8 Top Induction Cooker Malaysia Brands Review: The Modern Kitchen in 2023

Why Do Malaysians Need Great Induction Cookers?

Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or simply add another cooking station, induction cookers are a great addition to your cooking arsenal. Most homes in Malaysia use gas cooktops as compared to induction cooktops. But when we stop to look at the data, gas cookers are not as efficient as induction cookers.

This is because an induction cooker does not produce heat through flames or a heating element, instead they use magnetism. The flame of a traditional gas cooker is inefficient because most of the heat generated is dissipated into the air and therefore does not make it onto the pan. Induction cooktops on the other hand translate almost all the energy used into the pan, making it extremely efficient.

Looking for an induction cooker in Malaysia can be a challenge if you’re new to them. It is easy to click add to cart and purchase a product that is not what you expect it to be. To aid you in your induction cooker purchases, we have written this article after testing each of the products listed.

In this article, we will first go over what to look for in an induction cooker in Malaysia, followed by our top recommendations and lastly some frequently asked questions.

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What to Look for in an Best Induction Cookers in Malaysia?

Cooktop Size

Induction cookers come in a multitude of sizes. It is completely up to you on how many induction zones you want. They typically come in 1,2,3,4, or even up to 5 induction zones. However, if you are looking for a portable standalone cooktop, you’ll be happy to know that there are standalone induction cookers as well! This is a great option if you’re looking for one on a budget.

When it comes to how much space a built-in induction cooker will take, we’ve included a rough guideline to how many cooking zones will fit into a given space.


A stovetop of 60cm can accommodate 3 cooking zones comfortably. If you do choose to have 4 cooking zones, we have to let you know that it will get quite cramped. This could lead to issues when managing multiple cooking zones. Which in turn can cause issues with control handling and so on.


If you are remodeling your kitchen and not just replacing a stovetop, you have greater flexibility when it comes to choosing the cooktop size and also cooking zones. This range of cooktop sizes is perfect for 4 cooking zones.


The largest size guideline we have and will comfortably accommodate 5 cooking zones.

These are just some guidelines and you can always feel free to add however many cooking zones you want into your desired cooktop size. Here’s a quick reminder that there are standalone portable induction cookers that you can always buy if you want to add induction cookers into your current cooktop setup. This could be a great compromise if you want to have multiple cooktop styles.

Extra features to take note for induction cooking

Some of the following features are not as important as the rest ( we will let you know with a bracket next to the feature). Extra features are always great when it comes to safety and quality of life. You can always opt for more or fewer extra features depending on what you need.

Safety Sensors

Some induction cookers feature a sensor that helps monitor the temperature of the bottom of the cookware. This sensor will send signals to the induction cooker to reduce the power output if it senses that the cookware is not in use and is just left there. This will help prevent damages to cookware as well as the induction hob itself.


This feature is included in most products given its importance. The auto-off function prevents the device from overheating. Another added benefit of this feature is that it helps save energy as it will also turn the induction cooker off if it senses that there is no pan on it.

Safety cut-off

Most if not all induction cookers have this function. This safety cut-off is triggered when the temperature has been left unaltered for an extended period of time. A great function as it allows the user to save electricity in the event they leave it on by accident. But if you do want to leave the induction hob on for a long period of time at a constant temperature, we advise that you look for one that has a longer cut-off timer.

Auto Heat adjustment

This is one of the non-essential features that some induction cookers have. We are not saying that this function is useless as it has its fair share of uses. A phenomenal function if your current dish requires boiling initially and then simmer. It works by heating the induction zone to a higher setting and then a lower heat setting after some time.

Overflow Protection

When you think of electrical appliances, your mind might wander about getting something with overflow protection. But when it comes to induction cookers, it is not as important as there are no exposed electrical components. This feature is a quality of life feature that just makes cooking a better experience. This feature works when a sensor detects a spill on the control panel, it then proceeds to beep until you clean the spill.

Cookware Detection

This feature is great as it ensures that the induction cooker will not work without any sort of cookware on top of it. This also means that when you remove the pan in the middle of cooking, it will also shut off the induction cooker. Most products will have a display on the control panel to indicate when this function is activated.

Child Lock

When it comes to a child’s safety, nothing must be overlooked. Although an induction cooker is much safer than an electrical and a gas cooker, it is still good to have this function handy.

Keep Warm

As the name implies, this feature will prevent the safety cut-off mechanism from triggering if you want to simply keep your food warm.
Automatic Cookware Size Recognition

Most products will do this by default. This mechanism works by detecting the size of your cookware and adjusting the energy needed to heat it effectively. This feature is also why most induction cookers are energy efficient.

Touch Controls

This is more of an aesthetic feature than anything else. If you’re looking for a sleek cooktop look, this is a feature you want.

Top Recommendations for the Best Induction Cooker Brand in Malaysia for 2023

Now that we have gone through what you should expect from an induction cooker and what to look for, we can start looking at recommended products. This list is just our top recommendations for the best induction cookers in the current market in Malaysia.

1. Philips Daily Collection Induction Cooker

The first induction cooker on our list is this standalone induction cooker from Philips. This is a great option if you’re okay with having only 1 induction zone to accompany your current home cooktop set up. This 2100-watt induction cooker is small and has the following dimensions (350mm Length x 280mm Width x 65mm Height) and only weighs 4kg with the packaging. Speaking of the packaging, Philips has ensured that its packaging is made from at least 90% recycled materials.

This induction cooker comes with 5 power levels which should be more than enough to meet all your cooking needs. The temperature ranges from 60 degrees celsius up to 280 degrees celsius. Furthermore, this product comes with an easy-to-read digital display. This is a great feature if you’re looking for a sleek looking induction cooker to place in your kitchen.

When it comes to extra features, this small induction cooker is packed with them! Firstly, it comes with the Auto-off feature that we mentioned above (basically prevents the device and cookware from overheating, preventing damage). Secondly, at only RM129.00, this product also comes with a free Steel Pot.

The main drawback of this product is a small size. This induction cooker might be suitable for most cases but we recommend you dive further down this list if you are looking for a larger induction cooker. The overall ratings of this product from Lazada customers are positive with some complaints about the free steel pot they’ve provided.

2. PerySmith Induction Cooker 2500W PS2310

The second induction cooker on this list of best induction cooktops is this product from PerySmith. This is possibly the most impressive on this list in terms of ratings. With over 1600 ratings from customers on Lazada with an average of 4.9/5 stars and 47 answered questions, there is no doubt that this product is of great quality and the supplier is responsive.

Coming in at 4kg (with the packaging), and dimensions of 341mm x 204mm x 42mm (with the packaging), this product is smaller than the previous item on this list. This Perysmith induction cooker has a power output of up to 2500-watts.

According to the manufacturer, this high power output was made possible attributed to the enhanced coil system. Furthermore, this Perysmith Induction cooker comes with 8 cooking presets which gives users the choice of cooking any dish they wish with a simple press of a button.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has stated on their website that this product features a Black Crystal Panel that is resistant to scratches and is easy to clean. This PerySmith Induction cooker also comes with a plethora of extra features that we have mentioned in the above “Extra Features to look out for” section. This would include a touch-sensitive sensor operational panel, a child lock, a timer, and as mentioned, temperature control for different cooking presets.

This makes the PerySmith induction cooker one of the best induction cooktops on this list in terms of functionality. Last but not least, the manufacturer has stated that this product is expected to have a longer service life because of its efficient cooling system.

We have nothing but praises for this product. All if not most of the reviews it has received on Lazada are from satisfied customers. Most of the written reviews state that the supplier of the PerySmith induction cooker delivers it within a short period of time and they are satisfied with their purchase and it is the reason that his product has made it onto our list of best induction cooktops.

3. Electrolux Portable Induction Cooker

The next product on our list of best induction cookers in Malaysia is this product from Electrolux. Electrolux is a reputable company when it comes to home appliances whether it be washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, and so on. Because of this, it is no surprise that they have a great range of induction cookers. We have selected this product from their range of products as it has received numerous praise and reviews from customers on Lazada, Shopee, and even their official Malaysian website.

The Electrolux Portable Induction Cooker features a power output of up to 2100-watt and a single cooking zone. This portable induction cooker weighs 6.5kg and has dimensions of 360mm length x 290m width x 42mm height. This places this product in the third place when it comes to portability in this list given that it is the heaviest among the other 2 choices.

Furthermore, this induction hob from Electrolux comes with all the bells and whistles you could expect from a top brand like them. Firstly, they’ve included a child lock (you can be assured that cooking with children around will be safe), and for the first time on this list, a pot sensor. As mentioned above, pot sensors are a great safety feature as well as a great feature when it comes to saving money on utility bills as it limits the energy output of the induction cooker when it does not detect a pot on it.

Perhaps one of the more impressive features of this induction cooker is its precise power control. This feature allows this induction cooker to maintain the power output of the induction cooker to allow for consistent cooking. With this function, you can rest easy knowing that your food will not burn due to a spike in temperature.

This product has made it into our list of best induction cooktops for those who want a portable yet versatile induction cooker in their cooking arsenal. It is from a reputable brand so you can always contact them directly if you have any issues regarding the device. When you purchase the product, you can head to the Electrolux website in Malaysia to register the warranty of your product. This product comes with a 1-year general warranty, a 2-year general warranty for table top induction cookers.

4. Electrolux Built-in Induction Hob

The first built-in induction cooker on this list is this product from Electrolux. Once again Electrolux has made it onto this list, this time with a built-in induction cooker that has received numerous positive reviews.

Though this induction cooker is 70cm, it only features 2 induction zones. The bigger one being 210mm and the smaller one can be 145mm or 210mm. The left induction zone has a power output of up to2400-watt and the smaller one on the right has a power output of up to1500-watt depending on the power levels used.

You might have noticed that portable induction cookers tend to have a somewhat limited range of extra features. This is because they were designed with the concept of portability being the priority. When it comes to built-in induction cookers like this one, it offers the best range of extra features given that it has the size and capacity to have them.

First, Electrolux always mentions that they have the best technology when it comes to precision and performance, and they have demonstrated this claim by having their induction cookers boil a liter of water in 3 minutes. Secondly, this induction cooker has a multitude of sensors to ensure a safe and comfortable cooking experience.

Examples of these sensors would include the child safety lock, cookware detection, and auto-off. Lastly, this induction cooker also features a touch control panel which gives it a sleek and appealing outlook. This touch control panel also serves many purposes as it is where the power levels are controlled, where the indicators are shown, and the overall management of the induction hob.

Overall the reviews of this product on the Electrolux website in Malaysia have shown us that this product is reliable and has caused any problems as of now. You can head over to the Electrolux website in Malaysia to register your product’s warranty. The standard 2-year general warranty for tabletop induction cookers applies to this product. If you happen to live in Malaysia, you can always give them a call or email to enquire more about the product.

5. SENZ SZ-RI3200i 2 in 1

The fifth entry on our list of best induction cookers in Malaysia is this 2 induction zone induction hob from SENZ. Lazada reviews for this product are positive averaging about 4.8/ 5 stars and the supplier has replied to 43 asked questions. The supplier of this product also has a great track record so you can rest easy knowing that this isn’t a scam.

This product from SENZ features a power output of up to 2800-watt and 2 inductions zones. Though the brand name is not as popular as the others on this list of the best induction cookers in Malaysia, you can be sure that we have included it as it has caught our eye with its stand-out features. Before we get to all that, the device itself has the dimensions of 69mm width x 420mm length.

When it comes to extra features, you can bet this product has some impressive ones. First, this product comes with a touch control system accompanied by an LED display. This should allow the product to perform optimally without sacrificing practicality. Secondly, The surface of this induction cooker has a matte finish.

This could be a plus as matte surfaces tend to accumulate fewer fingerprints. This means you can get away with some minor scratches on the surface and is also easy to clean. The manufacturer of this product has also made some claims stating that the glass panel is resistant to cracking. This makes this the best option if you’re worried about dropping your cookware on it and accidentally cracking the glass panel.

Furthermore, this product features a keep-warm function, a child safety lock, precise temperature control, and of course, an easy-to-clean surface. All these features are in place to ensure you can rest assured knowing your kitchen is a safe environment for everyone.

6. Khind Induction Cooker

Khin is a well known brand in Malaysia for their home appliances large or small. Because of this, they are a must have on this list of best induction cooktops. This portable induction cooktop features 1 induction zone and has a power output of up to 2000-watts.

Based on testing done by our team, we have found that this product does perform as claimed by the manufacturer. The selling point of this induction cooktop is the ultra thin and light build. Coming in at about 2.4kg and having the dimensions of 350mm length x 280mm width x 43mm height.

Though you could argue that the height of this cooktop is similar to others on this list, the weight of it is the main highlight of this portable cooker. The extra features that come with this induction cooktop is also a great plus point.

Similar to the other portable induction cooktops on this list, it also comes with child lock, a timer, and temperature selection. The touch control LED display allows you to access and control the extra features with a simple press of a button. Lastly, this product is by far the cheapest portable induction cooktop on this list that features a sleek LED display.

7. Midea Built-in Induction & Ceramic Hob

The seventh entry on this list is this 70cm induction cooktop. This cooktop from Midea has a power output of up to 1800W on both cooking zones. The right cooking zone of the cooktop is an electric cooktop whereas the left side is the induction cooking zone. This hybrid product provides you with the best of both worlds.

The additional features included with this product are the touch control panels, the child lock safety feature, the 9 power levels offered, and the automatic safety off switch. Touch control panels are always a great aesthetic feature to have on a kitchen appliance.

The 9 power levels paired with the hybrid nature of this cooker makes it a versatile piece of equipment for your kitchen. The manufacturer of this product was also kind enough to leave some quick cooking guidelines in case you are new to electric and induction cooking.

8. Midea Induction Cooker

The final product of this list is this portable single induction zone cooker. In this article, we called product 6 the cheapest option for an LED display portable induction cooker. When it comes to low price points, this product from Midea takes the cake. This cooktop is slightly larger than other single zone induction cooktops on this list. Coming in at 280mm length x 280mm width x 65mm height.

This product features a 1600-watt power output. It comes with 8 power level settings for maximum versatility. When it comes to extra features, this product might be lacking in some of the more aesthetic designs, but it does have the essentials. If you’ve noticed, this induction stovetop is the only one on the list without a touch display.

Instead the manufacturers have decided to go with the traditional control knob design. This control knob acts as an indicator for the current power level and can be easily adjusted. Furthermore, it has the essential automatic safety shut-off switch and the high temperature protection.

Frequently asked questions

Which induction cooker is the best?

Well although you can conclude that some induction stoves are better than others, it always comes down to what specifications you look for in the induction cooker. In other words, the best induction cooker in Malaysia is the one that can fit all your requirements.

Are induction cookers in Malaysia safe?

Yes. They are perhaps one of the safest options in Malaysia for your kitchen. Though there have been some health concerns, such as the levels of radiation produced, these are negligible and induction cooking is safe.

Is an Induction cooker easy to clean?

Like most of the best induction cooktops features on this list, even the more basic induction cooktops are easy to clean. Since the cooktops are always cool to the touch, you can clean them while cooking if it gets too messy.

Do induction cooktops save energy?

You can be sure they do! We have mentioned previously that induction cookers transfer energy directly to the cookware. Because of this, they use up to 90% of the electric energy as compared to gas stoves that lose up to 60% of energy when cooking.

Can an induction cooker cause fires?

You can put the fire extinguisher down as the best induction cooktops or even the most basic induction cooktops do not use any direct heating elements. Instead, they heat the cookware directly.

Do I need a range hood for my induction stovetop?

Yes, even the best induction stovetops in Malaysia will produce some amount of steam and grease as the cooking process is the same for all types of cooktops. You can always purchase a simple range hood to help deal with unwanted odors produced when cooking.

Are induction cookers worth it?

Compared to gas and electric counterparts, induction cooktops are more expensive. Although is expensive, but induction cooktops can deliver heat to your food 20% better than electric cooktops and 52% better than gas cooktops. Thus, it can quickly heat your pans and pots, allowing to cook your food faster and more efficient.

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