Best Refrigerator in Malaysia 2023: Only The Best Brands

Why Get a Reliable Refrigerator?

It is a common appliance that every household in Malaysia has and we’re talking about the refrigerator. A refrigerator is an expensive purchase and buying a good one will definitely be the greatest investment you make because some fridges can last up to 10 years and more.

Since buying a fridge is going to cost you a lot of money, it is ideal that you know what you are looking for before you buy it. To help you with that, we have come up with a list of the best refrigerators in Malaysia for you to choose from.

Before getting to the list, there are some things that we think you should know first and that is the types of fridges and a guide to choose the best refrigerator for your home. With this information, it will certainly make the process of looking for a fridge much easier.

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Types of Fridge

By understanding the types of fridges on the market, you’ll be able to easily filter out the best refrigerator for you.

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

The first type of refrigerator is extremely common in Malaysia and that is the top-freezer refrigerator. A top-freezer refrigerator offers incredible storage and at a reasonable cost, which is why it’s popular in Malaysia. The downside of this type of refrigerator is that you might have to bend down quite often to get the things in the fridge.

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

A bottom-freezer refrigerator is just as the name suggests. It is the opposite of a top-freezer refrigerator where the freezer is located at the bottom. A-bottom freezer refrigerator is a great choice for households with elderly persons because the freezer is at the bottom and most of the essential items are easily accessible.

French-Door Refrigerators

French-door fridges come with two doors that are placed side by side and you have to open from the middle to reach into the fridge. With a door design like this, the freezer is normally placed at the bottom of the fridge. A French-door fridge can also come with some smart technologies which is why it’s an incredible choice for those that are willing to spend more.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Side-by-side fridges are the perfect fridges for a small kitchen because the doors of a side-by-side fridge swing out to the side. Dissimilar with a French-door fridge where it has a horizontal freezer compartment, the side-by-side fridge has the freezer located at the left side of the fridge.

Compact Refrigerators (Mini Fridge)

Compact refrigerators, mini fridge or portable fridges are the perfect choices for anyone like a student that is staying alone. These fridges offer simple functions and are often cheaper than big fridges.

Built-in Refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators are the least common type of fridge in Malaysia and likely the rest of the world. They are the best fridges for those that intend to renovate their home based on their custom preference. It can blend in with your kitchen cabinets, saving space and also giving a clean and luxurious appearance.

Choosing the Best Refrigerator in Malaysia

Here are some considerations to help you find the best refrigerator for your home. By considering these things, you can easily choose from the list of best refrigerators in Malaysia and find one that suits you.


Firstly, consider the size and space that the refrigerator will take. The last thing you want is to buy something expensive and realising that it doesn’t in your kitchen. Besides the dimensions, you also need to consider the net capacity of the fridge and look for one that is enough for you and your family.

Energy Efficiency

Since fridges are high energy consumption home appliances, it would be a great idea to get something that is energy efficient to help save the environment and to lower your electricity bill as well.


This consideration will highly depend on your budget. If you have a tighter budget, look for fridges that give you the best value for money. On the other hand, if you have a little more to spend, then you might want to get a fridge with better features.

Top 10 Best Refrigerator in Malaysia: Review of Only The Best Brands

Now that you have a better understanding of fridges and know the way to choose the best fridges, we can now move on to the list of 10 best refrigerators in Malaysia.

1. Hitachi Japan 586L Inverter 4-Door


  • Width: 855mm
  • Height: 1835mm
  • Depth: 737mm
  • Net capacity: 540L
  • Gross capacity: 586L
  • Top-freezer
  • Tempered glass shelf
  • LED lighting
  • 1 year general warranty
  • 10 years compressor warranty


To start off the list, we have the Hitachi R-W720P7M French door refrigerator. This french door refrigerator is one of the best refrigerators in Malaysia because of the features that it offers. However, with all its impressive features, it also comes at a significant cost too so if you’ve got some extra money to spare, this could be the best refrigerator to go for.

This Hitachi R-W720P7M French door refrigerator utilizes the 586L capacity of space wisely with a clever layout of the shelves and drawers, allowing you to easily keep your groceries organized. Additionally, it has a vegetable compartment with Moisture-Guard to keep the moisture level of your vegetables.

For the price that you are paying for this French-door fridge, you are also getting incredible features too. One of its best features is the glass control panel on the upper door. It gives the fridge a nice and luxurious appearance which is essentially what you’re paying for.

Finally, the French-door fridge comes with a strong inverter compressor that cools down the interior thoroughly and at the same time, managing the amount of cold air to the right compartments for optimal energy saving.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You’re looking for a big fridge. With a net capacity of 540L, it is one of the largest refrigerators in Malaysia.

You want an energy-efficient fridge. Thanks to its incredible energy-reducing features, it received a 5-star rating for its energy consumption

You won’t fancy the product if:

You prefer a longer warranty period for the price you are paying. For the amount that you are paying, you are only receiving a year of warranty but you do get a 10 years warranty for the compressor.

2. Midea 2 Door Fridge 230L


  • Width: 545mm
  • Height: 1372mm
  • Depth: 623mm
  • Net capacity: 192L
  • Gross capacity: 230L
  • Multi air flow system
  • Tempered glass shelves
  • Green ion deodorizer
  • 1 year general warranty
  • 10 years compressor warranty


For small families or newly-wed couples that are moving into their new house and are in need of a fridge, the Midea MD-232V 2 door refrigerator would be perfect for them. It is decently priced and has a capacity that is large enough for small families. You will also find reviews on Malaysia shopping platforms saying that this 2 door refrigerator is excellent for storing frozen food.

On top of the vegetable box that covers one-third of the shelf, there are two glass shelves which give you a good amount of storage space. Additionally, the door bins also give you great space allowing you to put 2L bottles in there. Your food and other drinks in the fridge are also kept cool and fresh with its multi air flow system that circulates cool air in the fridge.

The Midea MD-232V 2 door refrigerator allows you to control its temperature from 0 to 15-degree celsius with the digital control panel. Also, the fridge is equipped with a green ion deodorizer technology that ensures the fridge is free from unpleasant smells and able to keep the food fresh.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You prefer a cheap and decent fridge. In comparison with some fridges in Malaysia, the Midea MD-232V is actually very cheap and it functions just as well, if not, better than some other options on the market.

You like the idea of controlling the temperature. With its digital control panel, you can easily adjust the temperature of the fridge to your liking.

You won’t fancy the product if:

You’re looking for a bigger fridge. If you’ve got a flexible budget and a big family, you might want a bigger fridge and this would not be such a good choice.

3. Samsung 315L Bottom Mount Freezer Inverter


  • Width: 595mm
  • Height: 1700mm
  • Depth: 663mm
  • Net capacity: 290L
  • Gross capacity: 315L
  • Digital inverter technology
  • Power deodorizer
  • Optimal Fresh Zone
  • 2 years general warranty
  • 10 years compressor warranty


If you want the best bottom-freezer fridge, the Samsung RB30N4050B1 fridge will be your best bet. For families with elders, it is highly suggested to go for this fridge because the fridge compartment is at the bottom and they don’t have to bend down to get what they want. Its capacity of 290L is the perfect balance for households with less than 4 people.

With the use of a digital inverter compressor that automatically adjusts its speed, it generates less noise, has a low energy consumption and also reduces wear and tear. However, despite the fact that it uses an inverter compressor technology, it’s still rated with a 3-star energy rating.

Besides the Optimal Fresh Zone in the fridge that allows your food like meat and seafood to stay fresh for a long time, it is also fitted with an All-Around Cooling. The All-Around Cooling is able to ensure an even cooling in the fridge and that all the shelves are cooled uniformly.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You need a large space to store your meat and seafood. The Optimal Fresh Zone allows you to store meats and seafood in it while keeping them fresh.

Your family has less than 4 people. With a capacity of 290L, it’s perfect for families that have less than 4 people.

You won’t fancy the product if:

You prefer a fridge that has a higher energy rating. Despite the use of cutting-edge technology, the energy efficiency rating of this fridge is still quite low.

4. Toshiba 280LA-Series Fridge


  • Width: 545mm
  • Height: 1545mm
  • Depth: 623mm
  • Net capacity: 233L
  • Gross capacity: 280L
  • Ag+ bio deodorizer
  • Storage tray cooling
  • Vegetable compartment
  • 2 years general warranty
  • 12 years compressor warranty


Next on the list of best refrigerator Malaysia is this Toshiba GR-A28MS fridge. Toshiba has always been a well-known brand in Malaysia and other countries and it is no surprise that they make the best refrigerator. This is definitely the best fridge for households with 3 to 4 people and doesn’t have any elders staying with them.

The Toshiba GR-A28MS is a top-freezer fridge which means you might have to bend down to access the fridge compartment and this is not good for elders with mobility issues. Hence, the reason that this Toshiba GR-A28MS fridge is suitable for small families with no elders. Plus, the 233L capacity and a 12L vegetable compartment are ideal for families of 3 to 4.

For the price that you are paying, you’ll actually get some impressive features like the Ag+ Bio deodorizer that effectively gets rid of unpleasant odors and your fridge can remain fresh. This is the best refrigerator in Malaysia for those that are on a budget because it’s offered at a reasonable price and has a longer warranty than some refrigerators in Malaysia.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You are looking for an affordable fridge. This fridge is the best budget refrigerator in Malaysia and it offers great features and capacity at a decent price.

Your family has 3 to 4 people with no elders. The Toshiba GR-A28MS has a capacity that is enough for 3 to 4 people and since it is a top-freezer, it’s best for families with no elders.

You won’t fancy the product if:

You find the capacity is not enough. If there are more than 4 people in your family, then you might find the capacity of the Toshiba GR-A28MS to be too small.

5. Electrolux 230L NutriFresh Inverter Top Mount Fridge


  • Width: 540mm
  • Height: 1405mm
  • Depth: 615mm
  • Net capacity: 210L
  • Gross capacity: 231L
  • NutriFresh Inverter
  • FlexStor
  • TasteGuard
  • 1 year general warranty
  • 10 years compressor warranty


The Electrolux ETB2302H-A fridge is another best budget refrigerator in Malaysia and this fridge is a highly rated one on Malaysia shopping platforms like Lazada and Shopee. The Electrolux ETB2302H-A fridge is also a great choice for small to medium families because of its capacity and size.

Speaking of size, the dimensions of this fridge is actually quite compact for the capacity that it offers. If your home has limited space, you will most likely find this fridge to be a great fit in the kitchen.

At the price that it’s offered, you are also getting a fridge that is able to get rid of bacteria and germs with the TasteGuard and with a NutriFresh Inverter to keep your food fresh. You’ll also get a space that is lower in temperature to keep your meats fresh.

The Electrolux ETB2302H-A 2 doors fridge uses a FlexStor storage system that allows you to customize the storage space, giving you optimal arrangements. Energy efficiency-wise, this fridge received a 5-star rating thanks to its low energy consumption. Getting this fridge means you don’t have to worry about a high electricity bill.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You are looking for a cheap and good fridge. This is another refrigerator in Malaysia that is offered at a low price with decent functions.

You prefer a fridge that is energy efficient. Being rated with 5-star for energy consumption, the Electrolux ETB2302H-A 2 doors fridge is one of the most efficient refrigerators.

You won’t fancy the product if:

You’ve got many people staying with you. Since the capacity is not very big, it is not the best choice for bigger families.

6. Sharp 700L Multi Doors J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Refrigerator


  • Width: 890mm
  • Height: 1720mm
  • Depth: 770mm
  • Net capacity: 556L
  • Gross capacity: 700L
  • J-tech inverter technology
  • LED lighting
  • Door alarm
  • 1 year general warranty
  • 12 years compressor warranty


You can now enjoy a large capacity fridge with this Sharp SJF858VMBK J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Refrigerator. It comes with a net capacity of 556L which is ideal for medium to large families. Besides the large capacity, the fridge also features a pillarless design with the intention of ease of access and allowing you to store items up to 78cm wide.

Other than an aesthetic design that many people might like, the Sharp SJF858VMBK refrigerator has a J-Tech Inverter Technology that reaches up to 77% of energy saving. As a result of lower energy consumption, your electricity bills are going to be lower as well.

Another technology that the Sharp SJF858VMBK refrigerator uses is the ActiFresh Hybrid Cooling Technology. It uses this technology for the prevention of too much dryness, uneven cooling and over cooling as well. By doing so, your food will be able to stay fresh all the time.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You’re staying with many people in your home. Since the Sharp SJF858VMBK refrigerator comes with a large capacity, it is best for medium to large families.

You like the French-door design. The Sharp SJF858VMBK refrigerator uses a French-door design and those that are a fan of it will like it.

You won’t fancy the product if:

You would prefer a longer warranty period for the price you’re paying. Despite the price that you pay, the warranty period is rather short.

7. Panasonic Refrigerator 2 Door


  • Width: 685mm
  • Height: 1624mm
  • Depth: 698mm
  • Net capacity: 363L
  • Gross capacity: 407L
  • Tempered glass shelves
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Full-flat design
  • 1 year general warranty
  • 12 years compressor warranty


The Panasonic NR-BX418XSMY is a premium 2 door bottom-freezer fridge that comes with an aesthetic full-flat design, giving the 2 door fridge a single door fridge look. You can fully utilize the space that this best bottom-freezer fridge offers if your family is small to medium-sized because the capacity is ideal for such a family size.

You can now defrost your food easily thanks to its soft freezing technology. Unlike some refrigerators in Malaysia that have a freezer compartment freezing at -18°C to -20°C, the freezer compartment of the Panasonic NR-BX418XSMY 2 door fridge freezes at -3°C only.

With Panasonic’s Econavi Technology, the energy efficiency of the Panasonic NR-BX418XSMY 2 door fridge is extremely great, allowing it to achieve a 5-star energy rating. The Econavi Technology uses sensors to turn the lights on/off depending on the surroundings and as a result, it uses less energy.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You prefer an energy-efficient fridge. Thanks to the Econavi Technology that the fridge uses, it reduces energy consumption.

You are a fan of its full-flat design. The full-flat design makes the fridge look like a single door fridge which can be aesthetic for some people.

You like the freezer that has a soft freezing technology. The freezer compartment doesn’t freeze at extremely low temperatures so you won’t have trouble defrosting.

You won’t fancy the product if:

You don’t plan to pay so much for a 2 door fridge. With all the great features, it also comes at a hefty price because this is one of the priciest 2 door fridges in the market.

8. Samsung 410L Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus


  • Width: 600mm
  • Height: 1715mm
  • Depth: 672mm
  • Gross capacity: 410L
  • 5 conversion modes
  • Twin Cooling Plus
  • Power freeze & power cool
  • 2 years general warranty
  • 10 years inverter compressor warranty


The Samsung RT32K5052DX fridge is the perfect fridge for families of 3 to 4 because of its 410L gross capacity. At this range, the capacity is not too big or too small but just right for a family of that size. The best feature of the fridge has to be its Twin Cooling Plus technology.

The Twin Cooling system is able to keep the humidity of the fridge at 70% so you can keep the freshness of your food. You can also expect this cooling system to avoid cross-contamination of odors between the fridge and the freezer so the food can stay fresh in both the freezer and the refrigerator.

Other than the cooling system, the Multi Flow feature is another reason why it is the best fridge in Malaysia. It has this feature to keep the temperature in the refrigerator flowing evenly even during the times when the door is open.

Additionally, the Samsung RT32K5052DX also offers incredible flexibility when it comes to storage because you can turn the freezer compartment into refrigerator storage when you need to store more food.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You like the storage flexibility and adjustability it has. With the 5 conversion modes that it offers, you can easily turn the freezer into a refrigerator for extra storage space.

You find the cooling system of the refrigerator impressive. The Twin Cooling system keeps the food in the refrigerator fresh and the Multi Flow feature ensures an even airflow.

You won’t fancy the product if:

You are in the market for a low energy consumption fridge. Despite the use of inverter technology, the Samsung RT32K5052DX is only rated 3-star for energy consumption.

9. Sharp 170L Fridge J-Tech Inverter


  • Width: 535mm
  • Height: 1275mm
  • Depth: 595mm
  • Net capacity: 150L
  • Gross capacity: 170L
  • Auto ice maker
  • LED control panel
  • Hybrid cooling technology
  • 1 year general warranty
  • 12 years compressor warranty


The perfect refrigerator for a small family is here. The Sharp SJ189MS 2 door refrigerator is a small and compact fridge that can easily fit into most kitchens and the capacity of 150L is great for a small family of less than 3 people.

This would also be great for a small family with no elders because it has the top-freezer configuration which might require you to bend down to access the refrigerator. Despite some minor inconvenience, the overall functions can still provide incredible convenience like the auto ice maker.

This refrigerator by Sharp is equipped with an Ag+ Nano Deodoriser that filters small molecules so you can be rid of any nasty smell in the refrigerator. Plus, it comes with the J-Tech Inverter Technology that reduces energy consumption and hence, reducing your electricity bills too.

You can also gain good visibility within the refrigerator thanks to the LED lighting that brightens up the compartments. One of the best things about this refrigerator is that it comes at an affordable price which is why this is the best fridge for those that are on a budget.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You are searching for a compact refrigerator. The size of this refrigerator is perfect for a kitchen that does not have plenty of space.

You want a refrigerator that does not cost you a fortune. Being one of the most inexpensive refrigerators in Malaysia, you will definitely find this to fit your budget.

You won’t fancy the product if:

Your family has more than 3 people. If your family is a big family and has more than 3 people, then this would not be the best choice because of the limited capacity.

10. LG 333L Inverter Compressor Refrigerator


  • Width: 600mm
  • Height: 1690mm
  • Depth: 665mm
  • Net capacity: 312L
  • Gross capacity: 333L
  • Multi air flow
  • Inverter Linear Compressor Technology
  • Moist Balance Crisper
  • 1 year general warranty
  • 10 years compressor warranty


The LG GN-C372SXCC Inverter Compressor Refrigerator is a refrigerator that could give you the best value for money because of the functions that it has. With the LG GN-C372SXCC Inverter Compressor Refrigerator, you don’t have to worry about uneven cooling at the door compartments because the LG DoorCooling+ ensures that two areas have the same temperature.

Additionally, this is a refrigerator that utilizes the Inverter Linear Compressor Technology and it has a low noise level during operation because there are lesser components compared to a typical compressor. Thanks to this, it has a 5-star rating for its energy consumption and that means lower electricity bills too.

Another reason that the LG GN-C372SXCC gives you the best value for money is the warranty that it offers. For the price that you are paying, you are also getting 1 year of general warranty and up to 10 years of warranty for the compressor.

You’ll fancy the product if:

You want something that gives you the best value for money. For the price that you are paying, this is the best fridge to get for the best value for your money.

You prefer refrigerators that consume lower energy. With its Inverter Linear Compressor Technology, energy consumption will be lower than typical refrigerators.

You won’t fancy the product if:

Your home has elders. Unlike the best bottom-freezer fridges which are best for elders, it has a top mounted freezer which means elders might have to bend down to access the compartments of the refrigerator.

FAQ about Malaysian Refrigerators

What is the difference between gross and net capacity?

One of the things to consider when purchasing fridges is the capacity. However, some home appliances like fridges come with a gross and net capacity. The gross capacity refers to the total volume of refrigerated space while a net capacity refers to the refrigerated space excluding things like shelves and door compartments.

The advertised capacity is usually the gross capacity so for a more accurate specification, you should refer to the net capacity.

Where to buy fridges in Malaysia?

Besides going to a physical store, you can also buy one from online platforms in Malaysia such as Lazada or Shopee.

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