Humidifier Malaysia: Staying Moist in 2023

Why Do Malaysians Need a Good Humidifier?

Malaysia is a tropical country and we all know how hot and humid it can get sometimes. This can cause discomforts such as dry skin and throat, cracked lips and nose irritations as well. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the list of best humidifiers in Malaysia.

However, before moving on to the list, we would suggest you take a look at the considerations in the best air humidifier so that you can choose the best air humidifier easily. These considerations are based on what we think would make the best air humidifier and it is a good guide to follow.

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What to Consider in a Best Air Humidifier

By considering the following aspects, you can easily find the best air humidifier for your home.

Water Capacity

Firstly, you have to consider how much water the humidifier is able to hold. This determines other things such as its size and how long it is able to humidify. Typically, it ranges between a few hundred milliliters to a few liters.


The size of an air humidifier is more or less the same but there are some that are small and compact which makes them easy to carry or move around. This consideration will purely depend on your personal preference and no one sizing will satisfy all consumers.


Although air humidifiers are not very expensive, it is still good to consider its cost. To find the ideal selection, you will need to consider your budget first. By having a clear budget, you can easily find the right selection.


This aspect is also very subjective and differs from person to person. However, finding a design that you like will definitely be something that you want in your home.

Best Air Humidifier Malaysia 2023

Now that you’ve got a clearer picture of what to consider in the best air humidifier, here are 9 of the best air humidifiers in Malaysia.

1. Deerma Air Humidifier


  • 5 litres water volume
  • Power consumption: 25W
  • 250-340ml/hour
  • Comes with a twin carbon filter
  • Material: ABS
  • Touch screen operation
  • Upgraded from F600 model


First on the list is the air humidifier by Deerma, a well-known company for making high-quality home appliances in Malaysia. The Deerma F600 Ultrasonic Air Humidifier was one of the smartest humidifiers available in the market and this M900 model is an upgraded version of it.

This upgrade comes with better safety and is more user-friendly with the “Malaysia 3 pin plug attached Fused” that protects it from an electric short circuit. Similarly to the previous model, the M900 ultrasonic air humidifier is also a smart humidifier with a touch screen control that comes with different modes.

You are able to tell that this is a smart device because, in its night mode, the screen intelligently turns off the light to prevent itself from disturbing your sleep. With a large capacity of 5 liters, the M900 ultrasonic air humidifier can last up to 12 hours, enhancing the moisture and humidification standard.

The tank is also marked with the water level to indicate how much water is left in it, allowing you to remain aware of the water level. This air humidifier is also equipped with an adjustable mist nozzle that can be turned 360 degrees for optimal performance.

You’ll prefer it if:

You’re looking for something that has an incredibly large capacity. Out of all the humidifiers available, this has one of the largest water tank capacities, measured at 5 liters.

You’ve always wanted a smart device. The M900 is a smart humidifier with touch screen controls and the lights shut off in night mode to prevent disturbance.

You won’t prefer it if:

You’re not in need of a large volume humidifier. If there’s only a small space that you need to humidify or for a short period only, then this Deerma M900 air humidifier would not be the best humidifier for you.

2. Samu Giken Watering Air Revitalisor


  • 1 liter water volume
  • Malaysia 2 pin plug top
  • Coverage area: 300 sq ft
  • Tasteful leaf design
  • Air volume: 50-150 cubic meters/hour
  • LED light


If you’re searching for the best humidifier Malaysia on shopping platforms, the Samu Giken air humidifier is some of the top-rated humidifiers that will appear. Their SG-APW1L1 humidifier has thousands of ratings and most of them are 5-star ratings which is why it is considered as the top humidifier Malaysia market offers.

The water tank of the Samu Giken SG-APW1L1 air humidifier belongs to the average range making it useful for many applications. The coverage of this Samu Giken air humidifier reaches up to 300 square feet which is perfect for a small room.

The device by Samu Giken comes with a unique tasteful leaf design. It’s not a common air humidifier design but it does look very cool with its LED light. Yes, you heard it right, it emits light during operation so you know it is working and you can use it as your night light too.

One thing that many people will appreciate about the device by Samu Giken is the cost of it. It is extremely cheap and it comes with essential oil as well.

You’ll prefer it if:

You’re a fan of the unique style that the device utilized. The tasteful leaf style is unique compared to some of the other humidifiers available in the market.

You prefer something at the cheaper end. The device is offered at a cost that is likely to be affordable by many people.

You won’t prefer it if:

You’re not a fan of its style. The style that the device utilized is some of the least common designs and if you’re not a fan of it then this would not be a perfect choice.

3. MBH Lydia Humidifier Air Purifier


  • 850/500ml water volume
  • 3 pin plug
  • Coverage area: 370 sq ft
  • Anti-bacteria ABS
  • Remote control
  • Optional Ag+ Ionic silver filter


When you are searching for “humidifier Malaysia” in the online shopping platform, MBH is some of the top brands that you’ll encounter. They make different kinds of air humidifiers and air purifiers and the MBH Lydia air purifier is some of their best air humidifiers.

The MBH Lydia is an ultrasonic air humidifier that uses ultrasonic waves to disperse the essential oil effectively. The MBH Lydia air purifier is also customizable to a certain extent. Firstly, you can select between 2 different water tank capacities which are 850ml and 500ml. Plus, the filter can be added depending on your preference.

By adding on the filter, it turns the MBH Lydia air humidifier into a true air purifier that diffuses pure essential oil. Regardless of which water tank capacity you opt for, the features will remain consistent. Both choices also come with a material that is called anti-bacteria ABS and both can be remotely controlled with a remote control.

Overall, it is a good air humidifier and by adding a little extra money, you’ll have an air purifier too. With all its good ratings, we don’t see why it’s not the best humidifier Malaysia market offers.

You’ll prefer it if:

You’re looking for something that has good ratings. When you search for “humidifier Malaysia” on the Malaysian shopping platforms, you’ll find a great amount of good ratings about this air humidifier.

You prefer having a cheaper air humidifier. Even with all the add-ons, the cost of MBH Lydia is still quite affordable.

You won’t prefer it if:

You’ve got difficulty in making choices. Since there are plenty of different choices, you might not like it if you have a difficulty in making choices and prefer something straightforward.

4. Deerma Air Humidifier


  • 5 liters water volume
  • Mist: 350ml/hour
  • Noise level: 35dB
  • Power consumption: 25W
  • Independent space for aroma oil
  • Water shortage auto power off


If you’re the type of person that gets distracted by sound easily, then this Deerma F628 air humidifier would be the perfect selection for reduced distraction. This is thanks to the low noise level produced by it, measured at a level of 35 decibels only. For an easy comparison, the noise level in the library is around 40 decibels and the device by Deerma is quieter.

The device by Deerma is made with high-quality ABS materials that allow the device to restrict bacteria and germs in the filter from leaving the device. With such a setup, the device ensures that the air quality of your surroundings is top-notch.

With the large capacity of 5 liters that Deerma F628 comes with, the device produces a mist volume of 350ml/hour and is expected to last up to 12-14 hours. The device is able to provide incredible convenience because you won’t need to wake up during the middle of the night to refill it.

Not only is this Deerma F628 an air humidifier, but it also behaves as an aroma diffuser and air purifier as well. This Deerma F628 air humidifier also has incredible durability thanks to its water shortage protection that automatically shuts off when the water reaches a low water level in the device.

You’ll prefer it if:

You’re looking for something that keeps your skin moist for a long time. The device has a huge water tank capacity that allows for long hours of skin moisture.

You want something that can be used as more than its functions. Not only is this a good air humidifier, but it is also a great air purifier and aroma diffuser.

You want a quiet device. The recorded noise level is only 35 decibels which is extremely quiet.

You won’t prefer it if:

You’d rather have a cheaper air humidifier. Compared to some of the air humidifiers in the market, this is priced at the higher end.

5. Xiaomi Mi Mijia Smart


  • 4 liters water volume
  • Mist: 300ml/hour
  • Power consumption: 25W
  • Mijia app/voice control
  • 3 gear adjustment
  • As low as 38 decibels operation


Similarly to one of the air humidifiers that was mentioned, the Xiaomi Mi Mijia MJJSQ04DY is equipped with the latest technology making it a smart humidifier. The Xiaomi MJJSQ04DY air humidifier can detect the humidity level of its surroundings and adjust the mist volume to match with the humidity level that you’ve set.

This humidifier by Xiaomi can also be controlled through the Mijia app as long as it is connected to the home WiFi. Additionally, you can control the Xiaomi appliance with your voice which makes this some of the most convenient humidifiers in the market.

Even though the water tank is 4 liters only, it can actually perform and last longer than some other humidifiers with a larger capacity. This humidifier by Xiaomi ensures that you are getting continuous humidification for up to 26 hours. The constant humidification is the key to keeping the moisture on your skin.

If you want to add water to the device, it can be done easily by just adding it at the top of the air humidifier. The convenience it offers is some of the reasons why it is known as the “best air humidifier Malaysia”. Although it is not exactly a Malaysia product, you’ll still find this humidifier on Malaysia shopping platforms.

You’ll prefer it if:

You’ve always wanted your skin’s moisture to increase. This humidifier by Xiaomi has a big water tank that allows you to use it for up to 26 hours, keeping your skin moisture at a decent standard.

You want to get a convenient and smart humidifier. This humidifier by Xiaomi can be voice-controlled or through an app and you can easily fill the water tank from the top of it.

You won’t prefer it if:

You’re looking for something on the cheaper side. Even though the Xiaomi MJJSQ04DY is not very expensive, it is still priced on the pricey side.

6. MBH Prism Japan Style Ultrasonic


  • 320ml water volume
  • Material: ABS
  • Anti-bacteria filter
  • 2 mist mode
  • LED effect
  • Silence operation


Featuring a Japanese-style design is this MBH Prism Ultrasonic Humidifier. It used a small design, making it extremely portable. The portability is also thanks to the water tank’s size of 320ml only. Even though the capacity is quite tiny, it still can last for a long time thanks to its 2 mist mode.

The mist settings that are available can last for 5 hours and 8 hours and even with a mini capacity, it can still achieve this because of its ultrasonic technology. This ultrasonic humidifier utilized an ultrasonic wave to disperse the water, resulting in a fine mist and lasting for a long time.

For those that like to sleep with some light, this would be suitable for them because its LED effect can be used as a night light. On the other hand, some might not like the light and its colours because it can get quite distracting and could possibly disturb your sleep.

Speaking of disturbance, if sound distracts you easily, then this would be the perfect air humidifier because of its silent operation. Additionally, the MBH Prism Ultrasonic Humidifier is also a portable air humidifier because of its miniature size.

You’ll prefer it if:

You’re a fan of tiny humidifiers that are easy to carry around. Thanks to the compact design of this product, you’ll be able to carry it around with ease.

You need something that can function for a decent period of time. Even with a mini tank, the MBH Prism Ultrasonic Humidifier still can operate for up to 8 hours in one of the mist modes.

You prefer a cheap air humidifier. Compared to some other humidifiers in this article or in the market, the MBH air humidifier is actually exceptionally cheap.

You won’t prefer it if:

You’re not a fan of the night light. The night light that it comes with might be distracting and annoying for some people.

7. Xiaomi HL Mini Air Aromatherapy Diffuser


  • 120ml water volume
  • Power consumption: 5W
  • Non-slip silicone pad
  • USB charging
  • Weight: 360g
  • 100,000 times button life


Xiaomi is known for making impressive smartphones but on the other hand, they are also making quality appliances such as this Xiaomi HL Mini Air Aromatherapy Diffuser. Besides being an aroma diffuser, the Xiaomi HL Mini is an extremely effective humidifier as well.

Even though the water tank is not particularly big, the air humidifier by Xiaomi can still last up to 10 hours. With the water volume measured at 120ml, the Xiaomi air humidifier is able to achieve incredible compactness, allowing you to easily carry it around. Plus, the simple design and plain white colour can easily blend into your living space.

The air humidifier by Xiaomi is equipped with a water level monitoring sensor and a red light that acts as a reminder will come on when the water level is low. In addition, this humidifier can be adjusted between 7 colours and you can change to a colour that is suitable for your mood. Paired with essential oil, this humidifier will give a perfect combination of smell and vision.

Durability of this Xiaomi humidifier will likely be incredibly good thanks to the non-slip silicone pad at the bottom, preventing it from falling easily. Also, this isn’t a smart device so it functions based on a click of a button. Moreover, the button is able to take as many as 100,000 clicks so there’s no need to worry that it’ll be unreliable.

You’ll prefer it if:

You’re a fan of the simplistic style. The compact and plain white style appeals to many people and you might just be some of the people that are attracted to it.

You’re a fan of the multi-function features that it offers. This Xiaomi air humidifier acts as an aroma diffuser that effectively diffuses aroma oil and on the other hand, it acts as a simple night light too.

You won’t prefer it if:

You’d rather have something with a larger capacity. With such a low water volume, you need to constantly refill if you’re using it very often.

8. CkeyiN USB Electric


  • 300ml water volume
  • 7 colour changing LED lights
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Ultra-fine and uniform mist
  • Weight: 160g
  • Mist: 50ml/hour


For those that are particular about home interior styling, this CkeyiN humidifier could possibly satisfy them with the wooden appearance. It is a unique appearance that’s not commonly seen and could be a great addition to your home.

The CkeyiN USB Electric Air Humidifier comes with a tiny yet sufficient 300ml water tank. The water volume is enough to provide hours of good humidification and improve the air quality of your surroundings. It is able to do that because the device also functions as an air purifier, getting rid of dry skin and the bacteria in the air.

The 7-colour changing LED lights can function as a night light and enhances the appearance of this ultrasonic aroma diffuser. Yes, you heard it right. It is an ultrasonic device that effectively diffuses essential oil, giving you constant fragrance in the air.

Besides the impressive technology that the device uses, the cost for it will also attract many people to buy it. It is offered at an incredibly low price and the value you are getting from the product is immense, which means you’re getting the most value for money.

You’ll prefer it if:

You are in need of a humidifier but don’t want to spend a lot. For those that want to buy a humidifier that is affordable then the CkeyiN USB Electric Air Humidifier would be perfect.

You are a fan of the style. The style of the device is unique and is considered to be aesthetic for some people.

You won’t prefer it if:

You are not a fan of the size and prefer a portable air humidifier. Even though the water volume is low, the shape of the product doesn’t make it a portable air humidifier.

9. OSIM uMist Dream


  • Full tank lasts 8 hours
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Rotatable nozzle
  • Low water level indicator
  • Portable size


OSIM has always been a famous brand locally and it is no surprise to see their product featured here. The uMist Dream Humidifier by OSIM is unlike any humidifiers that you commonly see. It has a unique style and is delightfully small and portable. The product also uses ultrasonic waves to break up the water and produce fine mist for effective humidification.

The water within the ultrasonic air humidifier allows the humidifier to work up to 8 hours, giving you an improved sleep and a healthier lifestyle with consistent moisture and hydration. It will be the perfect appliance for those living around dry air and need something to keep them moist.

The humidifier by OSIM utilized a smart design that comes with a rotatable nozzle. The rotatable nozzle allows you to easily direct the mist flow, giving you a sufficient amount of mist in the direction you want. Another smart feature is the indicator that lights up when the water level is low to remind you for a refill.

With all the good traits found in this product, it isn’t a surprise that this appliance will cost you a fortune. In comparison with some other similar appliances, this is a lot more expensive and can be considered as a premium appliance.

You’ll prefer it if:

You’re staying in a dry area. The humidifier by OSIM is able to produce consistent fine mist for long hours and is perfect to keep a dry area moist.

You like the smart designs that it offers. Besides the water level indicator that lights up, the humidifier also has a rotatable nozzle to direct the mist to the direction you desire.

You won’t prefer it if:

You think that it’s too expensive. The humidifier by OSIM is priced on the higher end and might not fit into some people’s budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the types of humidifiers?

There are various humidifiers available in the market and each one satisfies a different group of consumers. Normally, the 6 common types of humidifiers are cool mist, warm mist, ultrasonic, evaporative, impeller and whole-house humidifiers.

These humidifiers are categorized based on their sizes and performances and different people have different preferences so no one humidifier will satisfy every consumer.

How often should you clean the humidifier?

A humidifier functions as a filter to filter out the surrounding air and supplies humidity. Therefore, keeping it clean and well-maintained is important to ensure that you inhale clean air.

As a general guide, you should be cleaning your humidifier frequently to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, germs and molds. If by any chance you inhaled unhealthy and unsafe air, it might cause some serious health issues such as flu, lung inflammation, asthma attack or even coughs. So make sure you are cleaning the humidifier as often as possible.

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