Multi Cooker Malaysia [2023]: As Versatile As It Gets

Top 10 Multi Cooker in Malaysia for 2023

Multi cookers are definitely your go-to if you are one of those people that loves cooking at home yet find it stressful and too time-consuming when it comes to putting in necessary work and preparations in order to make a good meal.

Most of us are heavily occupied with busy work schedules as well as commitments and priorities to the point where time is way too precious to let it go to waste. In this case, we have compiled your top 10 multi cookers in Malaysia so that you can shop for one that suits your needs.

Multi cookers not only function as your regular rice cooker, as you can also handle all sorts of cooking methods, such as braising, boiling, frying, steaming as well as baking. It is very convenient if you’re looking for something that can cover most cooking appliances.

With that, you can save a lot of precious time in terms of preparation while you will still be able to prepare yourself a nice home-cooked meal on a daily basis.

This will aid you to pick the best multi cooker, or even multi cookers with everything you need among an ocean of multi cookers available in Malaysia.

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1. Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro IH Induction

The Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro IH Induction CY638 model is definitely a perfect option for you if you are looking for the best multi cooker in the market. Spherical in shape, this pot does its cooking with induction heating alongside their famous Opti-Taste Technology.

Tefal’s Opti-Taste technology ensures that the cooker cooks up to 80% faster, as this multi cooker is designed to be 62 degree angled, which makes self heating possible via magnetic force as well as convection heat. On the other hand, it has 19 pre-sets at the push of a button, making it easy to use, along with another 3 pre-sets that are entirely customizable, which relates to setting of temperatures, time, and pressure. This allows you to have your favourite settings or referred to as recipes saved and easily accessible in near future.

One of the many things that is just as important is the details that come with the multi cooker itself. The Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro allows you to add whatever ingredients you like while you’re cooking simultaneously,

We have tested it and it works splendidly, and surely took care of the equipment needed for the extra cooking effort as well – a spatula, measuring cup, soup spoon, and even a steam basket. This multi cooker is perfect for the whole family, as I have used it to cook for as many as the portion for 5 people.

This multi cooker also has a pre-set timer up to 24 hours long, along with a keep warm function, which makes up for how convenient it can be.

It also takes security into consideration, as it comes with 18 safety features, including auto pressure release, limit temperature control protection, high temperature fuse protection, lid safety design, limit pressure control detection, high pressure gap release mechanism, anti-blocking of floating valve, open lid safety, slow opening lid, lid position detection which includes two, no pressure and no heating, skid resistance, water collector, safety valve, voltage detection, inner pot detection, and lastly, anti-dry-heating design.

Important to note that this cooker comes with 2 cooking pots – stainless steel and aluminium pot, where the stainless steel one works well when cooking different recipes, and the aluminium pot has a non stick coating, which makes it a perfect choice to cook rice and other food of sticky texture.

2. Philips Deluxe Collection All-In-One Cooker

The Philips Deluxe Collection All-In-One Cooker HD2145/62 model is arguably one of the best multi cookers in Malaysia. One of its main highlights is that it has 6L capacity, making it a great option, provided that you have a large family to feed at home.

This multi cooker is also known to cook 6 times faster, which makes your food simply flavourful and tender. It also comes with a dual control system, which allows this all-in-one cooker to control the temperature with high accuracy, as it can reduce the fluctuation of heat as much as 50%.

This multi cooker also carries a variety of multi cook programs. Consumers could use it to bake, steam and even stew, alongside other great settings which will make your cooking life easier. However, one of the greatest selling points of this specific multi cooker in my opinion is the ability to make yoghurt. This is definitely a must buy for someone who is looking to incorporate yoghurt into their dishes or desserts.

Next, this multi cooker has a total of 18 default pre-sets along with 3 customizable presets. The large variety of choices allows consumers to cook in a more convenient manner, as it takes only a click of a button to start the cooking process, whereas the 3 customizable presets allow consumers to save and revisit their favorite customized programs or recipes, which promotes convenience as you do not need to reset the recipe manually every single time.

On the other hand, this multi cooker also serves as a pressure cooker, where there are 9 special pressure cooking modes in order to make sure that consumers are able to cook quality food with great taste and texture even when you are running out of time to do more.

Moreover, most of the best multi cookers in Malaysia have an auto pressure function, where this multi cooker is not an exception. The pressure will be released automatically right after the cooking is done. I have used this function and it is true that there will be no need to manually discharge the pressure or wait for it to cool down slowly.

Convenience is key as well, where this multi cooker in Malaysia by Philips has a sauce thickening button, and with one pressing, you will be able to create more flavours in your dishes by reducing the sauce or soup in it.

It also comes with various accessories that makes it a multi cooker, which includes measuring cup, scoop, steaming tray or basket and even a recipe booklet so that there is no need to worry about running out of new recipes to cook, as more options are readily provided to you in order to try it out. However, it only comes with a pot, unlike the multi cookers mentioned above, which is only a stainless steel inner pot.

With all the good ratings as well as the functionalities given, it is definitely the best multi cooker in Malaysia.

3. Primada Versatile Cooker

Next up is the Primada Versatile Cooker MPS13 model, known as the all-in-one best multi cooker in Malaysia to fulfill your cooking needs, although it does not do anything like a pressure cooker. Therefore, the pressure cooking option is undoubtedly unavailable.

One of its most striking physical features is that it comes with 3 tiers stainless steel steamer, which is a dream come true for people that want a multi cooker with a tremendous amount of volume that allows you to cook clean food. It allows you to steam, as well as reheat your dishes at the same time. This enhances versatility in terms of what you can cook: from salads to meat, and to rice. There is no need for cooking oil.

With this multi cooker, the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the food can be retained, as this cooker has a steaming function available for you to cook your meal. The steam outlet is available on the lid for easy temperature control and to avoid overheating from happening, which makes this a multi cooker with thoughtful design.

Starting off with the physical attributes of a multi cooker, therefore, moving on to the pot component, which is the most important component of all, as for a good pot it needs to be of decent quality to ensure that it is entirely functional on the ultimate level. It is made of ceramic for this multi cooker, which means with this multi cooker, you can effectively minimize the loss of nutrition when cooking the dishes even for a long period of time.

The ceramic pot can be heated with steam at a temperature as high as 112 degree Celcius, and far infrared rays can be induced within the inner pot, which gives about the ability to heat and cook the ingredients inside. Other than that, it also comes with a stainless steel inner pot.

This multi cooker has a standard 13 amp Plug Power Cord that is water splash resistant and designed to be leak proof. The design itself is aluminium textured pot body, along with a full LCD display and smart touch panel.

The Primada Versatile Cooker can cover a lot in terms of your cooking experience, as it comes with 8 cooking menus, where 7L ceramic-coated pot comes with 8 multi-function that consists of stew or double boil, steam, congee, soup, rice, as well as quick cook.

It also has 9 hours presets and 24 hours keep-warm function for your convenience in accordance with circumstances. This multi cooker also comes with a recipe book in case you need a new recipe to experiment with. It also provides consumers with 2 stainless steel hooks for the steamer itself.

4. Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro

The second Tefal model – Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro CY625 is the best multi cooker you can get in Malaysia without an induction heating feature. It is a multi cooker by Tefal that is more affordable in comparison with the model that has been mentioned previously.

Home Chef Smart Pro, known as the best multi cooker that provides you a fast and versatile way to cook your dishes without having to compromise the flavour of a delicious meal.

Similarly, it comes with Opti-Taste technology, and also a pot that is designed as spherical in shape.

This combination is ideal for cooking the perfect dish as an electrical conjunction along with dedicated cooking programs, which you can effectively deal with the pressure in the pot with this multi cooker.

This feature is known to give the food you are cooking a “massage”, which simply means that with this multi cooker, you can effectively enhance the flavour of the dishes you cook. On the other hand, it also encourages fast cooking, which is an improvement as much as 80% in comparison to cooking with a gas cooker.

It is important to note that this multi cooker offers up to 19 presets alongside with 3 special functions, including adjustable cooking time, adjustable pressure as well as adjustable temperature so that you can create your very own recipes, which all can be reused by just a push on a button.

Special cooking functions are also available, known as Sous-Vide, which is responsible for achieving the same tasty result and retaining the natural taste of dishes.

Other special cooking functions available in this multi cooker include Abalone, Quick Rice, and Slow Cook function that comes with 2 settings, including High and Low in order to achieve silky texture and rich flavour. However, it is important to understand that this model does not do any pressure cooking as well.

Similar to the first model mentioned, this multi cooker is equipped with 18 safety features that are all different and equally important to ensure that the cooker is always safe to use. To design multi cookers with such versatility, it is essential for it to be safe enough for people to use at home.

It also comes with a large capacity – 5L ceramic-coated cooking pot, so that it is perfect for an average to big family as well.

Keep-warm and pre-set timer both can be adjusted up to 24 hours to suit customer’s convenience. Lastly, it comes with important and relevant accessories: measuring cup, rice spatula, soup spoon as well as a steam basket.

5. Philips Viva Collection All-In-One Pressure Cooker

The Viva Collection All-In-One Pressure Cooker HD2137/62 model is known as a good mid-range multi cooker for you, which is ideal for people that are on a budget. The few main features of this model is that it has up to 6L bowl capacity with 9 safety protection systems for a safe cooking experience. It is also a cooker that utilizes pressure cooking methods.

As this multi cooker is essentially a pressure cooker, a pressure regulator valve is available so that the steam can automatically be released in order to provide consumers a safe pressure cooking experience, especially when abnormality occurs.

The pot that comes with this cooker is known to be durable with a layer of non-stick coating. The aluminium alloy inner pot can offer a more effective heating conduction, whereas the non-stick coating is also known as the special colored Whitford golden coating, which also works as anti-scratch coating.

You can easily program the cooking process with this multi cooker, as it also comes with various direct menu buttons for different types of pressure cooking methods that you can choose from, such as soup, risotto, rice, steam, meat or poultry, and manual.

The slow cook function for this multi cooker comes with both high and low temperatures that can last for as long as 12 hours. The inner lid of this multi cooker is detachable for this design makes it easy to clean.

Reheat functions are also available as well as automatic keep warm for 12 hours. Multi cook menus are available for consumers that wants to make yoghurt, stew or baking something. Pressure cooking time recommendations are also available in accordance to the dishes that you are cooking, whereas saute or sear can be done in both high and low temperature for as long as 2 hours.

Similar to most of the best multi cookers in Malaysia, this multi cooker comes with various accessories, including a measuring cup, recipe booklet, spatula and steaming basket. I have tested the product and it definitely is a whole package, for a cooker that not just saves time, it also saves electricity and space.

6. Khind MC388 8-in-1

We have seen 5 multi cookers before this that are capable of cooking for large families with tremendous capacities in Malaysia. This is definitely the best multi cooker available in the market now.

The Khind MC388 8-in-1 Multi Cooker is the best multi cooker especially for students or people that live on their own and only need to cook for a person’s meal. The 8-in-1 function provides the capability of 8 different cooking methods: hotpot, steaming, stir fry, deep fry, BBQ fry, boiling, braise, and stew.

It comes with a rust-free stainless steel hot pot and steamer, as well as a non-stick BBQ frying pan, which makes the cleaning process way easier to handle, rather than having to deal with all the ordeal caused by grilling and cooking on the pan. This is especially beneficial for a person that does not enjoy wasting too much time on cleaning.

It also has an ergonomic handle for the purpose of easy handling and to prevent unwanted accidents from happening while cooking. When it comes to temperature handling, it is adjustable up to 230 degree Celsius, depending on your need. However, it does not have a keep warm option for you.

One of the extra features it has is that it has boil dry and overheat protection. Once it reaches 250 degree Celsius, the multi cooker will automatically cut off and begin to reduce the temperature gradually until it reaches around 100 degree Celsius in order to resume back to normal operation. This best multi cooker also has a high-quality glass lid.

7. Breville 3.7 The Multi Chef

Coming from the trustable Australian brand that is known to produce home appliances that are of best quality, Breville also has several best multi cookers, and one of them is The Multi Chef Multi Cooker model BRC600.

This multi cooker is known as one of the most advanced under Breville’s name specializing in stir-free risotto. This is a combination cooker, where it also contains steaming functionalities, and it is ideal for the preparations of various other dishes such as vegetables, poultry as well as seafood.

This also provides healthier alternatives for health enthusiasts. It also provides sear functionalities, which works to intensify, enhance and build nothing but flavourful meals by putting high-heat on the surface. This function is ideal when it comes to cooking chicken, beef, garlic and onion flavoured dishes.

When it comes to the bowl, it’s specialty is that the cooking bowl with PTFE and PFOA free ceramic coating doubles and acts as a serving bowl. This means there is no need to clean as many dishes as you think you usually would.

Most importantly, as a standard multi cooker itself, this multi cooker of course includes the keep warm functionality, so that your meal is always served warm as they should.

The lid of this multi cooker is made of tempered glass, which is four times stronger than the ordinary glass lid. It also has 10 cup rice capacity along with 3.7L slow cooking capacity, which is ideal for a large family as well.

8. Tefal FUZZY Spherical Pot

This multi cooker by Tefal is known to be the best multi cooker on market for rice cooking, especially for people in Malaysia that are rice lovers. This multi cooker is especially ideal with its spherical bowl technology that enables ideal heat circulation in order to aid delicious cooking.

You can cook all kinds of rice with it, including white rice, glutinous rice and brown rice, along with multiple cooking programs: porridge, congee, soup, steam, clay pot, keep warm as well as a reheat program.

What is most appealing about this technology is perhaps the Fuzzy Logic Artificial Intelligence technology, which can automatically calculate suitable cooking parameters in order to achieve optimal cooking performance for you.

In terms of physical attributes of this multi cooker, it is a multi cooker with a durable ceramic coating bowl, with 6 layers in total. It also encourages visual cooking, which means there is a transparent ‘window’ available on top of the multi cooker so that you can look while it is cooking without having to open the lid all the time.

Certain parts of this multi cooker can be removed so that it is easy to clean, and they are all dishwasher safe. In terms of timer related functions, it has delayed start function as well as being capable of keeping warm up to 24 hours. You can also pre-cancel the keep warm option.

To conclude the main functionalities of this best multi cooker with artificial intelligence technology, the bowl is spherical for optimal heat circulation and it has delayed start and keep warm up options to 24 hours. It is also known to be dishwasher safe.

9. Hiwell DYG-40AF

This multi cooker is known to have enormous capacity, as big as 10L. Therefore, Hiwell DYG-40AF Multi Purpose Cooker is a first choice if you are looking for something that allows you to cook for a large family on a regular basis. This multi cooker is a very efficient and powerful multi cooker – you can boil soup, porridge, rice, stew, and so much more with this appliance.

This multi cooker is also highly convenient as it has a computerized controlling system along with one touch functions. It also comes with 2 stainless steel pots so that you can conveniently switch pots to cook other dishes really fast without having to wash the same pot over and over again.

Its inner pot is made of stainless steel, along with a glass lid, ceramic upper lid and inner lid, as well as a ceramic stew cup and a stainless steel stew cup bracket. All these components, especially the ceramic pot along with two covers is to ensure that natural flavouring of dishes can be retained. It also shows that this is a multi cooker with emphasis on durability. The pots are also non-stick in nature.

In terms of safety, this is a multi cooker with dual safety protection system as well as dry cooking protection. I have had this multi cooker used and it is definitely one of the best that really comes with such a huge package for a reasonable price.

To conclude, this multi cooker has 10L large capacity. It provides you two pots for convenience, comes with a ceramic pot with two lids to ensure rich flavoring, and the pot itself is non-stick, which makes cleaning easier.

10. Pensonic PMC-150G

Although this multi cooker looks small in size in comparison to all the previous ones that we have seen, it actually has as much as 5L capacity, which is enough for as many as a family or even just for a person to enjoy a meal. It is the best multi cooker in Malaysia if you are finding something that is pioneering in grilling.

This multi cooker comes with a grilling pan. A steam tray is also included if you want to make a healthy meal. You can manually set the programs you want, and you can also use automatic programs available: braising, stir-frying, deep-frying, hotpot, and of course grilling.

It has an adjustable temperature control so you can adjust accordingly depending on recipes that you are working on. The inner pot is removable and is non-stick so that you can definitely clean this appliance easily, along with a tempered glass lid.

In terms of safety protection, if the multi cooker is overheating, it will automatically be cut off to ensure safety usage at all times. This multi cooker with antibacterial features ensures that dishes prepared are always safe to be consumed.

To conclude the key features of the best multi cooker by Pensonic, it has 5L capacity and a grill pan is included. Temperature is adjustable for good control. It also has a non-stick inner pot that is removable and can be used for various cooking methods: braising, stir frying, deep frying, hotpot, as well as grilling.


When it comes to looking for the best multi cooker, you’ll be amazed to find that there are endless options available in the market now, whether you are only looking for very specific functionalities, or if you’re on a budget. Should there be any question, it’ll be ideal to contact manufacturers to get the precise specifications that suit your needs.

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