Best Water Heater in Malaysia (2023 Review)

Considering how hot and humid Malaysia is, enjoying a nice, warm shower after a long day in the office helps to wash away the stress and improve your mood. In fact, many Malaysians would agree that a shower after coming home is probably one of the best parts of their day, which is why it is important to consider getting a water heater for your home.

Not only will a reliable water heater ensure a consistently warm water supply for your shower, but some even come with water pumps to deliver high water pressure to soothe muscles and improve blood circulation.

However, we also understand that the market is currently flooded with an extensive variety of water heaters with different functions and features. The question though, is which one should you get? Today, we have curated some of the best water heaters Malaysia has to offer for your home. We have also included a buyer’s guide to giving you more info on how to pick the right water heater.

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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Water Heater

Your water heater can be a vital part of your home and picking the right water heater in Malaysia will ensure that you not only have a steady supply of water but that it also is produced with a minimal amount of energy, saving you money and protecting the environment.

Below, we’ll examine the different types of shower heaters plus examine the advantages and disadvantages of each type so that you can make a smart decision on what to choose for your home.

Storage Water Heaters

Conventional storage-tank water heaters have been around for quite a while and are still a rather popular option used in Malaysian homes. These types of water heaters can hold a certain amount of water ranging from 75 to 300 liters in a storage tank and heat it up using fuel or electricity. It will then release water from the top of the storage tank when you turn on the faucet or fixture.

Pros of Tank Heaters

Simple technology – Storage water heaters/tank water heaters feature a simple concept with a heating element or burner that heats the water in the tank and maintains it at the right temperature with the help of a thermostat. The basic principle is pretty simplistic itself.

Variety of fuels – Storage heaters or tank water heaters are readily available in models designed for use with electricity or gas (LP or natural gas).

Low upfront costs – Storage shower heaters are abundant and relatively inexpensive. They’re an excellent choice if you don’t want to fork up a high amount of money upfront for your water heater.

Cons of Tank Water Heaters

Less efficient – A storage water heater needs to maintain the water temperature in the tank. This means that it will need to keep consuming energy throughout the day even when it’s not being used. Not only will the standby heat loss cause inefficiency, but it will also drain resources. However, several models do come with timers and a programmable thermostat to offset this issue.

Higher Operating Cost – As mentioned earlier, the standby heat loss will cause you to use more energy to operate a storage water heater. This translates to more electricity usage and higher monthly energy bills.

Tankless Heaters

Tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand shower heaters that will provide hot water only when you need it. This means that they eliminate one of the biggest drawbacks of storage water heaters: the energy cost of standby operation. Instant water heaters use electric heating elements such as electrical coils to heat up the water as it travels through a pipe in the unit.

This type of water heater is also more compact and takes up less space compared to the tanked version.

Pros of Tankless Water Heaters

Improved Energy Efficiency – Since the water heater does not heat up water continually throughout the day, these instant water heaters have the potential to help you save a lot of money in terms of energy use.

Easy Installation – Small tankless water heaters can be installed almost anywhere in your home, so they make an excellent hot water solution without needing to resize your home’s entire water heater system.

Space Saving – Without the bulky tank, instant water heaters require very little space, making them an ideal choice for use in small homes or apartments.


Inconsistent water temperature – You need to make sure to size the tankless shower heater properly or you may just end up outstripping capacity when hot water demand is high in your home. In some cases, it may even be necessary to install multiple water heaters in different locations throughout the home.

Higher Initial Cost – Efficiency also comes at a cost since such models have a higher purchase cost and often require more labor cost for installation compared to conventional storage water heaters.

Factors to Consider when Shopping for the Best Water Heater in Malaysia

Pump or No Pump?

The first step when choosing a water heater is to look at the features you need. If your house often experiences low water pressure, then it’s worth looking for a water heater with a built-in AC booster pump to boost the water flow. However, do note that some pumps may be noisy and could possibly disrupt the relaxing feeling of a shower. In that case, you can look for a built-in silent pump that will maintain relatively acceptable noise levels.

AC or DC Motor?

If you’re going for a model with a pump, you’ll also need to look at choosing one with either a DC or AC motor. DC motors are typically more expensive but they ensure silent operation with a maximum noise level below 35dB. They’re also usually more durable and energy-efficient too.

Water heaters with AC motors on the other hand are more cost-friendly initially. They’re often available in cheaper models but the disadvantage of having them is a shorter lifespan and high noise levels when using it.

What’s your Budget?

There are many shower heater units that come with all kinds of sleek and innovative designs. But those with nice designs usually come with a hefty price tag. So if you’re on a tight budget, the aesthetics should not be a priority and instead focus on the functions you need.

How much Space do you Have?

Always measure the space or wall you plan to install your new heater. The amount of space you have will help narrow down your searches. If you’re unsure, you can always ask a contractor from the store to give you the measurements you need for the model you desire.

Top 8 Best Water Heaters in Malaysia for 2023

1. Rinnai REI-A380DP-R-WS Ore Electric Shower Water Heater

Best electric water heater overall

Rinnai is a popular Japanese electrical appliances company with close to 100 years of experience in the industry. Their long-standing reputation is a testament to their products’ reliability and it continues on with the Rinnai RE-A380DP-R-WS water heater model that features two different shower heads in an elegant design.

The 3-way diverter lets you choose freely between a rotatable and extra-large rain shower that delivers full coverage to your whole body or the handheld shower to bring water to a specific body part. This model features a DC inverter pump to silently boost your shower’s water pressure. The inverter DC pump also ensures a longer lifespan and up to 50% more energy saving compared to typical AC pump models.

Another great thing about the water heater is that it has an option for you to control the pump speed to adjust the exact water pressure you want. Thankfully, the water heater is reasonably quiet with an acceptable water pump noise level for a peaceful and relaxing shower.

Rinnai also understands the safety concerns of mixing water with electricity, which is why their water heater comes with plenty of safety features. First is its Dual Over Temperature Safety Cut-Off feature that cuts out the heating process when the water gets too hot to prevent scalding and overheating.

It also has a built-in lightning and surge protector for you to shower any time of the day with peace of mind.

On top of their abundant list of features, the Rinnai REI-A380DP-R-WS model is also loved for its streamlined design with an easy-to-control single knob operation. The only setback for this water heater model is the premium price tag. But if you’re after something long-lasting with all the important functionalities, then the Rinnai REI-A380DP-R-WS model is the one for you.


  1. Comes with both a rain shower and a handheld shower.
  2. Long-lasting and energy-saving DC inverter pump.
  3. Streamline design with knob design.
  4. Dual Over Temperature Safety Cut-Off feature.
  5. Built-in lightning and surge protector.


  1. Premium price tag

2. Panasonic DH-2NP2MS Water Heater with Jet Pump

Best Tankless water heater

Panasonic is a popular home appliance manufacturer that has dominated the industry. Today it is the go-to brand for anyone looking for reliable and durable electrical appliances. Part of their shower series is the Panasonic DH-3NP2MS heater with a luxurious, sleek, and elegant design.

In addition to a stylish design to match a modern bathroom decor, the Panasonic DH model water heater has quite a good build quality that’s coupled with an IP25-rated splash-proof casing and water-resistant design between the front and rear plate to keep your shower sessions safe. Also worth mentioning is that the water heater has a streamlined operating system with an easy-to-use On/Off switch.

The water heater and showerhead are coated with Ag+ (silver) antibacterial material to deter mold and bacterial growth to keep the showerhead clean all the time. This eliminates worry about possible mold accumulated in the showerhead due to a humid bathroom environment.

Aside from that, the heater also comes equipped with a jet pump to boost your water pressure up to a relaxing 380 kPa. To support the water pump is a durable DC motor system that operates quietly while in use. Another highlight is the 3-way shower selector with a built-in temperature sensor in the main unit to ensure consistent shower temperature. This means you don’t have to keep worrying about changing the temperature during showers.

The Panasonic DH-3NP2MS heater is packed with a bunch of safety features including a manual reset thermostat to cut off the power supply when a component malfunction and also a built-in ELD (earth leakage breaker) to prevent electric shocks. Finally, the water heater has a water flow sensor that cuts off the power supply if it detects that the water flow is too low and could potentially lead to overheating.

This water heater is simply one of the best available thanks to the jet pump and a large number of safety features for you to enjoy your escape from reality with a hot, relaxing shower. It may be a little more expensive than the other models, but it’s definitely something worth investing in if you have that little extra cash.


  1. Powerful jet pump for high-pressure water.
  2. Silent DC pump operation.
  3. Good build quality with Ag+ (silver) antibacterial material.
  4. Easy-to-use on/off large switch
  5. Built-in temperature and water flow sensors


  1. None

3. CENTON EcoSerene Instant Water Heater with Silent DC Pump

Best low-pressure water heater

CENTON is a proud Malaysian brand that manufactures affordable and eco-friendly water heaters that come complete with a respectable ISO 14001:2004 certification. The EcoSerene water heater has a built-in DC pump that operates silently. The pump system comes with an advanced 3-phase brushless DC motor that’s capable of producing a high flow rate with up to 50% energy saving compared to conventional AC pumps.

In terms of operation, the heater unit features a Stepless Electronic Control system that lets users adjust different shower temperatures according to their own preferences. On top of the water temperature, the showerhead that comes with the water heater is also adjustable with 5 different spray pattern modes. It also comes with an adjustable shower bracket as a complementing feature.

Additionally, the water heater is also packed with a bunch of safety features to wash away any possible safety worries you might have while showering. The features include an IP25-rated splash-proof casing to prevent water seepage into the unit’s internal mechanism leading to short-circuits. The water heater also has a built-in RCD and surge protector to prevent accidents like electric shocks and voltage spikes.

The water heater is also safe from overheating thanks to its built-in flow sensor that cuts off the power supply in the event it detects that water flow is less than the required rated flow. There’s also a double function thermostat to protect you from any risk of scalding from hot shower water. All-in-all, the CENTON EcoSerene Water Heater is an amazing local water heater brand with all the bells and whistles you could ever need in an affordable package.


  1. Eco-friendly design that’s energy-efficient
  2. Built-in silent DC motor pump
  3. Adjustable temperature settings with Stepless Electronic Control
  4. 5 different shower spray pattern modes
  5. Plenty of safety features
  6. Affordable Price


  1. Water flow is not very high

4. Joven 830i Water Heater

Runner-Up best water heater overall

Looking for a reliable water heater brand without the expensive price? Then you can consider the Joven 830i model that comes with a minimalist design with an easy-to-use Stepless Electronic Power Control System to adjust your preferred temperature. It’s so easy to use and all you really need to do is turn the knob clockwise or anticlockwise for high or low-temperature settings.

If you’re worried about low water pressure, you’d be glad to know that the Joven 830i water heater comes equipped with an AC Double Ball Bearing Booster Pump with 4x booster power to give you a relaxing shower. Turning on the pump is also very easy with just a one-touch on/off button system.

Furthermore, the Joven 830i heater model was created with your family’s safety in mind. This model comes with ten different safety features for complete peace of mind while you wash away your stress. Among the features include an IP25-compliant splash-proof casing and Double Poles EELS and Surge protection to stop any unwanted accidents such as current leakage and power surge from happening.

The heater unit even comes with a slider bar set that holds the handheld showerhead and soap tray for convenience. In terms of its construction, the hose it comes with is made with triple-layer reinforcement to last you many years. Just like the first model, the showerhead comes with 5 different spray options that you can change by turning the spray selector.

Despite all its pros, this water heater does have its own disadvantages. One is that it uses a more cost-friendly AC pump to keep the cost down but it’s noted that AC pumps do not last as long as a DC motor pump. But given the overall price point, we still believe that the Joven 830i makes for a good budget-friendly investment.


  1. Reasonable price tag.
  2. Adjustable temperature settings with Stepless Electronic Power Control System.
  3. Plenty of safety features including IP25-splash-proof casing, Double Poles EELS, and surge protection.
  4. 4x booster pump.


  1. AC pump not as durable as DC motor pump

5. Alpha Rainshower IM9EP

Alpha Rainshower IM9EP is yet another water heater that features an in-built AC pump system to increase water flow. Although the noise level is rated as less than 70dB, the water shower is still quite noisy for some.

Nonetheless, the Alpha Rainshower IM9EP offers numerous features such as a line fault indicator to check your home’s wiring status and detect any improper electrical connection. It also has a double relay ESLD and safety thermal cut-off to ensure your safety at multiple levels and to break off the power supply in case of any abnormality in the shower temperature.

The shower heating casing has a metallic black design with a sleek, elegant finish that is splash-proof to provide protection against water seeping into the heater’s internal mechanism. On top of that, the heater is also built with strong and durable non-conductive material to protect it against electric shock. The model also has both rain and handheld showerheads that are easy to install thanks to an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

Considering the affordable price tag, the Alpha Rainshower IM9EP offers a surprisingly good build quality that’s durable with nylon fiber to serve as a good insulator against electric shock. Overall, this is a reliable heating electrical appliance to get without worrying too much about digging into your wallet too deep.


  1. Sleek and elegant finish with splash-proof casing.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Line fault indicator, double relay ESLD, and safety thermal cut off for enhanced safety
  4. Reasonable pricing.


  1. AC pump may be less long-lasting
  2. The water heater might be a bit noisy

6. Alpha Water Heater LH-5000EP

Best water heater with a tank

Looking for a water heater with a tank and a cheap price tag? Then you’d love the Alpha Water Heater LH-5000EP. Although the water heater uses an AC pump, it comes equipped with a bunch of features to make this value-for-money.

Similar to the Alpha model reviewed above, this heater has a double relay ELCB in case of electricity surges and a safety thermal cut-off to prevent overheating.

The heater is also encased with an IP25-compliant splash-proof casing so you don’t have to worry about any water seeping into the internals when you accidentally splash on it. If you’re still worried, the water tank is even blessed with an anti-leak design.

On top of that, the interior of the heater is even built with strong and durable non-conductive material for further insulation against electric shock. Although the pump is rated as less than 70dB noise level, it can still be relatively noisy for some individuals. Nonetheless, the features and price point still makes this water heater a good buy.


  1. Affordable
  2. Anti-leak water tank design
  3. IP-25 splash-proof casing
  4. Double relay ELCB and non-conductive material for further insulation against electric shock


  1. AC pump may be less long-lasting
  2. The water heater might be a bit noisy

7. Toshiba DC Pump Inverter Silent Instant Water Heater DSK38S3MW

Another great tank heater to consider for your home is the Toshiba DSK28S3MW that offers quite a good deal of features for its price range. Interestingly enough, the company even used a DC pump that’s usually reserved for pricier models.

The DC motor pump not only lets you enjoy low-noise showering with a noise level rating of 38dB, but it is also long-lasting and up to 60% more energy efficient compared to an AC pump. On top of that, the DC inverter motor pump itself even comes with a 5-year warranty.

Furthermore, the showerhead that it comes with can be adjusted according to your personal preferences with five different modes – Standard, Soothe, Combo, Massage, and Jumbo. These shower modes are designed to help you achieve a different feel of shower sensation depending on how you feel that day.

The heater model also has an adjustable temperature setting with an LED-enabled Smart Control System and Whirl Water Flow technology to keep the temperature in check and prevent scalding. The water heater also has a surge protector and anti-leak tank design plus a double relay system to ensure maximum safety.

However, it does come with a drawback where users did note that the heater has limited adjustability for its shower holder. Still, this is a relatively inconsequential flaw that you can look past. Overall, the affordable Toshiba DSK38S3MW is a worthy investment for those on a tight budget.


  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Long-lasting and durable DC motor pump.
  3. Low noise operation.
  4. Five different shower combos.
  5. LED-enabled smart control system and whirl water flow technology


  1. Limited adjustability shower holder

8. Midea MWH-38Q Water Heater

Best electric water heater without pump

Looking for a reliable water heater without breaking the bank? Then the Midea Water Heater MWH-38Q is just the one for you. Despite its cheap price tag, the Midea heater doesn’t skimp on features with most of the usual features you see in other models such as an IP25-rated splash-proof casing cover and a built-in auto flow sensor to prevent overheating.

This heater can start the heating process with as low as 1.2 liters of water per minute. The Whirl Flow technology featured in the appliance allows faster heating performance while the flow sensor will cut off heating once the water flow reaches lower than 1.2 liters per minute.

It also has built-in safety features such as precise thermal cut-off in water temperature when it reaches above 55 degrees Celsius. It also has a double relay system to prevent unwanted electricity surges during showers. On top of that, it even has Ag+ antibacterial material integrated into the showerhead to prevent mold accumulation and other surface-level bacteria from growing on it to ensure cleanliness.

However, you do need to keep in mind that this model does not come with a built-in shower pump to boost water pressure. It only works as a heater, so you need to make sure that your house already has good water pressure or if you already have a separate pump installed.


  1. Cheap price tag
  2. Whirl flow technology for faster heating performance
  3. IP25 splash-proof casing
  4. Water flow sensor and precise thermal cut-off.
  5. Ag+ antibacterial material for cleanliness


  1. No built-in pump


There you have it, these are some of the best water heaters available in Malaysia that you can get for your home. Remember that you’re buying an electric heater for yourself, so make sure that you know what you want exactly and take a careful look at each model for its good and bad points before making the final decision.

We hope today’s article has given you all the basic information you need to make an informed decision. And if you’re still confused, you can just pick one from our list and rest assured knowing that you got yourself a reliable shower appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are water heaters safe?

Yes, water heaters are safe. While there is a common misconception regarding electric water heaters and electrocution, most modern water heaters now come equipped with all kinds of safety features included such as thermal cut-off sensor, water flow sensor, splash-proof casing, and double relay ESD. With that being said, we still recommend for you to hire a professional to install your heater appliance for you.

You should also ideally change your heaters that are older than 10 years. It is also a good idea to press the TEST button on your water heater to make sure that it is able to cut off the power in case of a power surge.

What is the most common problem with water heaters?

The most common problem is that the water tank produces too little hot water. Usually, this can be solved by turning up the temperature but you need to remember not to turn it up too high as it could be a scalding hazard.

What should I look out for when buying a water heater?

A few considerations to look out for is to check that your bathroom has proper installation space close to outlets and inlets. You’ll also need to determine whether your water heater needs a pressure valve before getting it.

A pressure valve is something most high-rise buildings and condos require. Lastly, do make sure that the model comes with all the necessary safety features to keep you and your family safe.

How much does a water heater cost?

A typical water heater costs around RM100 to 500, depending on the type and model you’re getting.

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