Electric Oven Malaysia [2023]: Cooking Was Never This Easy

What Can The Best Electric Ovens Do?

In addition to helping you improve your cooking skills, having an oven in your kitchen is almost as important as having a rice cooker. The options for an electric oven are infinite in the current marketplace. You can make so many delicious meals of different cuisines with just an electric oven.

Due to rapid advancements in electric oven technology over the recent years, if you are currently looking for a decent oven in Malaysia, you will be spoiled for options. Therefore, it is important to choose one that is appropriate for your cooking needs as well as taking the scale of the kitchen into consideration.

In this article, we have put together a list of the 10 best electric ovens in Malaysia that are excellent for preparing tasty, home-cooked meals for your family. This list also includes options for aspiring cooks that are currently looking for electric ovens in Malaysia for their restaurants. These are the best ovens in Malaysia up to date and it will definitely cook your food in the best possible way.

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Top 10 Electric Oven in Malaysia for 2023

1. Khind Electric Oven

First up on the list is the Khind OT5205 Electric Oven, which is an upgraded version of their previous models. This electric oven is definitely the best oven in the market as it is powerful and versatile.This electric oven comes with a baking tray, 2 tray handles and a rotisserie spit.

Working with a whopping power range of 1800W to 2200W, the versatility of these ovens comes from 4 knobs which carry different functions. This oven’s versatile qualities will ensure that you create various delicious dishes easily without any hassle whatsoever.

It is deemed as one of the best ovens in the market due to the option of having various heat source selections. This will allow consumers to make different meals or desserts, as to whether you intend to bake, broil or to roast food.

This oven comes with a rotisserie function which enables it to rotate the food in 360 degrees, where the purpose is to be able to roast the food in an evenly manner. It is also a convection oven, which can also ensure that the food is being cooked evenly on every side and angle.

This oven also comes with a timer which will allow you to set up to 120 minutes long depending on your need and the type of dish that you are cooking. Overcooking can often be the main concern. However, it is very unlikely for it to happen when it comes to this oven, as it will signal you when it is done cooking your meal. And the temperature adjustment for this oven can go up to 230 degree Celsius.

The extra large capacity is also one of many reasons why this purchase is worth it. With a 52L capacity size, it is definitely huge enough to serve your family a delicious roasted chicken on any occasion.

2. Midea Electric Oven 42L

Next up, is the Midea Electric Oven 42L MEO-42LGY. If you are looking for an oven with a large capacity that is good for both toasting and baking, a model brought to you by Midea will be the best for your family to buy out of all the other ovens in Malaysia.

The 42L capacity itself means that it is twice the usual size of a conventional electric oven, even though it is not quite as large as the previous oven mentioned in this article. Such capacity can approximately accommodate 9 slices of toast, or a 12 inches pizza. At the same time, having a rated power of 1800W, you can cook your favorite meal exactly the way you like it without restriction.

This oven has rotisseries as well as convection features, which is ideal to ensure uniformly cooked meats and ensuring that they are generally well cooked and tender. The metallic heating element tube is positioned in the oven, allowing for more even and thorough cooking.

The temperature control allows adjustments up to 230 degree Celsius, and you can cook for up to 60 minutes, with a bell signalling to let you know when your meal is cooked. There are altogether five heating functions: top and bottom, top only, bottom only, right side, and left side to provide more cooking options for you.

Moreover, Midea electric oven has three layers, including a square bake tray and a wire shelf, to accommodate various food amounts of your choice.

This model is a decent countertop alternative, especially when you need an oven that is a suitable replacement for your standard oven. You ought to be confident in the high efficiency of this well-designed unit, as it comes from a very reliable company like Midea. Moreover, this powerful electric oven that comes with rotisserie and convection functions is a great addition to your kitchen at a great price. Therefore, it is definitely a great option for you if you are looking for a reliable electric oven.

3. Electrolux Built-In PlusSteam Oven

As the top notch quality built in oven, the Electrolux EOB3434BOX PlusSteam oven is definitely the best option available in the market amongst all the other ovens in Malaysia. One can justify its premium price with a winning combination of sleek architecture, amazing cooking technology, and a whopping 72L capacity.

This particular built-in oven by Electrolux allows you to enjoy easy and hassle-free cleaning. Its door is known as CoolDoor Xtra, which serves the purpose as an additional safety precaution, as well as acting as a heat insulator in order to prevent unwanted accidents from occurring.

In Malaysia, built in ovens are always a good choice, as it is aesthetically pleasing with its seamless design. Moreover, you may use wall ovens to stretch out their appliances and improve kitchen flow. If you have a typical stove with both an oven and a cooktop, the area becomes the focal point for all meal preparation. You will end up separating prep areas to prevent overcrowding in the kitchen by breaking them up.

Going into detail regarding the technical aspects of what this built in oven has, the Electrolux is equipped with the latest UltraFan Plus Technology. This ensures that your food is thoroughly and evenly cooked despite where it is placed. Moreover, this makes sure that your meal is crispy in texture and golden in colour on the outside, while still retaining its juiciness and its natural flavour on the inside.

There are a few functions available for this model as well: Fast Grill or Turbo Grill function for high speed cooking, if you are ever in a hurry to get your meals prepared for friends and family.

Besides that, this oven comes with the Aqua Clean Function, which is meant to provide ease of usage. In other words, this function comes in handy with just a press of a button and it will start cleaning itself in order to remove the unwanted food and fat particles left in the oven after the cooking process is done.

Lastly, just like any other home appliances in Malaysia, safety is the most important component of all, where for this model of oven by Electrolux, safety is definitely heavily emphasized, where they have a unique 3-layer door in order to keep the oven in your kitchen insulated at all times so unwanted accident would not happen under any circumstance while giving you a peace of mind.

The materials used to build this oven is also top notch, where it left no fingerprints no matter how many times it is being touched. Therefore it is definitely made of anti-fingerprint material and it’s made of stainless steel on different components.

Although this oven is definitely pricier than other ovens in Malaysia that essentially aren’t built in, it definitely comes with all the benefits that one pays for, with all the testimonies and feedback available online by fellow customers.

4. Sharp Microwave R207EK

The Sharp Microwave R207EK is the perfect choice for consumers that are looking for a reliable appliance with an aesthetic overall design.

As a microwave oven, the size is not as huge as the ovens mentioned previously on the list. With only 20L capacity, it can still fully satisfy consumers’ expectation along with their strong wattage as well as their advanced features. It generally works as a convection oven. It is definitely for families that are always on the go and busy employees.

This model, which is known to have high consistency and functionality, is an excellent alternative for areas where counter space is minimal. Despite its smaller size, this microwave oven has ample customization and power choices to assist you in preparing your favourite dishes.

With 20 power levels and 6 auto cook settings, you can have plenty of options for experimenting with the flexibility of one’s cooking skills with this microwave oven.

One of the highlights of this oven is that it has a hybrid cooking mode that blends the microwave with a convection or grill feature to expedite the cooking process while locking in flavour and fragrance.

Furthermore, the refrigerator has an auto defrost mode to minimise long waiting times, especially if you are in a hurry.

Aside from being incredibly well-built, it is remarkable to note that the Sharp microwave oven also has valuable features such as an energy-saving mode and a child protection lock in order to help shield young children from unintentional injuries.

The Sharp R207EK Microwave Oven provides consumers an outstanding balance of scale, design, and efficiency, making it an ideal option for people who enjoy cooking ahead of time and dislike waiting too long for the heating operation to start.

Pull door mechanism is utilized for the door opening component of this electric oven, while on the other hand it weighs only 11kg, which makes it convenient to be brought anywhere in comparison to other ovens in Malaysia with similar capacity.

This electric oven also has a built in clock and kitchen timer, so that you will always get alerted regarding cooking progress whenever necessary. With LED display and touch control panel type, this makes the finishing of the microwave oven look more elegant. My team has tested this product and that is definitely one of the best and most reliable ovens in Malaysia.

5. Pensonic Electric Oven PEO2305

The Pensonic PEO2305 Electric Oven is definitely an economical choice for consumers to experiment cooking skills with, as it has all the necessary functionalities and does not cost several thousand ringgit like most high-end electric ovens available in the market.

Although the model costs less than RM150, it has many useful features and a 23L capacity to help you cook a variety of meals and dishes.

This electric oven does a wide range of things – toasting, frying, and baking, which covers enough basics for inexperienced cooks, which makes it a perfect option for beginners.

Most crucial thing about an oven is that it has to come with adjustable shelves. This model also has a 60-minute timer with chime and auto-shutoff so that the dishes will not face the risk of overcooking.

The temperature control features for this oven is that it can be adjusted up to 250 degree Celsius depending on the type of food that you are cooking. Moreover, a mode selector is also available for lower, higher, and also for both heaters, which can provide you a variety of cooking options.

Aside from that, the electric oven has four stainless steel heating elements, as this can help you in terms of reheating the food within a shorter timespan.

Besides, this aesthetic looking oven is also designed with interior lighting. This is to enable you to watch the cooking progress of your food easily so there is no need to get too close to the oven itself which may lead to unwanted accidents as well.

According to Shopee and Lazada online, customers and reviewers generally gave very good reviews when it comes to this electric oven, stating that all settings work well and that the exterior is very appealing for ovens in Malaysia.

Lastly, this electric oven is definitely an excellent option for beginners, with an easy-to-use manual knob and a wide range of settings, as I have tested this product myself. It’s undoubtedly the best package within this small metal box.

In terms of the accessories coming with the oven itself, it also comes with a baking tray, two wire shelves, a tray handle, and a rotisserie fork kit, making it an outstanding purchase.

6. Panasonic Steam Convection Cubie

Moving on, the Panasonic NU-SC100 Oven might be one of the best steam convection ovens in Malaysia. This mighty device is capable of providing consumers with both steam and convection functions in order to optimise your cooking potential. Moreover, steam cooking is always a healthier option, as with this oven, you can use little to no cooking oil to prepare your meal.

With three separate steam modes that are provided by this convection oven, it is capable of handling more than the usual electric ovens, as it can help you cover a wide range of recipes of your choice.

For instance, you can steam-low for pudding or vegetables, steam-medium for chicken, shrimp or a variety of meat, and also steam-high for a whole fish or frozen food. It’s definitely the epitome of what an oven can do for you despite its size from the outside.

This electric oven can certainly handle all of users’ needs, ranging from vegetables to steaming dim sum. Apart from the steaming option, it also has a convection mechanism that can be used in conjunction with steam.

With this steam convection oven, there is no need for consumers to be a professional in cooking in order to prepare delectable meals with this appliance.

Besides that, the oven comes with 16 Auto Menus that provide the ability to cook automatically while still letting you achieve nothing but flawless results.

Quick cooking option is also available for this model of electric oven, as it can quickly exceed 100 degree Celsius in just under a time frame as short as 3 minutes. Not to mention that this oven also has quick start capability, where it only takes 20 seconds to kickstart your cooking haven.

Aside from that, the flexible steam feature can be used to sterilise things such as dishes, baby appliances, and so much more other necessities. On another note, this oven also provides you a steaming tray so that it fulfills the entire purpose of it being a steam convection oven.

The Cubie steam convection oven is guaranteed to excel at safe cooking, so it is either if you want to change your lifestyle or to just preserve the one you already have. Either way, this is definitely the oven that consumers and family will go to buy to make the most delicious home cooked dishes.

7. Panasonic 30L Big Cubie Oven

Previously introduced was Panasonic’s small cubie steam convection oven, whereas this is a big cubie oven by Panasonic that you can purchase in Malaysia, as a small one may not be the most suitable steam convection oven for big families.

The Panasonic Big Cubie NUSC300 is one of the most versatile appliances with impressive technology while putting emphasis on the ease of use of this spectacular oven. This wonderful oven utilizes invisible nano-sized particles with temperatures of over 100 degree Celsius to cook your rice.

You can definitely get food that is crispy on the outside, while maintaining a plump and juicy taste on the inside because it thoroughly extracts extra fat for your healthy enjoyment. You can also cook a perfectly mouthwatering fish or even an entire chicken for your family with the 30L capacity provided by Panasonic.

Three temperature settings are available for you to set according to the food that you are cooking: 120 degree Celsius, 150 degree Celsius, and 190 degree Celsius.

For 120 degree Celsius, it’s optimal for all types of food including beef, vegetables, and for reheating food if you have left your food untouched for a period of time, while 150 degree Celsius is ideal for seafood dishes and 190 degree Celsius is ideal for all types of pork, poultry, and seafood gratin.

Additionally, superheated steam, also known as healthy steam, is generally used for stewing, grilling, baking, healthy cooking, as well as fermentation.

Finding perfection in an oven is never easy. But this time, there is more to come. The steam settings for this electric oven have altogether three levels: Low-Temp, Med-Temp and Slow Steam. Low-Temp is ideal for steaming eggs, prawns and chicken; Med-Temp is perfect for meat, seafood as well as buns; Slow Steam is the best option for cooking porridge, soup, desserts as well as puddings.

If you need to use slow steam to cook your food, you can simply set it to prolonged mode with the control panel. At the same time, it can also be used for grill, convection and healthy fry.

On the other hand, provided that you ran out of ideas, simply choose one of the 30 auto menus to help you to prepare tasty meals for you and your family quickly and easily. When it comes to washing, just choose one of the oven’s five cleaning functions and let it do the rest, which includes utensils cleaning, deodorisation, cavity cleaning, system cleaning and citric acid cleaning.

Lastly, this purchase also comes with a metal tray, wire rack, and a cookbook, in case you need new recipes for your daily needs.

8. FlavorWave 12L Halogen Convection Oven

Next on our list is the Flavorwave Halogen Convection Oven This model of oven is definitely worth more than a look to be purchased for a consumer’s kitchen out of all the other ovens in Malaysia.

The specialty of this model of oven is that they combine an air fryer and a convection oven in one handy appliance, and it encourages you to cook food in a healthy way by using zero to 80 percent less oil for your food.

Generally, this is a multifunctional cooker with 8 functionalities in 1. With this spectacular oven, consumers can roast, bake, grill, steam, fry, toast, reheat, and defrost with the Flavorwave Halogen Oven. With a top temperature of 250 degree Celsius, this appliance cooks up to 3 times faster than a traditional oven. This is due to its quick cooking mechanism via hot circulating air, which can help you to speed up the cooking process.

Nowadays ovens in Malaysia are all about cooking food that is good for health. For this model, they’re definitely on the same page. By cooking with FlavorWave, there is no soot, and it is non-radiative. The meat can sear quickly on the outside, so that the flavours can be preserved on the inside.

In terms of convenience, it has an easy-to-use handle pausing that can help for flip-over or spice adding during mid-intervals. Its bowl is also designed as a clear glass see-through for easy food monitoring in case the food gets overcooked, even though it is unlikely to happen, as this appliance comes with a timer and temperature setting.

Next, it has a stainless steel extension ring so that the capacity of the oven can be extended to as much as 16L, as the original capacity is 12L.

It also has a secure glass bowl stand along with a lid holder, a stainless steel air fryer mesh and extension ring. Most importantly, it’s so easy to wash and clean after every cooking session.

With its unique design that I have seen and tested first hand, this is undoubtedly one of the best ovens in Malaysia that is definitely worth the purchases.

9. Beko Built-in Oven with 3D Cooking

Among so many built-in ovens in Malaysia, Beko is definitely a trusted brand to get yourself an oven that is equipped with more than just numerous typical functions. However, this built-in oven in the kitchen is not your usual oven that you use at home, but it is definitely one of the best options for restaurant owners.

This 71L size oven with 3D cooking features an integrated cooking machine that will not leave your guests waiting. Therefore, you can prepare three separate dishes at the same time without any odour mixing at all.

It has eight separate cooking modes, which means that you can prepare a variety of menus. Restaurant owners would undoubtedly enjoy the lower utility cost due to how this model has an “A” grade for energy efficiency.

With the halogen illumination, consumers can observe how the cooking process is going on the outside without having to open your oven’s door, which could potentially lead to the loss of heat energy and subsequently cause the food to taste less ideal. With that, your oven in the kitchen can stay firmly shut without a worry in the world.

Speaking of doors, the design and material of the door for this built-in oven is extremely durable and sturdy. It can be beneficial for restaurant employees when it comes to carrying heavy dishes and cookware.

Hot and heavy dishes can get really difficult to get out of the oven. With this durable door, it can support up to 22.5kg of loads, which is mathematically 20 percent higher or more than your standard or usual oven doors. You can still take a rest or a breather by placing the hot dish on top of the open oven door, which turns out to be one of the best solutions possible.

One of the most important selling points of this device is that there are 8 main cavity functions in total, which include defrosting, fan-assisted, conventional cooking, multi-dimensional cooking, electric grill, fan heating, half-grill with fan and bottom heating.

To conclude, if you are a restaurant owner, or for a person that is ready to open your very own business, then it’s definitely your perfect match to your kitchen in the shop.

10. Russell Taylors 23LOven Toaster

The Russell Taylors 23L Oven Toaster OT-23 will be a good option if you prefer traditional controls and an oven that is slightly larger in size compared to others. This toaster oven is capable of broiling, frying, reheating, and keeping food warm in addition to toasting the ideal slice of bread for a great breakfast.

This amazing oven toaster has four different settings for you to pick, including toast, bake, broil and keep warm. The oven has a 30-minute timer with auto shutoff, and a temperature range of up to 230 degree Celsius for the best cooking experience.

Aside from that, the oven employs a high-efficiency quartz heating element to ensure accurate and consistent cooking with even heat delivery and distribution. With 1300 Watts of power, the toaster oven can heat up pretty easily, allowing you to get the best meals on the table quickly.

After bringing this device home for testing, unfortunately it comes with a downside, as this unit does not come with an interior lighting that can aid you for the purpose of clear visual monitoring of your food.

However, bear in mind that it’s not necessarily a huge deal breaker if consumers’ end goal is to get a good toaster oven. You can utilize any form or sort of torchlight, whether it is a traditional one or ones that come from your smartphone, in order to get a clear look at the cooking progress of the food.

Overall, the Russell Taylors OT-23 23L Oven Toaster is a great medium-sized model for a variety of cooking activities. Its spacious interior helps you to easily accommodate all types of food for your family, even though it’s a slightly bulky oven in small kitchens.


Cooking does not have to be time-consuming. There is a large variety of gadgets available to make life easier for modern cooks. Therefore, if you’re in charge of meal preparation at home, either one of the ovens in Malaysia mentioned above will be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

These ovens are the best in Malaysia are a great way to express your appreciation for the cook of the home. Whether you are on a budget or otherwise, there are plenty of options available.

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