Massage Chair Malaysia 2023: Battle Between Big Names

Why Get The Best Massage Chair?

Massage is a manipulation of surface and deeper muscle layers and connective tissue, using different ways to enhance the function, to aid cure, decrease muscle reflex activity, to avoid motor-neuron activity, to increase relaxation and health.

Sometimes, all you want to do after a long day’s work is to sit back and get a good massage to assist you ease muscular aches. Well, sometimes massage is not simply available at the beck and call, but it’s a completely different result if you have a massage chair at home. Some may think a massage chair is the ultimate luxury, but in actuality, a painless body is not a luxury. The massage chair isn’t something in every house but might be one of the best investments in your home.

In this article, we will be discussing the types and benefits of them, as well as compiling the best of all in Malaysia so that you can make the investment that is right for you and your family. All rights reserved to the respective brands stated in the article.

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Types of Massage Chairs

Full Body Massage Chair

This type of massage chair is the most prevalent form of massage chair. These chairs perform precisely what they are advertised to do. A complete massage is provided. This type of massage chair is for you if you are seeking for something that will massage every area of your body as soon as you sit on it.

There are several types available, which is determined by the features they have and how they do the massage are determined on the brand and model you choose. Your neck, shoulders, calves, and feet are all massaged in most full-body massage chair. Hands and arms massage are now included in the latest versions of chairs as well.

Before making a purchase, it is crucial to figure out just what sort of chair you want, as well as your budget. Some of the more costly types even allow you to make modifications and designate which parts of your body you want massaged if you can afford them.

Ottoman Massage Chair

Ottoman massage chair is on the opposite end of the spectrum from full-body massage chairs. Ottoman massage chairs are a type of low-cost massage chair that has been around for quite some time. They are the kind of chair that practically everyone on a budget is seeking for.

Ottoman Massage Chairs are just slightly more expensive than regular chairs, but they provide the benefits of a comfortable, soothing massage chair while still being practical and taking up less room in your home than most other massage chairs.

However, Ottoman chairs are more about comfort than massage, but you will surely get your money’s worth out of them because they are quite affordable and come with a variety of alternatives for those who do not want to spend a lot of money.

Another significant advantage of Ottoman Chairs is that they allow taller individuals to sit comfortably. Because their legs are too long or their heads are too high for the headrest, most tall persons have trouble using massage chairs. Ottoman chairs stretch farther than most regular seats, making them more comfortable for taller individuals.

Heated Massage Chair

Heated chairs and heat therapy are both available. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for the Massage Chair market to include heated seating in their products. It is usually a premium feature that may be found in most high-end autos and 5-star hotel suites.

If you are looking for a chair that’s specifically designed for comfort and relaxation, such as a massage chair, heated massage chairs are bound to capture your eye. One of the most well-known treatments for muscular tension and discomfort is heat therapy. Therefore, heated massage chairs will undoubtedly assist you in this regard.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity massage chairs are another option. They provide a sensation comparable to that of space pilots in zero gravity conditions. Initially, this was only available as a function in specific massage chairs. However, when Massage Chairs specialised for Zero Gravity were invented and created, it became its own form of chair.

The recliner slope of Zero Gravity massage chairs is designed to give you a body position similar to that of astronauts floating around in space. This is what allows you to use inversion treatment on your spine. It offers an ideal environment for improving your overall posture while also soothing your back.

Zero gravity massage chairs are wonderful for alleviating joint and bone discomfort, and they’re well worth the money if you have a lot of back pains and spinal cord issues during the day. They are not cheap, but if you do need anything to help with these issues, invest in a zero gravity massage chair and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Benefits of Having The Best Massage Chair

Protects you from injury

Maintaining a steady fitness level necessitates the process of muscular tension release. It is critical that we guarantee that our bodies are not harmed as a result of our regular activities. Whether you engage in extreme physical activity, whether it is work-related or otherwis, or have a routine day job, the process of preventing long-term muscle and bone injury is critical for all of us.

Massage chairs do precisely that, assisting limbs and body parts in releasing tension, focusing on painful regions, and allowing the user to move more freely. One of the most well-known features is the instantaneous enjoyment it provides.

Improve your posture

People who work at a desk are at a higher risk of acquiring improper posture. The huge strain placed on your spine by sitting in the same position for several hours is not to be underestimated, especially if the problem tends to worsen.

Shoulder pains, a bowed spine, neck discomfort, and lower back aches are all symptoms of poor posture, which can lead to serious difficulties in the future.

Aids digestion

Relaxation of the various muscle groups improves the entire body, which has a favourable influence on digestive health. The body’s organs may perform at a higher level with greater blood circulation, helping your body to handle food and nutrients more efficiently.

The peristaltic movement of food through the body has vastly improved, encouraging food flow through the lower body.

Other digestive organs are better equipped to work together to break down new food and ensure it reaches other body regions before being processed for excretion. Internal infections, constipation, and gas build-up are all prevented, resulting in a cleaner, healthier body.

The stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system improves organ function, which is why food can break down more quickly and provide nutrients. You may improve your entire experience with the meals you consume by using a Massage Chairs a few hours after your meal.


It’s a tried-and-true method for improving your body’s health and overall quality of life in a way that’s both convenient and time-saving. Massage chairs are suitable for all family members and blend in seamlessly.

It allows you to schedule Massage treatment at any time of day, allowing you to customise the advantages you receive according to when and how you need it. It comes with settings that can be adjusted to offer a varied experience as needed, allowing for individual tastes to be met as needed, which is one more benefit added to your list.

Best Massage Chair in Malaysia 2023

Now that we have gone through the important components to pay attention to before making a purchase, here is the list of best massage chairs in Malaysia that can certainly fulfill consumers’ needs.

1. OSIM uDivine Mini 2 Massage Chair

Purchasing a massage chair, especially if you are new to the industry, may be costly. As a result, you will want to be certain that your appliance purchase is worthwhile, while it can give you the massage you need. In this case, you are lucky as Osim has released an upgraded version of uDivine Mini series massage chair that will provide you with a fantastic massage without taking up too much room.

The uDivine Mini 2 massage couch is 70cm wide and occupies approximately 0.83m2. Despite its small size, this one comes in two brilliant colours to match the decor of your space. Therefore, it is a massage chair of ideal size along with the best massage capabilities.

Osim added two sets of 360° roller balls that target places that are prone to tired muscles for a better full-body massage experience. Furthermore, the rollers operate in tandem with a new 117cm long extended L-shaped massage track to provide even more massage coverage.

Not to mention the airbag massage functionality on this small couch. The airbags squeeze the hands, hips, and calves, improving blood circulation and reducing muscular tension. In addition, the airbags are designed with changeable intensities to meet your specific demands.

Overall, this solution provides both brand reliability and a decent price range. After testing out this product with the team, this unit is a must buy for those that are looking for an all-in-one goodness.

2. SnowFit Oasis 6D Zero Gravity Smart Massage Chair

While a full-fledged massage chair might be expensive, Snowfit’s Oasis 6D Zero Gravity Smart Massage Chair is definitely an economical option.

With the novel zero-gravity simulation, this chair takes care of your entire body: neck, shoulder, back, waist, hips, and legs and gives them the most thorough and precise massage. The software relieves exhaustion by providing a pleasant massage that makes you feel as if you are floating. It also has three different settings to ensure that you get exactly the massage experience that you want.

The chair has a back heating function, which is a nice feature for such a low price. It stimulates blood flow throughout the body by combining vibration and heat. It also has therapeutic effects, including relieving chronic back pain caused by tight, stiff muscles.

According to several consumers, this massage chair is a terrific price compared to its competition. In addition to the previously mentioned characteristics, its full-body airbag massage technology thrilled people even more by providing an unrivalled massage experience at such a low price.

3. GINTELL DéVano SE Purple Pink

After a long and exhausting day, having a top massage chair Malaysia at home implies you are seeking some kind of relaxation and peace of mind. With the GINTELL DéVano, you can be certain that your house is secure. This GINTELL massage chair, which has the first ever “butterfly kneading” technology, will provide you with a gentle and accurate massage that will relieve your sore back. Deep tissue comfort and blood circulation are provided by the spa massage balls, which function in tandem with the heating technology.

You may obtain the most efficient massage according to your needs with three auto programmes: full body massage, neck and shoulder massage, and waist and buttocks massage. The GINTELL DéVano features a V-Chiro massage track that provides more accurate massage coverage for your neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, and thighs.

The S-Flex Massage in this GINTELL model is an air pressure system that allows you to shape your butt while also eliminating cellulite around your thighs. Furthermore, this GINTELL DéVano is exceptionally tiny and compact, allowing you to save a significant amount of space in your room. This is definitely one of the top picks in Malaysia.

4. OSIM uLove 2 Signature

The OSIM uLove 2 Signature Massage Chair is an absolute dream, being the more technologically sophisticated unit on this list. It is a little on the pricier side, but it is definitely worth it with all of its capabilities and features, while giving you the most satisfying massage.

This OSIM massage chair offers a variety of massage programmes that are appropriate for work, sports, or everyday use. It employs the V-Hand and 4-Hand Massage technologies to provide a relaxing massage to your entire body. To relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders, this method employs 720° roller balls that resemble the skilled hands of a master massage. It also has a clever auto shoulder identification feature that allows you to personalise your massage experience based on your physical build.

For starters, the OSIM uLove has a clever auto detection mode that can properly recognise different sections of your body and provide you with the most appropriate massage. It also has a personalised massage intensity setting, allowing you to tailor your massage requirements to your preferences. You may simply modify the numerous settings, from sofa mode to comfort and even a Zero-Gravity mode for various sorts of comfort, as one of the most luxuriously constructed models.

This is one of the more expensive options on the list in Malaysia, but if you want the most comfort and relaxation and a good massage experience, the OSIM uLove is the way to go.

5. SnowFit Fantasia 4D Zero Gravity Smart Massage Chair

Snowfit offers you the same pleasure and satisfaction of a superb massage at a much more affordable price with the Fantasia 4D Zero Gravity Smart Massage Chair.

Snowfit blends carefully developed 3D rollers into a long, 50 centimeters massage track to maximise your comfort. As a result, it provides extensive covering to support your complete body for the finest possible experience. Zero gravity, shiatsu, kneading, and tapping are just a few modes available at your fingertips.

Furthermore, the massage chair offers thermal treatment, which is particularly beneficial for back problems. It also includes strong air pressure bags that surround your thighs, hips, and calves completely. This is a fantastic tool for relieving painful muscles.

It’s also worth noting that this selection has a space-saving design that can fully recline with only a 10cm distance from the wall. However, some consumers complain that the massage chair has a tiny seat that may not be suitable for all body types.

6. OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime

Imagine being able to unwind completely in the comfort of your own home after a hard day out. That, and more, is what the OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime Massage Chair offers. The Zero Wall is a clever space-saving feature that allows you to maximise your space in the chair while leaving around 12cm between the chair and the wall. This OGAWA massage chair has seven pre-programmed massage settings that you can choose from with the help of an easy-to-use remote control.

The Zero Gravity Capsule design is a standout feature, with three levels of zero gravity angles to choose from at the touch of a button. The Zero Gravity feature makes you feel as if you are floating in space, relieving your body of any strain or stress you may have been carrying. Another feature meant to maximise your comfort is the S+L Track System, which helps to massage your neck and back while also decompressing your spine. This massage program is ideal for folks who are frequently seated at their desks for lengthy periods of time.

This chair, like several other massage chair on this list, has lower back heat treatment, which helps to widen blood vessels for better blood circulation. The rollers give a full-body massage that mimics human hands and improves the massage experience.

Therefore, consumers should take this massage chair into consideration if you are seeking a sensible and pleasant alternative that can also fulfill your massage needs.

7. OGAWA Smart Galaxia

The OGAWA Smart Galaxia Massage Chair is what happens when simplicity meets sophistication. This versatile massage chair has 7 various functions to fit a wide range of moods and requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Health Care mode, which focuses on offering relief to mobile-heavy users or office employees, and Sweet Dreams mode, which assists those with insomnia, are just a few of the numerous functional modes.

Aside from your individualised relaxation, the OGAWA Smart Galaxia is a top massage chair in Malaysia that features a modern aesthetic design with premium quality for even more comfort and quality. It also has a lengthier hybrid track massage that targets regions from your neck to your hops.

All of your wounds and aches will be relieved because of the W-shaped roller motions. The rollers are also meant to resemble a human thumb, providing you with more comfort and enjoyment while receiving massage. Massage and music go hand in hand with the built-in Bluetooth feature to give you the most soothing experience.

You cannot go wrong with the OGAWA Smart Galaxia if you are looking for a massage chair in Malaysia that is high-end, elegant, and meets all of your needs.

8. OSIM uDivine V Premium

The OSIM uDivine V Premium Massage Chair is one of the most innovative inventions, where you can freely update the existing massage menu with brand new massage programs to enhance your experience with it. It can also massage in ways that can target your pain points in order to deliver a more precise massage than what you have expected from a conventional chair.

Other than how it provides you the most cutting-edge massage technologies, OSIM uDivine V also comes with advanced lifestyle technologies so that you can make the most out of the experience in your own private space while receiving a massage. It has the ability to relax your mind and body, which means you can get better sleep quality and wake up feeling better on the next day.

Apart from that, it comes with the V-Hand massage technology, along with the 720° roller balls which you can get the feeling of skillful masseuse’s hand on your body to ensure the smoothest and most enjoyable massage as it can cope with the contour of your body with its all-angle roller technologies.

Furthermore, it rejuvenates your upper and lower body at the same time, almost like two expert masseuses massaging at your lumbar and buttocks, providing the most thorough and dynamic massage experience for the comfort of yours. The shoulder and upper arm air bag massage can effectively relieve the tension surrounding the pain you experience with your shoulder and upper arm muscles.

With such technologies as stated above, it is safe to say that this massage chair is definitely made best for you, as it gives you a thorough head-to-toe massage, and all is made for your best interest.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Massage Chair in Malaysia?

To the consumers, when it comes to the best massage chairs in Malaysia, it is a very crucial choice as the busy lifestyle in Malaysia makes it an essential household item. Therefore, we came up with this list article for you. It is also very important to spend the right amount of money on a massage chair with the right functionalities, as it has to be a worthy purchase.

All of them can be purchased and reviewed on both Lazada and Shopee. Further research effort on a particular chair of your liking is also advised if you need a more thorough understanding of different products, where customer service is always available to aid you with your purchase as well. All rights reserved to the respective brands mentioned.

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