Washing Machine Malaysia: A Must Have in 2023

Washing machines are one of the best home appliances that was ever made. It saves a lot of time when it comes to cleaning your clothes. To get the best washing machine in Malaysia is quite a challenge as there are ample amounts of choices on the market. Some are equipped with the latest technology while some are just normal washing machines.

Choosing the best washing machines might seem difficult, but don’t worry, because in this guide, we’ve compiled the best washing machines in Malaysia for you to choose from. However, before we proceed with the list, we will have a look at the different types of washing machines and how to choose the best washing machine Malaysia model.

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Top vs Front Load Washing Machine Malaysia

The two main differences between these two washing machines are the cleaning performance and efficiency. Obviously there are other differences such as storage space but they are not the key factors that differentiate these two washing machines.

Cleaning Performance

Based on the structure of the washer drum, front load washing machines will perform better when it comes to removing stains. Front load washing machines allow clothes to roll to the top and make contact with the drum before falling back down and this process is repeated many times.

In contrast, top load washing machines might not allow all the clothes to contact the drum because the clothes will tend to stick together in the center.


Generally, front load washing machines use less water because they only need to spray clothes wet rather than soaking them in water. However, top load washing machines nowadays have integrated innovative features that help to reduce water use.

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine Malaysia Model

In order to choose the best washing machine for your home, here are some aspects to consider. Do note that there is no single best washing machine that fits everyone but considering the following things will help in choosing the best washer for your home.


Your first consideration should be your budget. By deciding on your budget, you can easily start looking at washing machines that fall in the price range of your budget. Generally, top load washing machines are usually cheaper than front load ones.


Washing machines are big items and knowing the dimensions of where you plan to put your washing machine is crucial in helping you pick a best washing machine. Plus, you’ll need to know if there’s sufficient space to open the washing machine’s door. For people who are trying to save space, going for something that functions as both a washer and dryer is highly suggested.


For this aspect, you’ll have to consider the number of times you want to use it and the amount of clothes you intend to wash each time. Normally, you can find washing machines meant for 5KG up to 17KG of clothes on the market. To put into perspective, 40 clothes weigh approximately 8KG.

Additionally, filling the washing machine to the brim is unrecommended so you’ll need a bigger washer if you have a heavy laundry.

Energy Efficiency

More people are becoming aware of energy consumption and what it does to our planet. Manufacturers also integrated technologies to reduce energy consumption as much as possible and it would be wise to go for those washing machines.

Not only will they help to reduce energy consumption, but they’re also helpful in lowering your electricity bill. Which is why energy efficiency is an aspect that you should consider.


The last thing to take into consideration for a big investment like washing machines is its warranty. It is extremely expensive to replace the parts, especially the motor. So make sure the washer that you plan to get covers the motor.

Best Washing Machine Malaysia [2023]

Now that you’ve learnt the different types of washing machines and the method to choose the best washing machine Malaysia model, we’ll now move on with the 10 best washing machines in Malaysia. Use the knowledge that you gained and choose the best washing machine Malaysia model to put in your home.

1. Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine


  • Height: 850mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 568mm
  • 7.5KG
  • 1200 rpm max spin speed
  • 3XL door
  • VapourCare technology
  • Child lock


First washing machine for your precious house is the Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine EWF7525EQWA. With this Electrolux washing machine, you can expect your clothes to be smoother and have less wrinkles thanks to its VapourCare technology.

The VapourCare technology that Electrolux uses sprays vapour to get rid 99.9% of allergens and germs, allowing you to feel great all day. Plus, it also reduces energy consumption because it’s a front load washing machine.

Being able to take 7.5KG of clothes makes this washing machine best for a small to medium-sized family. It’s extremely user-friendly as well because of the easy to use IQ Touch Panel and the big 3XL door for ease of loading and unloading. In addition, you’ll find yourself spending less time doing laundry because of its 15 minutes of washing.

You’ll want it if:

Your house doesn’t have too many people. The capacity of Electrolux EWF7525EQWA is perfect for small to medium-sized families so if your house doesn’t have that many people, then EWF7525EQWA would be perfect.

Your plan is to save energy. Since it’s a front load washing machine, it’s best for saving energy and with the use of VapourCare technology, you can expect that more energy will be saved.

You want to spend less time ironing. The VapourCare technology allows your clothes to be washed with reduced wrinkles and helping you spend less time ironing.

You wouldn’t want it if:

Your house has a lot of people. If your home has a lot of people, then the EWF7525EQWA wouldn’t be a great choice because it is able to take 7.5KG of laundry only.

2. LG Smart Inverter


  • Height: 925mm
  • Width: 540mm
  • Depth: 540mm
  • 9.0KG
  • Soft closing door
  • Smart inverter motor
  • Child lock
  • Smart motion


The brand LG shouldn’t come as a surprise for making one of the best washing machines. They are a well-known manufacturer for electrical appliances and one of their best products is this LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine T2109VS2M.

This washing machine utilized a Smart Inverter Technology which allows it to control energy use which is why it’s considered to contain one of the best energy-efficiency compared to other washing machines in Malaysia.

Additionally, the LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine T2109VS2M adopted a Smart Motion Technology that provides extra care for your laundry. Plus, the TurboDrum that this washing machine uses is able to remove any kind of dirt from your dirty clothes.

You’ll want it if:

You prefer to reduce energy consumption. The Smart Inverter Technology that this washing machine is equipped with enables energy consumption to be controlled and resulting in lower energy consumption.

You have expensive clothes that you need to wash. The T2109VS2M is equipped with a Smart Motion Technology to ensure that your laundry is well taken care of and

You’d prefer a quiet washing machine. This washing machine is equipped with BMC Motor Protection that secures the motor tightly, resulting in a lower noise level.

You wouldn’t want it if:

You have a tight budget. As compared to other washing machine Malaysia models, this washing machine is considered to be at a higher price range and might not be such a great choice if you’ve got a tight budget.

3. Sharp Fully Auto Washing Machine


  • Height: 911mm
  • Width: 530mm
  • Depth: 550mm
  • 7.0KG
  • 700rpm spin speed
  • Washboard texture stainless steel tub
  • Fuzzy control
  • Auto start after blackout


Sharp is another well-known brand in Malaysia and their washing machines are one of the best on the market just like this Fully Auto Washing Machine ES718X. You’ll be able to find tons of reviews about this washing machine on Lazada because this model is extremely popular.

Typical washing machines with stainless steel drums and indented holes will usually damage your laundry. However, Sharp’s SS Drum is made with flat holes that ensure the clothes do not rub against the drum and damage the fabric. This is best for anyone with pieces of fabric that are too expensive to be damaged.

Even with a low and affordable price tag, this washing machine still ensures that you get faster cleaning thanks to its quick wash mode. Another feature that many people will appreciate is the Fuzzy control. It enables you to customize the settings, ensuring best performance every load.

You’ll want it if:

You have expensive clothes or pieces of fabric that you want to wash. With the use of Sharp’s SS Drum, it is able to protect any fabric from damages caused by the drum, making it best for cleaning expensive clothings.

You’re looking for an affordable washing machine. Compare this with other similar washing machines, you’ll realise that it’s a lot more affordable while maintaining its functionality.

You want a faster cleaning washing machine. Thanks to its quick wash mode, this washing machine can reduce the time taken to do your laundry.

You wouldn’t want it if:

Your home has a lot of people. With a small to medium 7.0KG capacity, this washing machine might not be the greatest selection for bigger families.

4. Toshiba Inverter Front Load Washer


  • Height: 850mm
  • Width: 530mm
  • Depth: 595mm
  • 7.5KG
  • 1200rpm spin speed
  • 15 minutes quick wash
  • ColorAlive


Toshiba is another big name that most people staying in Malaysia would’ve seen before. The Inverter Front Load Washer TW-BH85S2M is one of their best products thanks to those functions that it provides. You’ll also find this washing machine to be highly rated on Lazada so you know this is the real deal.

Firstly, the TW-BH85S2M is implemented with the latest technology known as THE GREATWAVES. This technology ensures that your laundry retains its colour and it’s also paired with the ColorAlive technology, resulting in a 39% decrease in decolouring degree.

If efficiency and low noise level are what you want your washing machine to possess, then this Toshiba TW-BH85S2M would be a perfect choice. Thanks to its Real Inverter motor, it’s 11% quieter compared to typical washing machines and it is also more efficient and durable.

You’ll want it if:

You’ve been looking for something that doesn’t decolourise as much. With the use of THE GREATWAVES technology as well as ColorAlive, you can expect the decolouring degree of your laundry to decrease by 39%.

You prefer something quiet. The use of a Real Inverter motor allows the Toshiba TW-BH85S2M to maintain a low noise level.

You want to do laundry quickly. The Toshiba TW-BH85S2M is equipped with a 15 minutes quick wash feature that allows your laundry to be done in a short amount of time.

You wouldn’t want it if:

You’ve got a tight budget. This washer is one of the best and also one of the most expensive for its kind so it might not be the right choice if you’ve got a strict budget for buying washing machines.

5. Electrolux UltimateCare™ Front Load Washing Machine


  • Height: 850mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 659mm
  • 10KG
  • 1200rpm spin speed
  • SensorWash technology
  • UltraMix technology
  • LED time display


Here we have another front load washing machine by Electrolux and this is similar to the previous one that was mentioned but better. This washer is equipped with some of the latest technology to ensure that your clothes are cleaned thoroughly and carefully.

This Electrolux EWF1023BDWA comes with a SensorWash technology that is able to identify dirt prior to cleaning and it will adjust the right cycle to deliver clean laundry. Additionally, with the UltraMix technology that Electrolux is using, you can expect 40% better colour retention even after 52 washes.

Furthermore, you can now wash your pricey woollen garments while preserving the fabric thanks to this washer and its Wool Cycle technology. You can expect this washer to reduce up to 50% of energy consumption with the use of an EcoInverter motor. Plus, it’s able to maintain a quiet yet powerful operation.

You’ll want it if:

You’ve got expensive woollen garments. The Electrolux EWF1023BDWA is equipped with the latest technology to clean your woollen garments and ensure that the fabric is well preserved.

You have a lot of people in your home. Being able to load 10KG of laundry makes this one of the best washing machines for a big family.

You need to wash very often. When you wash a piece of clothing many times, it starts to lose its colour but this washer allows you to wash many times you can get 40% better colour retention even after 52 washes.

You wouldn’t want it if:

You have a tight budget. This is one of the most expensive front load washing machines and if you’ve got a tight budget then this would not be such a great choice for you.

6. Midea Top Load Fully Auto Washing Machine MFW-EC750


  • Height: 900mm
  • Width: 515mm
  • Depth: 525mm
  • 7.5KG
  • 700rpm max spin speed
  • Fuzzy logic control
  • One touch wash
  • Child lock


Midea is one of the most well-known brands for electrical items in Malaysia and it can be seen if you search for washing machines on Lazada or different platforms. This fully auto washer, MFW-EC750 is one of the highest rated washing machines in Malaysia not only because of its affordable price tag but also the functions that it offers.

This washer has made it easy for you to clean your laundry thanks to its one touch wash feature. It can weigh the load with incredible accuracy and will choose the most suitable mode and water level based on the loading. Since it’s so easy to use, you can expect a shorter time whenever you do your laundry.

Besides that, this washer has included a tub clean feature that cleans dirt residues from the inner and outer tub. By doing so, it can make sure that your laundry is free from any dust or dirt. Even though this is a top load washer, it can still clean your laundry very well thanks to its powerful motor. With a special blade design of the motor, this washer is able to save power too.

You’ll want it if:

You want the most value for your money. Compared to the other similar washing machines in Malaysia, this is considered to be at a low price range and it functions just as well, if not, better than the others.

Your home has very little people. The load that this washer can take is 7.5KG, which is best for small to medium sized families.

You wouldn’t want it if:

You prefer front load washing machines. Front load washing machines have their benefits and if you prefer having those, then you might not want to get this.

7. LG AI Direct Drive Washer Dryer with Steam+ & TurboWash


  • Height: 850mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 560mm
  • 10.5KG/7KG
  • 1400rpm max spin speed
  • TurboWash360
  • Steam+
  • Washer dryer combo


Out of all the washers covered in this list and possibly in Malaysia, this LG AI Direct Drive Washer Dryer FV1450H2B has some of the most modern designs. You’ll certainly find this FV1450H2B washer dryer to fit well in your modern home. Besides its aesthetics, you’ll also find the functions that it offers to be very appealing.

Firstly, the AI Direct Drive technology is able to provide care for your pieces of expensive fabric better than other washers in Malaysia. In fact, it is 18% more protective than the others. This technology identifies the softness and weight of the fabric and optimizes its washing pattern based on each fabric. Plus, it’s also effective in getting rid of allergens and reducing wrinkles.

For a washer dryer that can take a 10.5KG load, its washing time is considered to be short. The use of TurboWash360 within the LG AI Direct Drive Washer Dryer FV1450H2B results in a washing time of 39 minutes. It also uses 28% less energy in comparison with typical washers. This washer dryer can be operated anywhere remotely as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi.

You’ll want it if:

You’ve been looking for a washer dryer appliance. The LG Washer Dryer FV1450H2B functions as a washer dryer combo that allows consumers to enjoy both functions.

You are always rushing and don’t have the time to do laundry. Besides the TurboWash360 technology to help reduce the time taken, you can also control this washer dryer remotely so you can do your stuff while doing laundry.

You want to save space in your home. Thanks to this appliance being a washer dryer, you can have more space for different things.

You wouldn’t want it if:

You have got a tight budget. Since this is a washer dryer appliance, you’ll need to expect it to come with a hefty price tag and it would not be such a great pick if you’ve got a tight budget.

8. Panasonic Washing Machine


  • Height: 1034mm
  • Width: 652mm
  • Depth: 600mm
  • 10KG
  • 900rpm spin speed
  • StainMaster
  • Active Foam
  • Digital display


As someone staying in Malaysia, changing clothes often is not something new because of our hot weather. For a washing machine to be considered as best, some of its criterias include having a big capacity for the amount of clothes that we sweat in and being able to remove our sweat stains. The Panasonic NA-F100A6HRT is best for doing that.

The Panasonic NA-F100A6HRT is able to load 10KG of laundry and also remove stains like sweat, mud and others with ease thanks to its StainMaster and ActiveFoam System. The StainMaster system is the replacement for hand wash since it is able to scrub and remove stubborn stains with its 8 wings, creating powerful vertical water flow.

Since the Panasonic NA-F100A6HRT washing machine is able to take 10KG of load, you can anticipate that it has a big drum and the result of that is that it’s also bigger in size. Additionally, it will also consume more water and energy compared to front load washers.

You’ll want it if:

Your home has a lot of people. With a big drum to handle 10KG of laundry, the Panasonic NA-F100A6HRT is perfect for big families.

You have clothes with stubborn stains. With the StainMaster and ActiveFoam System, stubborn stains will no longer be a problem because the stain will be scrubbed and lifted from the laundry.

You want a washing machine that’s easy to use. Besides being easy to function, load and unload, it’s also easy to reach the bottom of the tub because of its lowered front height.

You wouldn’t want it if:

Your home has limited space. The size of Panasonic NA-F100A6HRT is bigger compared to others and not such a great pick if there’s limited space in your home.

9. Toshiba 2 in 1 Washer Dryer Front Load Washing Machine


  • Height: 850mm
  • Width: 595mm
  • Depth: 635mm
  • 8KG/5KG
  • 490mm wider door
  • CycloneMix
  • Washer dryer combo


You can now get a washer dryer at affordable prices thanks to this Toshiba 2 in 1 Washer Dryer Front Load Washing Machine TWD-BK90S2M. Normally, getting a washer dryer like this will cost you a fortune but with this Toshiba washer dryer, you can get it for about half the cost on Lazada or other platforms in Malaysia.

Similarly with the previous Toshiba model, it’s integrated with a technology known as THE GREATWAVES. Alongside this technology is ColorAlive and with this setup, you can expect a 39% decrease in decolouring degree. If there’s any laundry that requires extra care, the Toshiba 2 in 1 Washer Dryer TWD-BK90S2M would be the go-to choice.

The Toshiba Washer Dryer TWD-BK90S2M’s best feature that is able to please many consumers is its Real INVERTER. Their motor is much quieter than the conventional ones resulting in 11.4% noise reduction. Besides that, its 15 minutes quick wash is another Toshiba’s best offer.

You’ll want it if:

You’re looking for an affordable washer dryer. The cost of Toshiba’s TWD-BK90S2M washer is a lot lower compared to the others and if you’ve been looking for something cheap, then the TWD-BK90S2M would be best for you.

You want to wash your laundry faster. Thanks to TWD-BK90S2M’s 15 minutes quick wash, you can now do your cleaning in a shorter time.

You wouldn’t want it if:

You prefer to air dry for lower energy consumption. Even though having a dryer makes things easy, it will, however, consume a large amount of energy.

10. Samsung Washing Machine


  • 7.0KG
  • Air turbo drying
  • Ice Blue LED display
  • Dual-cluster control panel
  • Tempered-glass door
  • Eco Tub clean


Samsung’s best products might be phones but they are also capable of making great washing machines like the fully-auto WA70H4000SG. A Magic Filter is used in Samsung’s WA70H4000SG washing machine that effectively collects all kinds of particles coming out of your clothing. Plus, the Magic Filter is helpful for a smooth flowing drainage.

With a tempered-glass door, you can easily see what’s going on inside and it will also last for a long time because tempered-glass can withstand a great amount of pressure and resist scratches too. It’s integrated with the latest technology as well to provide exceptional fabric care and cleaning.

Additionally, with the Air Turbo Drying technology, drying is able to be done much faster. The Air Turbo Drying technology rapidly spins the drum to remove more water while drawing in more air to make the drying process quicker.

You’ll want it if:

You are looking for a durable washing machine. With a tempered-glass door that is able to withstand high pressure and resist scratches and damages, it’s very likely that the WA70H4000SG will be durable.

Your home is relatively small sized. For a small to medium-sized home, a load of 7.0KG is more than enough.

You’d prefer to keep your drain unclogged. Thanks to Samsung’s Magic Filter, small debris and particles are collected to prevent clogged drainage.

You wouldn’t want it if:

You prefer a more modern looking washing machine. The design of Samsung’s washing machine isn’t exactly modern and a little too simple for anyone that prefers a more modern looking washing machine.


Which is better? Semi or fully automatic washing machine?

A washing machine that is fully-auto is highly recommended. It helps to reduce the time taken to clean and makes things easier too.

Is it better to run the new washing machine empty before putting in anything?

Yes. It’s best to run a new washing machine first before using it because there’s no guarantee how long it’s been sitting in a showroom or warehouse. It’s better to just run it to clean any dirt, dust and debris.

What are the best washing machine Malaysia brands?

There are numerous names on the market and more and more new ones are coming to Malaysia. However, there are a few that are consistent and they are large companies with great reputations. For instance, Sharp, Panasonic, Electrolux, LG and Toshiba are some of Malaysia’s best ones.

Will my clothes be damaged if I use the dryer in a washing machine?

No. For a piece of clothing to be damaged during the use of a dryer will only happen if the dryer is put on maximum setting. Some fabrics cannot take high temperatures and this is the reason that they will be damaged if the dryer is put on the maximum setting.

Where to buy a washing machine in Malaysia?

Lazada and Shopee are excellent online platforms to buy a washing machine in Malaysia. However, if you prefer to see how a washing machine would fit then you’ll probably want to go to a physical store to check it out.

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