10 Best Power Banks in Malaysia Review 2023: Need Fast Charging?

Why Get a Good Power Banks in Malaysia?

If you’re a heavy smart device user and rely on them to power through the day, then a portable power bank is a must-have! Devices these days have bigger screens and more powerful processors, but the one thing that doesn’t seem to improve as fast is their battery’s ability to last the whole day.

Of course, there are smartphones and devices with superb long battery life, but surely there comes a time when you are running out of charge or if you forgot to plug in your phone before heading to bed.

This is where a power bank becomes a handy tool. It’s a convenient, portable block of power that lets you recharge your gadgets anywhere – even when you’re far from home.

In fact, some larger capacity power banks let you get away for a weekend or even enjoy camping without worrying about your phone even running out of battery. Quality power banks don’t only work for smartphones, but they can also help juice up tablets, digital cameras, Bluetooth speakers, and even a Nintendo Switch.

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Buying Guide – How to Choose A Top Power Bank Brands for Your Needs?

In this section, we will discuss some of the few important factors to pay attention to when shopping for the best power banks in Malaysia. These top power banks in Malaysia may look similar, but they’re all made differently. Here are what to look out for:


The best power bank’s capacity is typically described in mAh and is also the most important factor to consider as it basically means the total amount of power the power bank will hold onto for you. Choosing the right capacity will depend on what devices you plan on charging.

Most smartphones can get up to three or four charges from a 10,000 mAh power bank. However, more draining devices or larger electronics such as a Nintendo Switch will be better off with a power bank that is 20,000 mAh or more.

Available Ports

The ports on the best power banks will affect how you use it. Most users may find that one port is enough as they will most likely only charge one device at a time. However, it is still recommended for you to get a portable power bank with at least two supports and can support dual charging just in case.

Multiple ports can be very useful for those who travel frequently with friends and family and would like to have a power bank to recharge everyone’s devices at the same time. Otherwise, you may find that charging your devices could potentially take two or three times longer than expected.

Size and Weight

Considering how the power banks are supposed to be portable, the size and weight of the power bank will play a very big role here. The last thing you would want is to have to travel with a super huge power bank that weighs like a brick. Ideally, you should get a power bank that weighs less than 300 grams and fits comfortably in your palm.

In most cases, power banks with high capacities tend to be larger thanks to the size of the batteries inside. In addition, if you get a portable power bank with multiple ports, you can also expect it to be slightly larger than those with a single port.

Charging Speed

This is another important aspect that will differentiate the best power bank from others. The charging speed of a power bank not only determines how quickly your power bank recharges but also how quickly it can charge your smart devices. Quality power banks come with at least one or two ports with fast charging capabilities.

Getting a power bank with a Quick Charge 2.0 port can easily and quickly juice up your iPhone to a 100% battery life in less than two hours. While there isn’t a power bank that charges as quickly as a wall outlet, charging your phone should not take several hours. Even if you’re looking for a quick battery top-off, you wouldn’t want to have to wait longer than an hour.

Additional Features To Expect From Top Branded Power Banks

Anti-Slip Coating

The anti-slip coating is not a must, but this feature can be invaluable for those with sweaty hands. Many users tend to hold their power bank while charging their devices and surely will prefer to have one with an anti-slip coating so that it does not slip off their hand and rip out the devices.

Included Cables

Not every power banks come with extra cables, but if you do find it, you should consider purchasing it. Not only will you want to ensure these power banks comes with a suitable cable to recharge the power banks, but also to have extra cables for your devices. This will give you everything you need right out of the box.


As with any electronics, it is important to have a warranty to fall back on in case of any defects. As useful as electronics are, they can also be fickle and you won’t want to have to replace your power banks only after using it for 30 days. It is advised to look for those power banks in Malaysia with at least 12-months of warranty.

Which is The Best Power Bank Brands in Malaysia 2023?

Anker A1275 PowerCore 20100

Anker is one of the most popular names in the portable charger industry and one of their best selling products is the Anker A1275 PowerCore 20100 that offers good portability and huge charging capacity. The power bank design has undergone a few changes to give us easy-to-carry rounded edges and super lightweight construction at just over 250 grams.

The Anker power bank is equipped with a 20,100 mAh battery inside to charge up an iPhone X up to seven times before it needs to be juiced up again. The power bank has 4 USB-A and USB-C ports to deliver 24W output to charge multiple devices. Devices with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost can enjoy fast charging by utilizing the two higher output ports (2.6A and 3.0A).

Although this power bank is neat and portable, it is sufficiently powerful and promises to charge all your devices up to 100% within 3 hours. To protect this power bank from overheating, Anker uses 11 different techniques in their MultiProtect Safety System to keep your devices safe.

Overall, the Anker PowerCore 20100 is a reliable power bank that does what it’s supposed to do. With fast charging capabilities and a huge capacity, this is one of the best power bank options available to keep your devices pumped up.


  1. Large capacity
  2. Slimline aesthetic
  3. Fast charge
  4. Supports dual charging to charge multiple gadgets


  1. Takes 10 hours to charge itself
  2. No exciting features

Xiaomi Mi 18W 10000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank 3

Xiaomi Mi 18W Fast Charge Power Bank 3 External Battery: Amazon.de: Electronics & Photo

Xiaomi is a popular Chinese electronics brand that’s known for producing reliable and affordable products. Among their list of offerings is the Xiaomi Mi 18W Power Bank 3 you can count on to charge your phones and tablets on the go.

The Xiaomi Mi 18W features curved edges with glossy ends and a matte enclosure. The Xiaomi power bank has a two-way port that delivers a maximum power of 18W, to suit fast-charging devices. Drained the power bank? You can quickly charge it up in 6 hours with USB-C Port!

The power bank also features an LED battery indicator to show you how much juice is left in the power bank or when it’s time for a recharge. This power bank has a battery capacity of 10000mAh and features one of the slimmest and sleekest designs for you to tote around. At 14.2mm long and just under 300g, this power bank is a great choice to bring around with you.


  1. Highly portable with a slim and lightweight design.
  2. Reliable 18W power delivery.
  3. Good value.
  4. Fast charge capability.
  5. Supports dual charging.


  1. Cannot use USB-C PD and Quick Charge 3.0 at the same time.
  2. Limited to 40W for larger laptops.

Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL 20000mAh

Mophie is another top power bank manufacturer that creates efficient products to charge up power-hungry gadgets such as laptops and Apple Macbooks. The Powerstation XXL comes with a 20000mAh battery capacity for a total of 74Wh of power. Along the sides, you’ll see two USB-A and a USB-C port, indicator lights, and a power button.

The Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL is specially built to charge up the latest Macbook devices that come with USB-C or USB-A connectors. With a huge 19500mAh rechargeable battery capacity, this power bank can feed USB-C laptops approximately extra 14 hours of battery life.

The USB-C charging port on the power bank offers 30W fast-charging and is used as the main port to refuel the power bank. Meanwhile, it also has another 2.4A USB-A port for Quick Charge devices such as your phones and tablets.

In the event you have your gadgets connected to the power bank and also have it plugged into the wall socket at the same time, the power bank will prioritize charging devices by sending power to it before recharging the power bank.

The built-in LED power indicator button on the power bank is handy to show you its status and battery levels. Additionally, this power bank also has a piece of fabric wrapped around it to shield it from scratches.

Overall, the Mophie Powerstation 20000mAh is a great mobile power bank for anyone who uses their laptop or tablets outside of their office. This power bank has a huge capacity and is able to significantly extend the useful life of a range of gadgets.


  1. Reliable power delivery
  2. Compactly built and lightweight
  3. Fast charging
  4. The large battery capacity of 19500mAh
  5. Protected by premium fabric


  1. Expensive

RavPower RP-PB124 15000mAh Solar Power Bank

There are quite a few types of power banks on the market, some with high battery capacities and some with lower ones. The RAVPower 15000mAh Solar power bank has a lot to offer and it even comes equipped with portable charging for your smartphone.

To kick start the review, this power bank has a battery capacity of 15000mAh to charge most smartphones to their full power about 3.5 times. This powerful power bank can also be used to charge larger gadgets such as your tablets without dying off.

On the powerbank are two USB-A charging ports. Unfortunately, you won’t find any Quick Charge or USB-C ports. Instead, you get two charging ports with two different charging speeds. One USB-A port has a 5V/2.1A charging speed while the other USB-A port has a 5V/1.0A charging speed.

To charge the RavPower power bank, you can use the micro-USB input to quickly juice up this portable power bank. There’s also a solar charging option but this method is relatively slow since the solar panel itself is very small. The solar recharging capability has a 1W/250mA charging rate and would take about a week or so to fully charge the power bank.

Design-wise, this power bank is 6.7 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 0.8 inches thick, meaning it isn’t too large or bulky to make it difficult or inconvenient to hold onto it. The power bank also has an IPX4 water-resistance rating to handle light rain. Interestingly, this power bank can function as a flashlight and it’s actually quite bright since it has a larger surface area on the RavPower power bank.

All in all, the RavPower 15000mAh Solar Power Bank is a regular power bank with a better build to it thanks to its water-resistance construction and a solar panel recharging option. The power bank also has the added convenience of being used as a flashlight and an LED battery indicator to show you how much power is left in it.


  1. Rugged built with an IPX4 rating.
  2. Large solar panel for portable recharging.
  3. Not too bulky.


  1. Charging via solar panel takes a week.
  2. No Quick Charge 3.0

AUKEY PB-T11 30000 mAh

The AUKEY PB-T11 is one of the most powerful power banks with a battery capacity of 30,000mAh to last you many rounds of charging. Despite the huge capacity, the portable power bank is surprisingly small at 150 x 82 x 28mm. The AUKEY power bank is made entirely of durable plastic to save cost and to also take on daily abuse and damage to last a long time.

The power bank is also designed in a way that can be held comfortably with one hand. It is small enough to slip into the pocket of your jeans for convenience. Inside the box, you get a power bank, one leaflet, and a short USB Type-C cable.

You can charge the power bank with Lightning or micro-USB – or charge it faster by using both at the same time. As for the output, it has two full-sized USB-A connectors. The first one is the Quick Charge 3.0 port to offer a wide range of voltage and amperage in steps of 0.2V. This means you can charge your smart gadgets faster without running the risk of frying any components.

The second connector is rated at 5V/2.4A – standard for standalone chargers. Both output ports support AUKEY’s proprietary battery technologies: AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology and Aukey EntireProtect.

These two technologies help charge your devices faster and more safely. The PB-T11 power bank also comes equipped with a white LED that can be switched on to give you an indication of the juice left in the AUKEY power bank.

Overall, the AUKEY PB-T11 is a 30,000mAh power bank from a reliable power bank manufacturer. The power bank is portable and makes for a great alternative for keeping your devices charged up throughout the day.


  1. Compact design for its capacity.
  2. High capacity.
  3. Sturdy build.


  1. Cannot charge laptops.
  2. No USB Type-C Connector.

TP-Link TL-PB10400 10400mAh

TP-Link is another popular quality tech producer that offers its products at affordable prices. Among their list of offerings is the TP-Link TL-PB10400 power bank that’s a great-value product with enough capacity to keep both your smartphone and tablet running all day without being near a pocket socket.

Most power banks in Malaysia that offer a large capacity are often quite bulky, but fortunately, the TP-Link TL-PB10400 maintains a petite size without sacrificing battery power.

The TL-PB10400 power bank has two USB outputs – one rated at 1A to refuel your phone and another 2.1A rated output for fast-charging tablets and phones. There’s a 2A micro-USB input on the power bank for refilling its battery in just seven hours. The TP-Link has a built-in LED flashlight too for camping trips or when you’re away from mains power.

An additional detail that we love about the TL-PB10400 is the LED battery indicator. It has a four LED system where each LED represents 25 percent of potential capacity. But the fourth LED will blink when the battery gets down to 10%, which is incredibly useful.

Overall, the TP-Link power bank is an affordable tech with a 10400 battery capacity for charging your devices. It is lightweight and portable, the perfect power bank to keep your phone and tablets on the move.


  1. Small and compact design.
  2. Multiple ports meaning it can charge 2 gadgets at once.
  3. LED flashlight.
  4. 10% battery indicator.
  5. Fast charge.


  1. Not compatible with Samsung tablets.

Yoobao S20-1 (20000mAh)

On busy days, your phone battery might just drain much faster than you’d like it to be, especially if you’re running Waze/google maps, Netflix video streaming, and more. The Yoobao S20-1 power bank is a great solution to help you power through your day so that you can stay connected to the grid.

This premium high capacity best power bank features multiple output ports including micro-USB and USB-A to cater to both Apple and Android users. You can also choose to refuel both devices at once by plugging them both into the outputs. One at 5V/2A for faster charging and another one at 5V/1A for standard charging.

In terms of construction, this power bank has an ABS fireproof body with Yoobao’s Protective technology to protect your smart gadgets against current overload, short circuits, overheating, and overcharging. The Yoobao power bank has 11.2cm x 3cm x 17.5cm dimensions and comes available in white, blue, or pink.

An additional feature that we like about this Yoobao power bank is that it has a built-in LCD display that shows you the battery status. This means you don’t have to guess just how much juice is left in your power bank and whether it is time to charge your device.


  1. LCD display to indicate battery status.
  2. Multiple output ports.
  3. Rugged and durable construction.
  4. Overheating and overcharging protection.
  5. Large battery capacity.


  1. None.

Pineng PN-969

Pineng is a Guang-dong-based company that needs no introduction. They’re a popular power bank manufacturing company that offers affordable and quality products that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

The Pineng PN-969 power bank offers multiple recharges with a high battery capacity of 20000 mAh. This means you can safely rely on this power bank to keep your phone or mobile gaming devices such as Nintendo Switch all juiced up.

In addition to that, the Pineng PN 969 power bank also has multiple output ports so that you can charge multiple types of devices at once. To make things even better, it has two fast-charge outputs at 5V/2.1A so you can get your devices charged up quickly.

The company understands how frustrating it can be to constantly monitor and estimate just how much battery is left in your power bank, that is why they’ve included an LCD display to show you the remaining battery capacity. But one of the top reasons why we love this Pineng PN-969 power bank has got to be its auto-stop charging function.

With reports of smart gadgets heating up and exploding due to overcharging, we are simply glad to know that the Pineng PN-969 will automatically stop charging the device once the battery is full.

This could be a godsend for those who tend to forget to unplug their devices when charging. Also, for a 20000mAh power bank, it charges fully in just 8 hours, quite an impressive feat considering other smaller capacity power banks may take longer to fuel up.


  1. Auto-stop charging feature
  2. Fast self-charging.
  3. Affordable and good quality.
  4. Multiple output ports.


  1. No Quick Charge feature

Belkin Pocket Power 10000mAh

Here’s a reliable brand that you can trust for your charging needs. Belkin is marketing their 1000mAh Power Pocket power bank for the mobile gaming industry and we can see why! The Belkin power bank has two USB ports to simultaneously charge two devices. One port is a 12W USB-C and the other a 12W USB-A

While it’s aimed at gamers, this is still one of the best power banks for travelers and commuters thanks to its versatile design and decent features. The Belkin power bank has a minimalistic aesthetic style with an all-black matte casing with glossy ends on each side. The dimensions are 15cm x 7.6cm x 2cm, making it fit comfortably into your jeans pocket.

In terms of performance, the 12W outputs offer a very good charging speed and can quickly juice up your device in approximately 1.5 hours. Another thing about this is that it has an incredibly useful pass-through feature.

It basically prioritizes charging your devices when it is plugged both to the wall and your device. It essentially passes the charge from the wall straight to your devices. Once your smart gadgets are fully charged, only then the Belkin power bank will begin charging itself.

Overall, this is one of the best power banks for you to carry around. It does everything it’s designed to do plus more! With a stand feature, USB-C fast-charging output, and pass-through capability, this is good quality, functional power bank from a very reputable brand that’s worth the investment if you’re willing to fork out a little more money for it.


  1. Fast charging
  2. Comes equipped with multiple output ports
  3. Pocket size
  4. Pass-through capability


  1. Might be expensive

10000mAh Dual Battery Samsung Power Bank

When you hear Samsung, you would immediately think about their lines of phones. But the company also produces power banks for charging your devices when you’re outdoor camping or away from a power socket. The 10000 mAh dual battery features dual output USB ports to aid in simultaneously charging your phones. It also includes over-voltage protection safety features to keep them safe!

The Samsung power bank’s engineered with high quality and high-density lithium polymer battery of 10000 mAh to provide excellent battery backup. At this capacity, it lets you charge your batteries at least twice before you need to search for a socket.

With Samsung AFC (15W) and Quick Charge 2.0 support, this is a power bank that offers rapid charging of your phones on the go. In addition to dual output, the Samsung power bank has over-voltage protection to prevent over-voltage, fluctuations, and voltage surges to enable safe charging to full capacity within 220 mins in fast-charging mode.

This power bank is ergonomically designed with a faint pink color. It is ultra-compact and lightweight to make it portable. Weighing at just 222g, this ultra-compact yet powerful power bank can be carried in your pockets or bag without getting in the way.

In short, the Samsung power bank is a slim and compact device with 15W and 2.0 support for quick charging. The high-density 10000 mAh lithium polymer battery acts as an excellent battery backup with dual output that enables quick charging of two gadgets simultaneously. Equipped with OVP functionality, it protects your gadgets from voltage fluctuations and short circuits.


  1. Slim design, perfect for carrying around.
  2. Over-voltage protection.
  3. Fast-charging capability for your phone.
  4. Simple built.
  5. Multiple USB outputs.


  1. Expensive
  2. May have reduced efficiency after a few months of usage

Conclusion – Which Powerbank Should You Get?

We have finally come to the end of our review on the best powerbanks in the market that are equipped with the latest technology and large capacity.

There are a few higher-end models that command a higher price point, so you should do your research and check out other customer reviews before deciding on your purchase. We hope today’s review article has given you enough insight and information to pick the best one for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do power banks work?

A power bank works by depositing electrical energy inside which can be used later when needed. The battery is designed with a special circuit to control the power flow into your gadgets. This circuit will ensure your phone gets the right amount of power and stops once it is fully charged. This will stop your gadget from overcharge and cause a short circuit.

How long can a power bank last?

A power bank can last you 1 to 2 years in good condition if you use it every other day. The wear will be more obvious once you get into a year of regular use. While it’s obvious, it does not mean that your power bank’s not usable.

How long they can last also depends on other factors such as if the ports are loose which could impact the charging efficiency. The battery capacity may reduce to as little as a quarter of the usual due to the chemical reaction in rechargeable batteries that create crystals inside. This leads to reduced efficiency in holding more charge.

Is it safe charging power banks overnight?

Yes, it is safe to charge power banks overnight. Back then, we would surely say no but today’s advanced technology includes smart protection that will self-discharge once the device is full. The charging protection is coupled with high-heat-resistant materials that won’t spoil or damage easily.

Can you use your phone while using power bank, is it safe?

Not recommended. It is not advisable to use your phone while using power bank. This will affect the battery health of your phone and the battery of your phone might damage, thus making it difficult to charge. Other problems such as explosion might also occur due to overheating or imperfect circuit.

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