Best Water Pump in Malaysia 2023

Low water pressure is a common problem faced by many homes in Malaysia, especially those who live in old, landed terrace houses. Having low water pressure is very stressful to deal with and makes it almost impossible to enjoy a quick shower after a long day at work.

With the increasing population in Malaysia, this is certainly not a new problem among households. One of the best solutions to overcoming low water pressure issues is by buying your own water pump at home. However, there are tons of water pump products on the market, and picking the right one is not as straightforward as you might think. To make it easier for you, we’ve shortlisted and reviewed some of the best water pumps available in Malaysia.

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What is a Water Pressure Booster Pump?

A water pressure booster pump is a type of pump that boosts water pressure in residential homes. The typical water pressure increase you can expect from a pump is in the range of 15-psi and all the way up to 50-psi depending on the size of the pump.

Many booster pumps are also designed to turn on automatically when pressure is needed. However, some pumps have variable speeds that can be adjusted to maintain set water pressure. If you often experience low water pressure of less than 40 psi, then a water pressure booster pump is a good solution worth considering.

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Booster pumps are commonly used to boost the city or municipal water supply for homes situated at a higher elevation from the municipal water supply, such as on a hill. Most Malaysia terrace houses water supply usually comes from a water storage tank placed on the roof truss.

This configuration almost certainly means that there will be insufficient and weak water pressure on the first floor. Without an electrical water pump, water pressure is only directly proportional to the difference in height between the water source and water discharge outlet.

Factors to Consider when Buying Water Pressure Booster Pump

Buying the best water pressure booster pump requires you to take into account several factors for your home. Here are a few things you can look for when picking the best booster pump.

Pressure Boost

Considering you’re getting a pump to boost your water pressure; the pressure boost is one of the most important things to consider. You need to check that the water pump is able to boost your water pressure enough for you to be happy. The average PSI (pounds per square inch) that a booster pump provides is in the range of 20 – 50 psi above your existing water pressure.

If your existing water pressure is in the very low range of 15-25 psi only, you may want to consider getting a booster pump that provides at least a 40 psi pressure boost.

Dedicated Circuit

Some booster pumps require dedicated circuits which also means installing advanced electrical work at the panel box. While there are many booster pumps that can be plugged into a 120-volt outlet, the length of the power cord may not be specified.

Home or Commercial Use

The type and specification of a pump model will depend on whether you’re using it for home use or commercial purpose. You will not require a high-pressure pump for home use. However, you may require a much more heavy-duty model for business use. Farmers and contractors rely on heavy-duty commercial water pumps for their work.

Flow Rate

This simply means how long it takes for the water pump to pump a specific amount of water. Usually flow rate is measured by liters per minute or m3 per minute. It is recommended for you to go for a flow rate of more than 2500 liters per minute if you’re buying for commercial use. But if you only need a water pump for home use then a flow rate of 200 liters per minute is fine.

Inlet Size

Although most pumps have an inlet size between 1 to 6 inches, some models have larger inlet sizes. Centrifugal water pumps sick in water from the inlet and discharges it through the outer valve. In such cases, it is recommended for you to go for a bigger size inlet so that your pump can pump out more water faster.

Extra Accessories

Some booster pumps have built-in pressure relief valves, check valves, and may even come with shutoff valves and other accessories. You should always verify what the booster pump comes with and what you may need to buy extra.

Pressure Regulator

There are certain water pressure booster pumps that require you to purchase a separate pressure regulator for you to adjust the water pressure. Most homes may already have water pressure-reducing valves, but it’s recommended for you to always verify if you need to install one.


The best water pressure booster pumps are made from quality materials like stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Best Water Pumps in Malaysia 2023

1. Grundfos CM3-4PT Automatic Home Pressure Booster Water Pump

Best water pump overall (with pressure tank)


  • Power: 500 Watt
  • Discharge Pressure/ Output (psi/lpm): 18/72 – 20/70 – 29/50 – 36/27
  • Tank Size: 18 Litre
  • Pre-set Operating Pressure: 18 – 38 psi
  • Port Size (BSP): 1″ inlet/outlet
  • Dimension: 350(L) x 650(H) x 290(W) mm*

Grundfos is a popular water pump manufacturer and is one of the best in the industry. They’ve been supplying commercial and residential water pumps for over 5 decades and the Grundfos CM3-4PT is the best water pressure booster pump for Malaysian households especially since the pump itself is built to last and it even comes with a pressure tank to smoothen water flow.

This premium water booster pump is able to operate and deliver a water pressure between 18 to 38 psi at 500W power. It also has a built-in sensor to automatically start and stop when it detects a pressure difference when you turn the water tap on.

The booster pump is designed to release half of the water capacity in its pneumatic tank initially to boost water pressure without switching on the pump. This helps to ensure that water is flowed more smoothly instead of experiencing a sudden burst of pressure. On top of that, the pressure tank also works to effectively reduce the pump cycle and preventing wear and tear through pulsation and water hammering.

However, the Grundfos CM3-4PT water pump does come with its own drawbacks. The first one is that the pressure tank is recommended to be serviced every 6 months to 1 year. This is relatively frequent maintenance that could be inconvenient for some. Secondly, the CM3-4PT model does not come with dry-run protection and may potentially spoil your pump if it continues operating without a water supply for long periods of time.

With that in mind, it is worth noting that all Grundfos water pumps come with a 2-year local supplier warranty to protect buyers from manufacturing defects. Overall, the Grundfos CM3-4PT water pump is a great choice for Malaysian homes with low water pressure, having piping leaking issues, etc.


  1. Compact size
  2. Silent operation
  3. Automatic start and stop
  4. Low Noise Operation
  5. Easy installation – plug and play
  6. Solidly built and long lifespan


  1. No dry-run protection
  2. The pneumatic tank requires frequent maintenance

2. Grundfos CM3-5PM1 Water Pump

Best water pressure booster pump without pressure tank


  • Bar: 1.5-3.8
  • PSI: 22-68
  • Output range: 1.5-3.8 m3/h
  • Motor P2: 0.67kW
  • Dimensions: 370 x 315 x 270mm

If you are living in a double-story terrace house with 3 to 4 bathrooms, then the Grundfos CM3-5PM1 might just be the ideal water pump for you. This is a 0.8HP high-pressure water pump that is well known for its quality and long-lasting construction.

The Grundfos CM-PM series is specially designed for domestic applications. Don’t be fooled by its small size though, the CM3-5PM1 is a very powerful water pump that can deliver a maximum of 5 bars of water pressure. The CM3-5PM1 model comes with a CM pump and a Pressure Manager PM1. Unlike the first model reviewed above, this water pump has both an automatic start/stop feature and dry-run protection.

In terms of construction, this water pump is made of high-grade stainless steel and durable materials. This means that you won’t need to worry about rusting and corrosion issues. Aside from that, the pump is also designed to deliver a quiet operation with less than 54dB (A) and requires almost zero maintenance.

The CM3-5PM1 water pump is a compact, quiet yet powerful multistage pump with built-in pressure control. This model is also a suitable choice for use with instant water heater showers while still providing strong, constant water pressure both inside and outside of your house.

However, do take note that this model has a working pressure of about 4.6 bars, which is pretty high. This means that it is not suitable for houses with a problematic, old or low-quality piping system as it may cause leaking issues due to the high pressure.


  • Compact design that allows space-saving
  • Automatic start and stop
  • All-in-one system (plug and pump together)
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy installation – plug and play
  • Sturdy and long lifespan
  • Designed to handle power fluctuations


  • High working water pressure may cause leaking issues for old and low-quality piping system

3. Grundfos Scala 2 Automatic Booster Pump

Best weatherproof outdoor electric water pump


  • Output range: 0.2 – 3.75 m3/h
  • Motor P2: 0.5kW
  • Max Liquid Temperature: 45C
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Dimensions: 403x302x193

Looking for an inverter water pump that can be installed outside of your home while still being able to regulate the water pressure throughout your home? Then look no further than the Grundfos Scala 2 Automatic Booster Pump.

This is one of the cheapest inverter water pumps available in Malaysia and is suitable for houses with 2 to 3 bathrooms with concerns about older piping. This pump features variable speed settings to control the water pressure at 2.5 bar, which is a comfortable pressure that will not introduce excessive stress onto old piping easily. Aside from that, this feature also gives you full control over the amount of pressure you need.

This is an intelligent pump control with a built-in sensor that constantly measures the discharge pressure. It is able to automatically boost its operation to compensate for any loss of pressure should it detect a drop in water pressure below the desired level.

The SCALA2 model comes with a pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive, and non-return valve in one compact unit. Thanks to a water-cooled motor, the SCALA2 is even one of the quietest water boosters in its class producing less than 47dB.

Overall, the Grundfos SCALA2 is an inverter water pump that can support houses up to three floors high and eight tapping points. It is easy to operate with a user-friendly control panel and low noise operation.


  • Intelligent pump control
  • Low noise operation
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation – plug and play
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Dry-run protection
  • Long lifetime


  • None

4. Tsunami CMH2-30K Water Pump

Best local water pump brand


  • Motor: 0.37kW
  • HP: 0.5HP
  • Max capacity flow rate: 3.5m3/hr
  • Dimensions: 380x340x380

Tsunami is a Malaysian local brand that specializes in manufacturing water pumps and boosters for homes, offices, and industries. While the company is relatively new in the industry, it has strived to focus on advancing its technologies to ensure durable and reliable products.

The 0.5HP Tsunamic CMH2-30K water pump is a compact yet powerful water pump that’s best for smaller homes. The pump is constructed with anti-rust stainless steel pump components to ensure a longer lifespan. It also has a cast-iron inlet that’s very durable.

In terms of operation, the Tsunami water pump promises a safe operation with its own firefighting system. The pump model is certified IP55, splash-proof protection, and also has an over-heating protection feature to ensure high safety.

Similar to the Grundfos CM-PM series, the Tsunami CMH2-30K pump was designed to be maintenance-free and comes with its own thermal control system. The pump even has a built-in sensor to automatically start and stop the pump when it’s not in use.

The manufacturer offers a consistent water pressure guarantee even when multiple taps are open at the same time. For days where there’s no water supply, the pump has dry-running protection that will automatically shut off the pump to prevent pump overheating.

On top of all that, the Tsunamic pump is even 10-20$ cheaper than its equivalent Grundfos water pump. And just like the Grundfos models, this pump comes with 2 years of local manufacturer warranty.


  • Efficient and energy-saving
  • Multi-stage pump
  • Splash-proof protection IP55
  • Compact design
  • Dry run protection
  • Durable construction
  • Low noise operation


  • Not suitable for bigger homes

5. JOVEN Automatic Domestic Water Pump JHP2-30

Second best local water pump brand


  • P2 Max: 0.37kW
  • HP: 0.5HP
  • Maximum Output: 2.8 bar
  • Weight: 9.2kg
  • Dimensions: 318x198x332

Joven is a common household name in Malaysia especially for electronic products such as instant water heaters and storage water heaters. The JHP2-30 water pump is a great budget pick that’s also guaranteed to withstand high levels of dynamic stresses. The water pump also comes with electronic pressure control, making it convenient and safe to use around the house.

The Joven pump is constructed from durable materials such as SUS316 impellers and SUS304 housing. The water pump also uses a silicon carbide mechanical seal that ensures long-lasting reliability. This means that you can expect the water pump to last you for many years to come without breaking down.

The manufacturer has also made sure to include safety features such as splash-proof protection IP55, motor overheating, and even fire hazard protection for a worry-free experience when using this water pump. There is also no need for you to worry about overheating with this domestic pump as it comes with its own thermal cut-out. This is an important feature for auto-regulation of the water pressure pump, especially with continuous use.

On top of that, the pump also comes with rubber mounting designed to reduce vibration during pump operation. The reduction in vibration means less noise generated while the pump runs. The JHP2-30 is also equipped with dry-running protection that will automatically cut off pump power once it detects a dry-run or a cut in the water supply.

However, the Joven water pump comes with a 1 year local manufacturer warranty, which is shorter than its competitors’ 2 years warranty. Nonetheless, Joven is a well-known water pressure pump Malaysian brand that has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products, so you can rest assured that you will not go wrong with this brand.


  • Splash proof protection system IP55
  • Quiet operation
  • Rust and rupture resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Dry-running protection
  • Stainless steel impeller and housing


  • Only 1 year warranty

6. Panasonic A-130JACK Auto Water Pump

Best budget water pump


  • Maximum Capacity: 30 liters/minute
  • Capacity at 12m: 18 liters/minute
  • Power Suction: 9 meters
  • Maximum Total Head: 29 meters
  • Motor Power: 125 watts
  • Switch On Pressure: 1.1 kgf/cm2
  • Switch Off Pressure: 1.8 kgf/cm2
  • Suction Pipe: 1 inch (25mm)
  • Push Pipe: 1 inch (25mm)
  • Dimensions: 330 x 255 x 340mm
  • Weight: 8.8 kg

Panasonic is a popular home electrical appliances manufacturer that has been in the industry for decades. Your go-to brand for electric products has even created one of the best choices for water pumps at home with their A-130JACK Auto Water Pump model.

This auto water pump is easy to install and has a compact design that takes up minimal space upon installation. While it is small in size, it is energy efficient and can operate at a max of 125W power to deliver good water pressure for you and your family to enjoy.

One thing to note is that, unlike the other booster pumps reviewed above, this is actually a suction pump that’s capable of withdrawing water from well as deep as 9 meters below the pump machine.

The impeller and casing cover is made of brass and is resistant to friction and high temperature. The pump also has an accumulator tank that holds Nitrogen gas that allows the pump to store excess energy to be used later. This technology helps to improve efficiency and ensures a smoother operation.

Additionally, the Panasonic water pump is equipped with a thermal protector up to 130-degree Celsius. It also has an auto turn-off feature that will shut off the pump to reduce the risk of overheating damage. And just like the Joven model above, this pump comes with 1-year local manufacturer warranty.

Although this is a suction pump that pumps water from a lower source and as such more suitable for outdoor use, it is not waterproof and needs to be kept dry and away from direct sunlight.


  • Compact design
  • Energy efficient
  • Thermal protector safety feature
  • Stable water pressure and smooth water stream


  • Not waterproof
  • Needs to be kept away from direct sunlight

7. Grundfos Uni-E CM3-5 Automatic Variable Speed Booster Pressure Water Pump

Best water pressure pump with automatic variable speed


  • Operating pressure range: 2.5-4.5 Bar
  • Output range: 0.8-4.6 m3/hr
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Max liquid temperature: 60 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions: 350x650x400

If you liked to be in full control of the water pressure, then you will love the Grundfos Uni-E-CM3-5 Variable Speed Water Booster Pump that comes with an 8-liter pressure tank and an inverter motor with adjustable pressure setting.

Not only does the variable speed drive lets you set your desired water pressure, but it is also designed to help eliminate water hammering. The pressure control is driven by an inverter, which makes it a durable and reliable choice that’s also energy efficient.

The inverter motor gives a variable speed for the water pump to control a comfortable and safe water pressure of 2.5 bar. At this water pressure, you also won’t have to worry about the pump causing damage to your house piping, especially if your house is prone to pipe leaking problems. However, it is noted that this model is suitable for 2 to 3 outlets with a normal showerhead only as it might be underpowered to provide sufficient water pressure for more taps.

Among its safety features includes built-in dry running protection for automatic start/stop operation to provide and deliver instant water supply for you to enjoy constant and uninterrupted water pressure for your daily needs.

The Grundfos Uni-E CM3-5 model is made with stainless steel for major pump components to reduce the likeliness of corrosion and wear and tear. This ultimately means longer product life as well. Additionally, the pump and motor are designed to operate at low noise levels delivering less than 54dB(A) for a comfortable environment.

All in all, the Grundfos UNI-E CM3-5 pump is a SIRIM-certified product that helps you save energy and maintain constant water pressure thanks to its inverter motor. It is also designed to eliminate water hammering and it is also easy to install and operate. You are assured of total peace of mind and satisfaction when you choose this model.


  • Auto power restart
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Overload protection built in the pump
  • Variable speed


  • Cannot support more than 3 outlets at the same time

8. Tsunami CMH2-40K Home Water Pressure Pump (0.75hp)

Best quiet and low vibration pump


  • Driving Motor: 0.55kW
  • Flow rate: 0.5-3.5m3/hr
  • Dimensions: 400x340x370

If you have a larger home with more bathrooms to support, then the Tsunami CMH2-40K home water pressure pump is the one for you. This durable pump is equipped with a 0.75HP motor that’s designed to deliver consistent, reliable water pressure through your house even with multiple taps running concurrently.

The inlet and outlet of the Tsunami pump are made from cast iron for better durability whereas the aluminum frame ensures low noise and less vibration during operation on top of higher durability and reliability. The water pump also features class F insulation, IP55 protection and is able to support continuous duty without breaking down.

Not only is this pump model created with non-flammable and durable materials for safer and longer-lasting operation, but it also has dry-running protection that will automatically stop the pump when it detects a cut in the water supply. This will prevent damage to the pump due to cavitation or overheating.

Overall, the Tsunami CMH2-40K Home water pressure pump is designed to give you an uninterrupted water supply in your entire house with up to 5 bathrooms with ease. It is also easy to install without taking up too much time and effort on your part.


  • Suitable for larger homes
  • Maintenance-free water pump
  • Reliable & long-lasting construction
  • Silent pump operation
  • Dry-run protection system


  • None

9. Joven JHP440 Automatic Domestic Water Pump 1.0HP

Best thermal control water pressure pump


  • Motor P2: 0.75kW
  • Horsepower: 1.00HP
  • Weight: 12.0kg
  • Dimensions: 362x158x318

As mentioned earlier, Joven is a well-known water pressure pump Malaysian brand that has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products such as water pressure booster, instant water heater, and water purifier. The company’s reputation continues to shine with its JHP440 Automatic Domestic Water Pump model.

Whether you need a water pressure boost for your shower, sink, bathroom, jacuzzi, kitchen, or washing machine, the JHP440 water pump is certainly up to the task. The water pump boasts a high-efficiency impeller design that can withstand high dynamic stress without breaking down.

The water pump even features its own thermal cut-out, so you need not worry about the pump overheating. This is an important feature for auto-regulation of the water pressure booster pump, especially if you plan on using it continuously. On top of that, it also has an electric pressure control that is able to start and stop the pump whenever a valve is opened or closed inadvertently.

In terms of construction, this water booster pump has a SUS304 stainless steel pump housing to withstand rust and rupture and an alloy pump clamp plate that’s lightweight yet durable. The impellers themselves are made from SUS315 rust-free material to withstand high dynamic stresses without breaking a sweat.

Nearing the motor is a silicon carbide mechanical seal that’s designed to deliver longer operation and durability. At the bottom of the pump is a rubber mount that helps to reduce vibration and noise during operation.

In conclusion, the Joven JHP440 Automatic Domestic Water Pump 1.0HP is one of the best water pressure pumps that come with thermal control. This powerful pump is designed to deliver consistent and reliable water pressure to multiple outlets in your home without failing such that you never have to worry about slow water pressure anymore.


  • High-efficiency impellers
  • Rust-free and durable materials
  • Stainless steel housing that’s able to withstand rust and rupture
  • Electronic pressure control with dry run protection
  • Built-in thermal cut-out to protect the pump from overheating
  • Splash-proof protection IP55


  • None

Popular Water Pump Brands in Malaysia

When searching for the best water pumps, it is not only important to buy from trusted brands but also to ensure the functionality of the pump and operation is hazard-free. The last thing you want is to introduce a dangerous electronic device in your home that could end up be the cause of a disaster i.e. fire.

With this in mind, it’s important for you to opt for brands that are experienced and have been in the water pressure pump manufacturing industry for years. Below are a few popular pump brands to look out for:


Grundfos is a Danish electronics brand that specializes in manufacturing various pumps or water boosters. The company strives to make every consumer’s life more comfortable by designing and creating an automatic water pump that delivers good and reliable performance.

To prove their credibility in the areas of water pressure pump manufacturing, Grundfos now even offers training on booster principles as well as other water-boosting home techniques that you can implement at home. Not only that but all their products come with a 2-year warranty to protect buyers from malfunctions.


Tsunami is a Malaysian-found brand that has been designing and manufacturing pumps for both residential and commercial purposes. Though they’re relatively new in the industry, the company has proven to be able to create products that are truly responsive to the water needs of Malaysians throughout the years.

Tsunami has also since been one of the leading names when it comes to water pumps. Not only that, but their supply line is broad across entire Malaysia. This means that you will have easy accessibility to their models and parts.


Joven is another Malaysian brand that’s committed to making every shower experience convenient and luxurious. The company specializes in creating instant shower heaters and shower pumps that are durable and reliable.

The company even ensures that all of its products pass international standards to become a local name with an international reach.


Panasonic is an easily recognizable name for household electronics. The company has even ventured into the pump industry by launching its own line of water pumps that are elegant yet compact. Panasonic is also known for producing electronic products that easily complement any given space.

Maintenance Tips for Water Pumps in 2023

Water pump maintenance can quickly go unnoticed most of the time and we only become aware of the issue when a problem occurs. In order for your water pump to function properly and efficiently, you need to maintain proper routine maintenance just as much as other plumbing appliances and systems at home.

It is best for you to take preventive maintenance for your water pump to increase the longevity of the pump’s system and also to improve its functionality. Moreover, proper maintenance will help you reduce the cost of repairs and replacements. Knowing the ongoing requirements of your water system can significantly increase the reliability of your overall operation.

When maintenance is neglected, you may face a sudden breakdown. Not only will this mean low water pressure for days, but it also means you need to fork out a large sum of money for repairs. The good news is, maintenance of water pumps is simple and inexpensive to help prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Daily or Weekly Maintenance

Daily and weekly water pump maintenance include speed check, leakages, and wear or tear. When you are checking your water pump within a short gap, you are actually taking and intensive care of the machine to quickly identify and spot any issues. This will reduce any sudden stress and keep your pump performing well got longer durations.

Monthly Water Pump Maintenance

Monthly maintenance of water pump helps you look into deeper issues, such as bearings, oiling, and mending seals. Busy people may not have the time to check daily or weekly. However, it is best to not neglect monthly maintenance.

Annual Water Pump Maintenance

Daily to monthly maintenance can be easily conducted by a non-expert with prior knowledge of dos and don’ts. However, thorough maintenance and best performance require a professional technician to do the job. We strongly suggest engaging a qualified expert to conduct yearly maintenance on your water pump.

Machines such as water pumps require some inspection, maintenance, and servicing. Scheduling your routine check-ups will help you prevent any big issues and inconvenience later down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do water pumps work?

The water pump runs on an electric motor that moves the impeller. This type of pump is known as a centrifugal pump. The impeller transports the water (technically called drive water) that is moved from the well and via a jet to the compartment at the front of the impeller.

The smaller electric pump units you see in many residential dwellings are a lightly different story. These types of water pumps feature a DC motor encased in a seal that connects to the impeller. You’ll find multiple coils surrounding a rotor right in the middle of the motor.

These coils feature magnets that form a permanent magnetic structure that transmits via the rotor. When you turn on the water pump motor, electricity will dun directly into the coils to instigate a magnetic field and cause the rotor to spin 180 degrees.

Once the rotor starts to spin, the electricity in the coils switches and it continues to activate the rotor until it comes to a full circle. As the rotor keeps moving and spinning, it will also activate the impeller to power up the pump and draw in water.

How long do water pumps last?

Submersible pumps should last anywhere from 8 to 10 years before you need to replace them. Some good pumps can even stay efficient for as long as 15 years without a break in function.

The average 2-wire residential pump can last 11 years on average with a range of 8-13 years in real-world conditions. If you’re looking at an average 3-wire well pump, then the average lifespan is about 12.5 years with a range of 10 to 15 years for real-life scenarios.

What types of water pumps are suitable for home use?

For domestic home usage, we recommend using a water pressure booster pump. Other common pump types such as centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps are commonly used for commercial use and not in residential houses.

Does a water pump use a lot of electricity?

The water pump still uses electricity when it’s actually running, but the usage is not nearly as bad. Most of the energy gets used during the initial start-up as more energy is required to kick-start the motor.

A pro tip for saving money despite this is to have a professional measure up your pump to your actual water needs. Many homes in Malaysia are actually using a pump that is 1 or 2 sizes larger than they need and thus wasting a lot of electricity.

What water pump size do I need?

When choosing a water pump for your house, you need to first consider the size of your home. Large homes with 4 bedrooms will need a pump rated eight to twelve gallons per minute (GPM). One way of being precise with your choice is to add one GPM for every water fixture.

Your fixtures can include appliances that use a substantial amount of water such as dishwashers, laundry machines, and showers. However, it is best to avoid choosing an oversized pump just to be able to cover everything as a larger pump will also lead to energy efficiencies in the house.

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