Best Water Dispenser in Malaysia (2023 Review)

The importance of clean and healthy water is a given. But what is the best way to ensure easy access to healthy drinking water? The solution to this is obviously to get a simple water dispenser that gives you quick access to clean drinking at home or in the office.

Furthermore, some advanced models even provide hot and cold water instantly on-demand.

This has made the water dispenser an essential kitchen appliance for most Malaysian homes as it means making hot milo or coffee in a breeze.

With so many water dispenser choices available now, some with water purifying functionality, some with temperature adjustment, we understand that it can be hard to pick the best one out. So to help you out, we have shortlisted some of the best water dispensers in Malaysia for you to consider.

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Buyer’s Guide – All You Need to Know Before Buying a Water Dispenser

Choosing the right water dispenser may possibly be one of the most important decisions to make for your home and that’s why you cannot just buy the first water dispenser right off the shelf.

Picking the right one requires careful consideration as you want to get a reliable unit that offers good value for money. With that in mind, below are the different types of water dispensers available as well as what you should be looking into when choosing one:

Types of Water Dispensers

Here are the three major water dispenser categories with their own set of pros and cons for you to consider.

Bottom-Load Dispenser

Bottom-load dispensers are often regarded as the most practical one as it conceals the water storage container and is often a popular choice for an office or more professional environments.

Another advantage about bottom load dispensers is that the water jug is situated at the bottom of the unit and you won’t have to lift a heavy water bottle and turning it upside down just to continue drinking water.

This type of dispenser is also best in terms of water spillage incidents as it just eliminates it altogether.

Top-Load Dispenser

The top-load dispenser is the opposite of a bottom-load dispenser and requires you to actually lift the water bottle up and turn it upside down. The water will use gravity to flow out of the tap when you turn it on.

This type of unit isn’t known for its aesthetics since the bottle isn’t concealed but they’re certainly more affordable than their counterparts. Aside from the lifting work, the water dispenser is easy to operate for most.

However, since it needs to be upside down, there’s a chance you might encounter a couple of spilling incidents.

Countertop Water Dispenser

If you have a small kitchen, you can consider investing in a countertop water dispenser instead. These are smaller, compact units that are designed to help you maximize the space you have at your disposal while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of owning a dispenser.

While they’re generally not as neat and stylish, some companies have started producing modern and aesthetically pleasing countertop water dispensers to go with your kitchen décor.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Water Dispenser

What Capacity Do You Need?

Everyone has different needs and that’s no different when it comes to a water cooler’s capacity. The most convenient option is to pick the highest capacity but that also means you’ll need to deal with a very large unit and depending on how spacious your house is, you may not have the space to fit it.

However, getting a larger capacity also means that you won’t have to refill or replace the water bottle as often. You can possibly even forget about it for an entire week after replacing it. But as mentioned earlier, this will mean having sufficient space becomes mandatory.

If you have a smaller kitchen such as an apartment, you can consider a countertop water dispenser instead. They’re compact and easy to use. Some water dispensers even have a tankless design and connect directly from your water tap via a hose for fresh, clean water every time.

Ease of Use

Another important aspect to look into is how easy it is to operate your water dispenser. You don’t want to buy something with the latest technology, but all the buttons and tech make it confusing to use. It is best to get one that is straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of figuring out how it works.

A water dispenser’s ease of use will also give an indication of how easy it is to maintain. Ideally, the unit you pick shouldn’t require frequent maintenance. It’d also be great if you get one with a drip tray to help you handle any accidental mess.

Safety Feature

Considering how water dispensers will be left out in the open at your house, it is incredibly important for you to also pay attention to the safety features available. This is especially true if your water dispenser has the heating capability and you have children at home.

Little kids are naturally attracted to lights and anything with buttons on them. So to own a hot water dispenser with zero safety features is a tragedy waiting to happen.


Regardless of what you’re shopping for, you need to take note of its construction. This applies to water dispensers too. Water dispensers made with quality material and a good manufacturing process will play an important part in their durability and how long you can use them.

There’s no point in buying a cheap unit that will break down every year, you’ll just end up paying, even more, to keep replacing it.

Top 8 Best Water Dispensers in Malaysia

Now that we’ve covered some necessary info and knowledge, let’s go straight into our top selection of the best water dispensers in Malaysia.

1. Coway VILLAEM II Water Purifier

The Coway VILLAEM II Water Purifier is a fantastic choice for those looking for a countertop water dispenser or water purifier thanks to its minimalist design to fit any kitchen. Though this water dispenser is sleek and small, do not underestimate its capabilities.

The Coway water dispenser has the option to dispense tour water types: ambient, cold, warm, and hot.

Aside from providing a range of water temperatures, it even allows you to set the lowest and highest temperature via a user-friendly knob in front. This allows you to get the right water temperature to brew your favourite coffee or tea to get through a busy day.

In terms of maintenance, this water dispenser is an almost minimal fuss. The faucet can easily be detached and washed in the sink. Additionally, it also boasts energy-saving features that automatically decrease its heating power at night to help conserve electricity.

The child-safety lock function also means that your precious little ones won’t get scalded by hot water in case they happen to be playing around the water dispenser.

But the best part of the Coway VILLAEM II is its water filtration system that proudly bears the WQA, Halal, and NSF. The water dispenser contains a neo-sense filter to remove particulates, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and dissolved impurities. So if you don’t have a central water filter system, this might be a great alternative.

The RO membrane removes heavy metals, harmful organic chemicals, and microbes while the Plus Inno-Sense Filter and Antibacterial filter removes odor and microorganisms in the water tank to ensure clean and safe drinking water for the entire family.

However, it is worth noting that this water dispenser does come with a water tank. Nonetheless, it has a low water level indicator that will notify you when it’s time to refill the water dispenser.

Having a water tank also means you have some water to last you at least a day in case of any unexpected water cuts (which is a common phenomenon in Malaysia!).


  1. 4-temperature system
  2. Temperature indicator
  3. User-friendly knob to set temperature
  4. Detachable faucet for easy cleaning
  5. Child-safety lock
  6. Power saving system
  7. Halal certified


  1. Tank design that may be bulky for some.
  2. RO filtration technology requires more frequent professional maintenance.
  3. RO filtration technology also removes healthy minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and bicarbonates.

2. Aqua Kent Hot Cold Filtered UV + UF (0.01 micron) Water Dispenser

Another must-have countertop water dispenser for you to consider for your home is the Aqua Kent Hot Cold Filtered UV + UF (0.01 micron) Water Dispenser.

The Aqua Kent direct pipe system filtration system has a fully stainless-steel construction with high food grade, non-breakable plastic that will not affect the purity of the water.

The water dispenser features a double purification system first by UV followed by a hollow fiber UF membrane to get rid of bacteria and viruses. After that, the water will go through the activated carbon pre-filter to remove bad taste and odor for a healthy, tasty, and safe drink. It also comes with a UV Fail Alarm to notify you when the UV lamp requires replacement.

Again, this water dispenser comes with a tank and can dispense either hot, ambient, or cold water, depending on your preference. However, do note that the tank capacity for hot and cold water differ. Hot water is 1.5L and cold water is 3.2L capacity.

Other than that, the water purifier is also tested and certified for its performance and quality by renowned laboratories such as WQA and NSF. These certifications mean that you can rest assured knowing that Aqua Kent will deliver the most purified water that’s trusted by millions.


  1. Double purification by UV then by UF
  2. UV disinfection (sterilization) systems kill bacteria and viruses
  3. Fast compressor cooling
  4. Fully automatic system
  5. Quiet operation with power-saving mode


  1. Tank design that may be bulky for some.
  2. No temperature adjustment

3. FA1077 KEMFLO KF-2015 FS Alkaline Water Dispenser

While it is undoubtedly important for you to always have readily hot or cold water at home, it is also important that you drink healthy water. And if you’re looking for one of the best alkaline water dispensers for your home, then you need to pay closer attention to FA1077 KEMFLO KF-2015 FS Alkaline Dispenser.

KEMFLO is a Taiwanese brand that has gained a good reputation in Malaysia for its water dispensers. The FA1077 model features 4-stage alkaline filtration. The first stage is sediment filter to remove in-fusible particles such as dust, rust, and mud from incoming water.

The water then goes through a pre-carbon filter to remove odor, colorants, chemicals, heavy metals, as well as to kill harmful germs and parasites.

Alkaline filtration technology is well established and trusted by many as alkaline water is able to help balance the high acidity levels in the stomach, especially after eating spicy Malaysian food. Alkaline water also enhances minerals absorption in our body while detoxifying waste accumulated.

In addition to offering healthy alkaline water, the water dispenser is even equipped with compressor cooling and automatic hot and cold controls to provide you with your desired water temperature.

One drawback to this model is that it is rather big and is not meant to be placed on a countertop. You will need to have a dedicated space on the floor to fit this water dispenser in your kitchen. Nevertheless, those with a larger kitchen will surely benefit from an alkaline dispenser such as this.


  1. 4 stages of alkaline filtration
  2. Energy-saving and low noise design
  3. Compressor cooling
  4. Alkaline filtration technology


  1. Big size and requires more kitchen space

4. Morphy Richards 131004 Redefine Hot Water Dispenser

The Morphy Richards 131004 countertop water dispenser lets you quickly prepare any hot drink on the go with minimal fuss. All you need to do is select your desired temperature using the digital interface to instantly get hot water at the optimum temperature.

The water dispenser even features a large 3L tank capacity to give you enough hot water for 12 cups of coffee. You can choose your preferred temperature setting for that perfect cup of drink.

Although it has a large tank capacity, the water dispenser is designed to be energy efficient to only boil the necessary amount of water instead of wasting electricity boiling the entire tank of water simply for 1 cup of tea.

Furthermore, the water dispenser also features advanced BRITA technology to filter out unwanted residue, chlorine, and limescale from your water.

For convenience, the water dispenser comes with an auto dispense that automatically dispenses amounts of water of up to 600mL simply with a push of a button. It also features a digital display to clearly show your selected settings and a removable drip tray-less messy.

Not only will the drip tray provide a stable platform for mugs, but it also provides a caffetiere or pan underneath the dispenser to hold any accidental drips.


  1. No need to reboil or keep hot water for long hours.
  2. Energy-saving design
  3. Automatic dispense mode
  4. Provides different temperature settings
  5. Large tank capacity


  1. None

5. Yamada WD-NWD389-17 Water Dispenser with Alkaline Filter

Yamada WD-NWD389-17 water dispenser is a unit that gives you more than just your usual hot and cold drinking water. This water dispenser comes with a 4-stage filtration system to get rid of all the nasties to ensure you and your family consume nothing short of the best healthy drink.

The first stage of the filter is a sediment tank that gets rid of soil, mud, and particles. The active carbon filter next is filled with granular coconut-based activated carbon pieces to provide a large surface area for maximum absorption capability.

This step effectively removes chlorine, odor, dissolved solvents, heavy metals, and VOCs to improve the taste of the water.

The third stage involves mineral stones and an alkaline ball to increase the pH of the water to turn it into a mild alkaline. It’s been proven that frequent consumption of milk alkaline water can help neutralize excess production of gastric juices.

This can help those who often suffer from stomach ulcers and gastric problems. The mineral stones contain healthy ionic minerals to revitalize your cells and improve activity levels.

The water then passes a CTO Carbon Block to get rid of any remaining odour and traces of unwanted harmful substances before it’s ready for consumption. The 3-stage filtration system has been specially designed to produce healthy and safe drinking water.

On top of their advanced filtering system, the water dispenser is also made from stainless steel Grade 304 for maximum durability. It has a 550W heating power with a maximum hot water temperature range of 85 – 95 Celsius and 90W cooling power with a maximum cooling water temperature of 13 Celsius for you to quickly enjoy your drink at the best temperature.

Despite the wide range of water temperature it offers, the Yamada water dispenser has very low electricity consumption and even comes with a few important safety features such as a functioning light indicator, overheat protection, and safety lock feature to keep the little ones safe from burning water.

Overall, this is one of the best countertop hot and cold alkaline water dispensers in Malaysia that you should consider investing in.


  1. Advanced 4-stage filtration to provide clean and milk alkaline water
  2. Good safety features like overheat protection and safety lock
  3. Durable stainless steel construction that’s also contamination resistant
  4. Low electricity consumption
  5. Provides hot and cold water
  6. Easy to install
  7. Great value for money


  1. Might be a bit bulky for table top

6. BUYDEEM Instant Hot Water Dispenser 2.6L

Next on our list is the Buydeem Instant Hot Water Dispenser that offers a modern and stylish design on top of having a large holding capacity of 2.6 liters. That is equivalent to 12 cups of hot water in a single refill so you need not have to keep wasting time refilling the tank after every other cup of tea.

It also has a powerful heating unit of 3kW, so it won’t take more than a few minutes to get your hot cuppa ready to go. Other than that, you’ll also love their auto-cleaning function that requires you to only fill up the tank with 800 ml of water and press and hold the “Big cup” button to kick start the procedure.

Another feature that we love about the BUYDEEM Instant Hot Water Dispenser is the option for you to choose just how much water you want to dispense in a single go. You can press on a small cup option to dispense 100 ml of water and a big cup to dispense 200 ml of water.

One of our favourite features is the temperature adjustment that lets you pick what temperature you want to boil your water. The scale goes from as low as 40 degrees Celsius up to a high 100 degrees. But if you’re making coffee or tea, then you’ll most likely want water temperatures in the range of 80 to 90 degrees Celsius.

Despite all its amazing functions, this instant hot water dispenser does come with its own set of drawbacks. One of them being the fact that you can only dispense one serving of water per round if you’re dispensing hot water.

This may be a little inconvenient if you have many guests over and you might as well just boil a pot of water considering it would take just about the same time to fill up everyone’s tea.

The water dispenser might also drip occasionally but since the drip tray is already included in the package, this should not pose too much of a problem. You will only need to pour away once it gets full once every couple of days. This water dispenser also does not come with its own set of filters, so it’s recommended for you to use pre-filtered water to avoid scaling issues.


  1. Stylish and modern design
  2. 3kW power to quickly heat up the water
  3. Great holding capacity
  4. Temperature adjustment
  5. Dispense large amounts of water in a single go


  1. Short power cord
  2. No filter
  3. Only can dispense one serving of hot water

7. Xiaomi VIOMI 4L & 2L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Xiaomi VIOMI is a smart home water dispenser that’s also capable of heating up your water. But this is not just any heating water dispenser, this one is integrated with the latest technology such as integrated smartphone access and accurate adjustment.

Starting from appearance, the Viomi is compact, sleek, and safe and it’s even thoughtfully designed to be safe to operate for younger children.

As mentioned earlier, this water dispenser can be integrated with your smartphone and its accompanying app to track the amount of water you’re drinking every day.

Aside from that, the smart water dispenser offers you three water temperature presets: room temperature, 50 degrees Celsius, and 100 degrees Celsius catering for hot tea, coffee, soup, warm water, and just ambient water.

It also features a tank that could either be 4L or 2L with a visible water level for you to always know how much water is left. The top has the set temperature displayed on the unit with led lights as well as any other relevant information you may need.

Now, some may think that a smart device means complicated buttons and confusing installation. Fortunately, that’s the opposite of the Xiaomi VIOMI. This smart water dispenser keeps things as simple as its plug-and-play design to allow any consumer to operate it efficiently.

From the design to its buttons, everything is intuitive, user-friendly, and seamless for you to enjoy an uncomplicated, elegant device that does what it’s supposed to do.

From advanced technology and smartphone integration to a sleek, portable design that’s useful and intuitive, this high-quality smart instant water dispenser is a testament to Xiaomi’s dedication to making tomorrow’s technology affordable and accessible to everyone today.

Whether you need an instant hot water dispenser for your home or office, this has got to be one of the best choices available to help you meet a wide range of scenarios.

Xiaomi has taken great effort into producing a smart device with features that are truly next generation and a step above your everyday water dispenser.


  1. Sleek design
  2. Safe for children
  3. Easy to clean and use
  4. Quick heating
  5. Smartphone integration


  1. Comes with a china power plug and you are required to get an adapter

8. BluePro Reverse Osmosis

BluePro water dispenser uses a combination of Reverse Osmosis purification and UV sterilization technology to provide clean drinking water. The Reverse Osmosis process involves an aquaporin membrane filter and a PP cotton that only allows clean H2O through.

The water dispenser also has an activated carbon closed composite filter to remove unwanted ions, molecules, and large particles from the water. The built-in UV light kills smaller contaminants such as bacteria and viruses to ensure the drinking water is purified and safe for you and your family.

The BluePro water dispenser features a tankless design that lets you connect directly to tap water. On top of the convenience, it also means you won’t have to worry about refilling bulky water containers or have to sacrifice too much counter space to accommodate the water dispenser. The water dispenser’s sleek design adds a modern touch to a gorgeous kitchen interior.

On the LED control panel, you can also find 12-level temperature adjustment, 3-level volume adjustment, child lock, winter temperature compensation, and manual temperature control for you to create the perfect cup of beverage at the temperature you desire.

All in all, the BluePro Reverse Osmosis is one of the best choices available for your family to enjoy instant and safe water at various temperatures. In addition to its premium features, the compact, modern design makes this the perfect appliance for any kitchen, large or small.


  1. Provides instant, pure drinking water.
  2. Sleek and compact design to fit smaller kitchen counters.
  3. 12-level temperature adjustment and manual temperature control
  4. Child lock available


  1. RO filtration technology requires more frequent professional maintenance.
  2. RO filtration technology also removes healthy minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and bicarbonates.

Wrapping Up

We’ve come to the end of our buying guide and we hope that our article today has given you sufficient information on picking out the best water dispenser. Remember, the type of water dispenser you purchase should address your needs in terms of space, capacity, and functionality.

At the same time, it should also be practical.

If you have elderly at home who aren’t able to lift a water bottle upside down every time the water runs out, then it would make more sense for you to get a tankless water dispenser or a bottom load unit. We wanted our article to be insightful and useful, and we hope that we’ve covered enough for you to make a better-informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do bottom load dispensers work?

Bottom load dispensers have a probe assembly situated inside the cabinet that connects the water bottle to a pump. There’s typically a hanger included to maintain the prob assembly clean during the process of changing water bottles.

However, the key in how well the unit dispenses water will lie in the effectiveness of the pump at transferring water.

How do you maintain a water dispenser?

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your water dispenser will ensure that you enjoy good-tasting, healthy water every day. Cleaning the unit will also help prevent any unwanted bacteria buildup which might be harmful to you.

The general steps of water dispenser maintenance involve unplugging the cooler and removing the empty bottle. You will then need to remove the baffle and lid from the reservoir and add around 3 cups of hot water and one cup of vinegar before draining it out through the taps.

Some models come with dishwasher-friendly taps that are time-efficient and practical. Else, you will just need to handwash the taps at the sink. After flushing the hot water and vinegar mix from the reservoir, you’ll need to rinse the reservoir twice by filling it with water and draining it through the taps again.

Are water dispensers safe?

Yes, water dispensers are safe. They provide clean, purified water as they filter out any dirt present in the water. Some even have an inbuilt multistage filtration system to sieve and eliminate contamination and bacteria.

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