, work by having a fan that is attached to a duct. This allows it to take in the unwanted air and move it outdoors.


  • Completely removes unwanted smoke and fumes from the kitchen area
    • A vented cooker hood will remove grease, smoke, and any unwanted particles from your kitchen. It will deposit the air outdoors unlike ventless cooker hoods that filter and recirculate the air.
  • Helps extend the life of a kitchen
    • A vented cooker hood helps extend the life of your kitchen. It helps pull grease from the air when cooking and dumps it all outside. This will enable it to keep your ceiling, walls, and cabinets grease-free, and thus extending the life of your kitchen place.
  • Eliminates strong odors in the kitchen
    • Vented cooker hoods also help remove odors from the kitchen. This is especially useful if you tend to cook foods with strong aromas.
  • Save money on buying filters
    • When it comes to the duct outside, you need not worry about replacing the filter with new ones now and then. Vented cooker hoods tend to use stainless steel baffle filters or mesh filters which happen to be dishwasher safe. This makes purchasing a vented cooker hood a more cost-effective option in the long run.
  • Maintain a good level of heat and humidity in the kitchen
    • A vented cooker hood helps regulate the amount of humidity by removing excess steam and heat from the kitchen while cooking. This in turn helps prevent the area from becoming too stuffy.


  • Lack of flexibility
    • There is no doubt that this variety of cooker hood is impressive, but the installation process requires you to have a duct that leads from the kitchen to the outdoors. This makes it inflexible when it comes to positioning and placement. As such, this type of cooker hood might not be right for every kitchen.
  • Ventless cooker hood
    • Ventless or ductless cooker hoods, work by taking in air through an installed fan within the cooker hood. The air drawn in by the fan is then filtered within the cooker hood and is finally recirculated into the kitchen.

Unvented cooker hood


  • Placement Flexibility
    • This variety of cooker hood does not require a duct that leads outdoors, this gives it the flexibility to be placed anywhere you desire. This ease of installation is great if you are renting a place as you can easily remove it and install it in your new home.
  • Cost-Effective
    • Given that a ventless cooker hood does not require duct installation, you will be able to save a lot of money from installation.
  • Low power usage
    • Since it does not require extra energy to push the air from the ducts into the outdoors, it would appear that a ventless cooker hood uses less energy and in return could help you save on your electricity bill.
  • Quiet
    • Though they may lack power when compared to their vented counterparts, ventless cooker hoods stand out by being extremely quiet.


  • Efficiency
    • When it comes to efficiency, it is sad to say that the vented cooker hood takes the cake when compared to the ventless variety. This is because a ventless cooker hood is unable to remove as many air contaminants. When compared to its vented counterparts, it is also seen that it does not remove moisture and heat from the air. This could cause some increase in humidity as well as cause some odors to linger on for longer.
  • Requires filter replacements
    • The charcoal filters that most ventless cooker hoods use need to be replaced now and then (about 120 to 150 hours of cooking). This could also incur some additional costs in the long run.

What to Look for in a Cooker Hood in Malaysia

In this section, we will be going over some key considerations when buying cooker hoods. These are important factors that you should go through thoroughly when looking at 2cooker hoods.

1. Type of Kitchen hood

As mentioned above, when you’re looking to add a range hood to your kitchen, you should carefully consider the type of cooker hood you need. To determine which is best for you, you should look at the space you currently have available for the range hood.

Do you have the required space for the duct system? Do you want full extraction? When you ask yourself questions like these, you’ll be able to narrow down the selection to find which type of cooker hood is for you.

2. Suction Power

This is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to purchasing a range hood. When we talk about suction power, we typically strive for products with a high suction power (650 cubic meters per hour).

This is the limit for most range hoods with the exception of boost functions. Some range hoods have a boost function included that allows the range hood to have a suction power of 1000 cubic meters per hour for a limited amount of time.

You might be wondering, how do I figure out the suction power required for my kitchen space? Lucky for you, we’ve included a rough guide that will help you decide on the amount of suction power you need.

First, the amount of suction power you need will depend on your kitchen type. For a closed room kitchen, the minimum suction power you need is approximately the length multiplied by the width multiplied by the height multiplied by ten. For an open kitchen, there isn’t a formal calculation you can use. Instead, you will have to look for cooker hoods with high suction powers (minimum 600 cubic meters per hour).

Secondly, you must consider the size of your kitchen. Kitchen sizes can be categorized into 3 (small, medium, large). Small kitchens have a maximum volume of about 200 cubic meters and will require a minimum suction power of 200 cubic meters per hour. The same rule applies to medium-sized kitchens (200-300 cubic meters) and larger kitchens (300 cubic meters and above).

Below are the more obscure but important factors that could affect the amount of extraction power you need.

Extraction pipe (Vented Cooker Hoods Only)

The extraction pipe size should have a diameter of at least 150 millimeters. This is important as a high extraction power fan is useless if it is unable to allow the extracted air to flow out of the kitchen space via the extraction pipe.

Furthermore, the extraction pipe shape should be round and smooth. Not only will this ensure ease of cleaning, but it will also allow for better airflow.

Lastly, the path that your pipe uses should not have a lot of bends. Bends in the pipe will cause a loss in extraction power of about 70 cubic meters per bend. Keep in mind that this will also apply to every meter of pipe you use. For this reason, the path that the pipe takes should be as short as possible with as few bends as possible.

Cooktop size

The size of your range hood should be about the same size as your cooktop. The best would be if you can find a range hood that is larger than your cooktop.
Distance Between Cooker Hood and Cooktop
Cooker hoods have installation distances that will allow them to function optimally. If you happen to install a cooker hood too far or too close to the cooktop, you will not utilize the full extraction power of your range hood.

3. Noise levels

When cooking, you wouldn’t want to feel like you’re next to a fighter jet taking off. You would want a pleasant cooking experience in your kitchen. As such, a range hood that does not produce obscene levels of noise will be ideal for your household. This factor is even more important if you have people in your house that are sensitive to loud noises (babies, pets, etc). Most cooker hoods produce sounds of about 30 dB(A) of noise on their low setting and 55 dB(A) on their high settings.

4. Type of Cooker Hood Installation Options

There are a multitude of range hood installation options. Below are some of the most common types.

Wall Hoods

These types of hoods are great as they are easy to install, are very efficient, and come in a variety of designs to choose from. The main drawback of this type of installation is the amount of space it utilizes.

Island Hoods

Island hoods are a more stylish choice if that’s what you’re after. However, it does have a fair number of drawbacks to consider. Firstly, island hoods are typically a lot more expensive than your average wall hood. Second, they are not very efficient. Lastly, it is one the most cumbersome to mount.

Conventional Hoods with Visors

This is the conventional type of range hood that fits into any kitchen design as they are discrete. They are rather cost-effective, being some of the cheapest types of range hoods in the current market. value-for-money range hood design in the current market as they offer decent performance with a moderate price point. The only downside is that it requires an existing overhead kitchen cabinet.

Cupboard extractors

A subsection of the canopy hoods, this type of hood offers the same benefits as a canopy hood with the main difference being the operating method. To turn on a canopy hood, you will typically press a button. When it comes to cupboard extractors, you simply pull the device out overhead and it will turn on.

Ceiling hoods

Ceiling hoods are a great discrete option as the only visible part of the hood is the front panel. This is a great option if you want a minimalistic option. The drawbacks of this design include the difficult installation process (which requires you to plan ahead as it is directly integrated into the design of your ceiling), and the high price point.

5. Extra Features

Like any other product, once you’ve gone through the essential considerations you have the other non-essential components. Cooker hoods in the current market, especially the higher-priced ones, tend to come with many additional features that you might or might not find useful. Below are some additional features that you will typically see.


LED lights are the most common lighting systems provided with cooker hoods. They offer a limited amount of light and are useful if your kitchen is dimly lit or if you just want additional lights to help you during the cooking process.

Ease of Cleaning

Like most devices, range hoods do require the occasional cleaning to ensure optimum performance. This maintenance process can be made less tedious and troublesome with filters that are easily accessible. Furthermore, cooker hoods that feature designs that prevent grease and grime from building up will also make the cleaning process a lot easier.


A built-in timer might seem like a good idea if you wish to air out your kitchen space after cooking without needing to manually turn the range hood off. Overall this feature here is a quality of life change and isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker when choosing a range hood.

Our Recommendations For Cooker Hood in Malaysia for 2023

Now that we’ve gone through the types of cooker hoods and what to look out for when buying one, we will go through our top recommendations when buying the best cooker hood (Malaysia).

1. ELBA Kitchen Chimney Hood

The first entry on this list is this range hood from ELBA. The ELBA Kitchen Chimney Hood EH-J9088 comes with a whopping 1400 cubic meters per hour of suction power. This incredibly high amount of extraction power gives it the ability to remove even if the toughest of lingering odors from your kitchen.

It features a 270-watt motor and comes with 3-speed selections that can be selected via the push-button panel on the front of the range hood. This just means that you have the ability to choose the amount of extraction power needed.

A bonus feature of this product is that it comes with a tempered glass panel which gives it a modern look. The cooker hood itself is made from stainless steel and is quite resistant to rust and corrosion.

This range hood can be either ducted or ductless depending on your needs. The manufacturer of this product has noted that this device needs to be installed by a qualified or authorized technician. However, there is a detailed user manual included with the product that does go over all the steps needed when installing this range hood.

We advise that you take the manufacturer’s advice when it comes to the installation process of this product as there are electrical hazards that could pose a risk to you or your loved ones. The baffle filter and oil cup must be regularly cleaned ( once a month as recommended by the manufacturer).

With over 100 ratings on Lazada, this product is one to look out for. It comes with a 5-year warranty which is always great for pricier electronics.

2. Electrolux 90cm Curved Glass Chimney Hood

The next product on this list is the Electrolux 90cm Curved Glass Chimney Hood. This product only features an extraction mode (ducted hood). This range hood will make the perfect addition to your kitchen if you have the appropriate space and setting for a ducted range hood. If you do not, fret not as this list also features some ductless range hoods.

This range hood features a single 200-watt motor and an extraction power of 1100 cubic metres per hour. Similar to the first entry on the list, this range hood also features multiple power settings (low, medium, high). These settings can be controlled via the touch control switch on the front panel of this range hood.

If you are an individual who does not want to constantly clean the range hood manually, you can simply use the auto-clean function included with this range hood. Please keep in mind that this feature does have its own required steps to execute, but truth be told it is a lot simpler.

You simply have to add a little detergent water into the water cup and fix it to the hood. By pressing and holding the auto-clean button on the touch display for 3 seconds, it will begin. Keep in mind that you will still have to manually clean the grease filters every so often.

This range hood also features two 2-watt LED lights that can illuminate the cooktop. It should be noted that there is an additional 12-watt motor within the range hood but it is not used for extraction. Instead, this additional motor is for the auto-clean function.

Furthermore, if you are worried about the environmental impacts of the packaging that comes with the product, you will be glad to know that all the packaging material is recycled and you can follow the required steps to recycle them.

This product is featured on Lazada, Shopee, and the Electrolux website. Though it does not have a lot of reviews on Lazada, the reviews we’ve seen on their website tell us that this product is loved by many. The main complaint when it comes to this product is the noise it makes. Keep in mind that it is not the loudest but it is on the louder end when it
comes to range hoods.

3. Electrolux 90cm Inspiration Chimney Kitchen Hood

The third entry on our list is another product from Electrolux. This range hood from Electrolux is similar to the previous entry from this manufacturer when it comes to installation. It is also a ducted range hood that requires some additional space in your home layout to be effective. Unlike the previous entry from Electrolux, this one also has a ductless version.

So no matter which type of range hood you want, this model will fit into your kitchen. This range hood features a single 240-watt motor and an extraction power of 1300 cubic metres per hour. If you wish to control the strength of the extraction motor, you can simply use the intuitive IQ touch panel to adjust it to one of three settings (low, medium, high).

Furthermore, this range hood comes with some additional features that could be useful. If you wish to adjust the light settings of the built-in LED lights, you can simply use the IQ touch control panel. The controls for the LED lights are located on the right side.

The IQ touch panel is perhaps one of the more useful components on this range hood as it allows you to control the range hood as well as monitor the current status of it. Even when it comes to maintenance and cleaning of the range hood, this product takes the guessing game of when to clean it out of the picture. The range hood will show you when it has to be cleaned via an icon that pops up on the IQ touch panel.

This range hood also features a small memory system. The default setting for the fan and light are medium and can be changed via the IQ touch panel. The memory system kicks in by memorizing which setting it was left on the last time it was used. This makes it convenient if you use the same settings everytime you cook.

Lastly, this product comes with a timer that will allow the range hood to continue running for an additional 5 minutes depending on the selected fan speed. This will ensure removal of any odors that remain in your kitchen after cooking.

4. Midea Slim Cooker Hood

The Midea Slim Cooker Hood is the fourth entry on this list of the best cooker hood (Malaysia). This product caught our eye as it has over 100 ratings on Shopee averaging at 4.8/ 5 stars with over 200 units sold. It has almost 400 ratings on Lazada averaging at 4.9 / 5 stars not to mention 93 answered questions from the seller. This allows us to rest easy knowing that this product is from a trusted seller on Lazada and Shopee.

The product itself features a stainless steel design with 2 motors with a power rating of 206-watts and suction power of 900 cubic meters per hour. This device has the lowest price point and extraction power on this list.

This by no means indicates that the product is not as good as other products on this list. This budget-friendly option is perfect for your kitchen if you do not need all the fancy bells and whistles that are included in more expensive cooker hoods.

This device features both a ducted or ductless option so you can choose whichever suits your kitchen more. You can rest assured regardless of which option you choose for your kitchen as the product comes with 2 aluminum filters and 2 charcoal filters. The Midea Slim Cooker Hood also comes with two 3-watt LED Lights that can help illuminate the stovetop.

It would appear that the best thing about this product is that it does what it is supposed to do. However, if you are looking for a product that offers more in terms of extra features (a timer, touch panel, etc) this might not be the right addition to your kitchen and you should look at other products on this list. But in the event that you are looking for a simpler cooker hood for your kitchen, this option can be the best for you.

5. ELBA Designer Hood ETERNO

The fifth product on our list is this cooker hood from ELBA. The ELBA Designer Hood comes with a single 250-watt motor and features a 1400 cubic meter per hour extraction power. It comes with speed selection settings (low, high, turbo).

Do keep in mind that the turbofan setting has a timer on it. The fan speed will only be on turbo for a minute before it reverts to the high-speed mode. This feature is designed to be used as an after-cooking feature to remove the remaining odor from your kitchen. However, you may also choose to use it if you feel like your stove top is producing too much smoke.

This range hood also comes with a touch panel to allow easy access to all the settings of this range hood. It is not the fanciest when it comes to extra features but for the price, it is a decent mid-range option. For the price you pay, you get a good range hood that comes included with features like LED lights, A timer, and a turbo boost function. Which isn’t bad when looking at other products of comparable prices.

6. Rubine RCH-BOXLINE X-90SS Hood

This range hood from Rubine is the sixth entry on our list. Rubine is a brand well known for their home appliances. This product from Rubine features a 1400 cubic metre per hour suction power, and the range hood itself is made from stainless steel & tempered glass.

The extra features included with the range hood includes 2 LED lights, an invisible sensor touch style control panel, and can be both ductless and ducted. Given the ability to be ducted and ductless gives you the flexibility you need when remodeling your kitchen.

It also comes with charcoal filters and baffle filters. From our testing, we’ve found that this product performs as stated by the manufacturer and should not pose an issue when it comes to reliability.

7. SENZ Intel Clean Twin Turbo Motor Multihood


This product from SENZ is perhaps one of the pricier options on this list. This product features the highest suction power on this list at 1800 cubic metres per hour. This could be attributed to it having twin motors. However, similar to the second entry on this list, this product also features an auto clean function. This auto-clean function is easy to execute and requires you to feed water into the range hood through a tube, which it will then heat up before cleaning the machine. This auto clean function was made

so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got a clean range hood at all times.

This range hood comes with a soft touch sensor control panel accompanied by an LED Display. The soft touch control panel allows users to control the 4 speed levels offered with the range hood, the included LED lights, the timer functions, and the turbo suction function.

During testing of the product, our team noted that the most practical feature of this range hood would be the auto clean function. Furthermore, the turbo boost function is incredibly strong and is perfect if you intend to cook foods that produce large amounts of smoke.

8. SENZ Invisible MultiHood

The last product on this list of the best range hoods in Malaysia, we have decided to go with this product from SENZ. This range hood features a suction power of 1200 cubic metres per hour. The sleek elegant design of this range hood is accompanied by a layer of protective tempered glass. This tempered glass also makes cleaning of the range hood extremely easy.

When it comes to features, this range hood comes with a touch control panel. This control panel is fairly intuitive to use from our testing. It allows the user to control the LED Lights, the 3 speed settings provided, and the delay timer. This kitchen cabinet range hood however does not come with a ducted option which does limit its flexibility in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there manuals included with these products?

Yes! All these products come included with manuals. If you are still concerned about not getting a user manual, you can always make your way to the website of the brand itself and search for the product model.

How important is regular cleaning?

Regular cleaning is recommended by the manufacturers of all the range hoods in this list. However, you can get away with not cleaning them for a short duration of time (1 -2 weeks) longer than what the manufacturer recommends. It is important to remember that a range hood is meant to keep your kitchen clean and odor-free. Failing to clean the range hood could result in odors lingering in your kitchen.

Where should the cooker hood be placed?

You should place the cooker hood in the location and height recommended by the manufacturer in the provided manual. It should be noted that your kitchen space might not be sufficient for larger range hoods when the placement height is taken into account.

Therefore, before you purchase a range hood for your kitchen, it is good to contact the manufacturer or consult the user manual available online.

ADo I have to replace the charcoal filters?

Yes! Even the best range hoods must have theri charcoal filters changed every one to three months. This can be quite tedious to do from time to time but it is an important process nonetheless.

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