Best Mattress Topper in Malaysia 2023: For Better Sleep

Why Get The Best Mattress Topper?

In recent years, mattress toppers have been gaining a lot of popularity and market presence, as the combination of mattress and mattress topper has slowly become an essential. However, most people are still confused on what exactly it is and what it can do.

A mattress topper is a layer that is removable which sits on mattress in order to provide you more support and cushioning, where usually consumers feel the need to make this purchase as they want their firm mattress to feel softer on an overall level, or that it can also serve as a remedy for saggy and shabby mattress.

It is definitely one of the best investments for a good night’s sleep. There are more than one type of mattress toppers available, including mattress toppers that are made of memory foam, gel memory foam, hollowfibre and microfibre, feather and down, as well as latex topper.

In this article, we will be exploring the benefits of investing in the right mattress topper, things to consider before investing in one, and our top picks when it comes to the best mattress toppers in the market of Malaysia right now.

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Benefits of Using Mattress Toppers

Increases the lifespan of the mattress

Mattress topper has the ability to relieve some of the pressure on the mattress, allowing it to last longer. As a result, you will get more use out of your matress and be able to enjoy it for a longer period of time than expected.

Gives you extra comfort

Mattress topper is a perfect product to rejuvenate and keep it cosy again if it isn’t as comfortable as it once was. They will give your old mattress a new lease on life, similar to a smaller mattress that you place on top of your real mattress. Any toppers will help to relieve aches and pains, allowing you to sleep more comfortably.

Keeps the bed clean and fresh

Mattress toppers have the ability to keep dust and debris out of your mattress, allowing it to remain cleaner and fresher for longer. Some, especially those with hollowfibre fillings, are totally hypoallergenic, allowing you to sleep without having to deal with problems such as sneezing.

Some of the mattress toppers have washable covers or are machine washable. As a result, they’re simple to clean. With that, it can also work in your favor as it can save your time significantly.

Factors To Consider Before Investing In a Mattress Topper

Mattresses are investments, which is why many people choose to use a mattress topper instead of buying a new one. It can help you get more use out of it, but it shouldn’t be used as a band-aid for mattress that has lost its support. Here are some things to think about when deciding which one can provide you with the most comfort.


As previously mentioned in the introduction, there are multiple mattress toppers that are made of various different materials, in accordance to your needs.

First one to be introduced is the feather or polyester blend. The feather and fiberfill mattress toppers are fluffy, but they do not provide much support and can get heavy. The least costly topper alternative is a polyester mix, also known as fiberfill.

Secondly, when it is made of wool. Wool fleece mattress pads bring another layer of softness to a still-in-good-condition mattress. Hypoallergenic natural material has the ability to keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. However, these items can be difficult to come by and can be very costly.

Then, introducing mattress toppers made of poly foam and latex. The polyurethane and latex toppers are a perfect choice for providing additional padding if it is firm and comfortable enough to carry your weight. If you’re on a tight budget, poly foam and latex toppers are excellent choices to provide support and comfort to your body as well.

Then, there is also memory foam, as it offers virtually the same level of comfort as a memory foam mattress at a fraction of the price. Memory foam is an excellent option for relieving joint pain. It does, however, sleep hotter than other alternatives.


Mattress topper should usually be 2 to 3 inches high or thick. If you think that you need something thicker to be comfortable, your mattress should probably be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further complications that may affect your body, as we spent nearly half of our day on it.

How does it fit

While it should seem self-evident, it is critical that your mattress topper suits it properly. In the end, putting two smaller toppers together or making a topper that hangs off the side can result in a less convenient sleeping area.

Body support

It is crucial to think about what you want from a mattress topper. Working with a mattress specialist will help you narrow down your choices, whether you need more padding or just want enough to keep you comfortable or warm when you sleep. If you need more help, you should probably buy a new mattress instead of a topper, as a topper would not have enough structure.

Price and quality

Toppers will cost up to half the price of a full mattress replacement. So, when you study the right solution, think about how much life your current mattress has left, if any, and whether a topper can really fix all of your current mattress’s problems.

Best Mattress Toppers in Malaysia Reviews

Now that we have gone through benefits of investing in a good topper, here is where we move on to the list of top mattress toppers in Malaysia that can certainly fulfill consumers’ needs.

1. Getha Naturally Super Soft Latex Topper

For the first entry of this list, introducing the Getha Naturally Super Soft Latex Topper. It is arguably the most luxurious latex mattress topper that can be purchased in Malaysia. It is known to be very durable, which can enhance your overall health and well-being, as it is made to be allergens resistant, including mould, mildew and even dust mites, so there is no need for you to worry about allergens-related issues.

Apart from that, it has a cool surface with pinholes, which can guarantee you a better night’s sleep, as it provides you with better airflow. Latex mattress topper that is soft and high in quality can help enhance your spine alignment, therefore it can help you with relaxing joints that are constantly under pressure on a daily basis that you were not aware of.

With this latex mattress topper, consumers can have a relaxing night out without any further unwanted discomfort.

2. Goodnite Statfree Memory Foam Topper

Second entry on this list, is this Goodnite Statfree Memory Foam Topper. As stated in the name itself, it is made of memory foam. This topper has the ability to instantly melt your body into your bed and gives you a good night’s sleep.

Goodnite Statfree Memory Foam Topper adds a soft and comforming feel to your existing mattress that can result in a deeper sink that cradles your body. Its ventilated design also has the ability to improve airflow and breathability. Memory foam can help in distributing your body weight evenly and conforms to the curvature of your body in order to alleviate pressure points. With that, it can aim to release your bodily pain and soreness.

As the name stated itself, top fabric of this topper is made of statfree anti static fabric from Belgium. It is also anti-allergens and sanitized against bacteria and fungus, where there is no need to worry about dust mites so that you will fall asleep in peace every night.

3. Napure Cloud Owen

Third entry on this list is Napure Cloud Owen Mattress Topper, which is designed with 7-zone comfort to ensure that you can sleep through your night as comfortably as possible.

As mentioned above, the 7-zone comfort, along with its extra firmness is guaranteed so that you will have the best sleeping experience with minimal discomfort. It is made of pure and harmful-chemical-free materials, therefore, it can definitely save you from unwanted health issues so you can sleep on your bed with zero worry.

Apart from that, it has also passed a live test on skin sensitivity, so if you have relatively sensitive skin, there is no need to worry about purchasing this mattress topper and facing related issues. Moreover, Napure mattress topper has an ergonomic design, which provides you optimum neck support. Therefore, you can rest your neck like nowhere better and start a brand new day without any further discomfort.

4. Goodnite Statfree

Next entry that made it to this list is Goodnite Statfree Mattress Topper, specially designed with anti-static fabric material, which means that it can enhance your sleeping condition and safety as it can protect you from any sorts of damage that can possibly be caused by static electricity from your electronic devices.

Besides that, it is also designed to fit mattress perfectly with its elastic strap as well as its eco palm oil material. You can definitely sleep with ease as it can provide the ultimate relaxation night. This is due to how it adapts to your body pressure as well as your body heat. It is made to suit all kinds of sleepers so everybody can have the best sleeping experience.

5. SpinaRez Flexitop 2 inch Aloe Vera Flexi

Fifth entry on this list is SpinaRez Flexitop 2 inch Aloe Vera Flexi Mattress Topper. It is high density but provides the ultimate comfort for you as a bedding accessory.

This mattress topper is designed with cooling aloe vera fabric that is capable of absorbing moisture. In other words, it dries really quickly so you can sleep with ease and your body can breathe throughout the night. Besides that, it is hypoallergenic and made of breathable foam. These characteristics will keep your body from dust mites as well as other allergens. It also provides you with good ventilation while you are sleeping.

Moreover, it is a foldable mattress topper. This means that you can carry the topper easily from places to places when necessary so that you can have good night’s sleep you need anywhere you go. Our team has tested out this product and this is definitely a worthy investment.

6. Goodnite Mosfree Comfy

Another topper from Goodnite, where this time it is the Goodnite Mosfree Comfy Mattress Topper. Highlight of this mattress topper is that it is anti-dust mite and anti mosquito. Therefore, it is safe to say that you do not have to worry about getting swelling and itchy skin caused by all stated factors.

As stated previously, Goodnite Mosfree Comfy Mattress Topper contains mosquito repellant in order to keep you protected from unwanted disturbance and sleep with ultimate ease. It is also foldable, providing you with extra comfort and warmth along with its elastic bands and amazing filling. This allows you to have best night sleep no matter where you go and gives your body the best comfort.

7. Full Natural LATEX

Next, Full Natural LATEX mattress topper is known to be an affordable option, especially if you are on a budget and want something that can still provide you with premium features for your sleep.

One of many features that allow you to have a good sleep with this latex mattress is that it has the ability to control your body temperature, which means that your body heat can be released effectively and it provides a great air circulation mechanism so that you will not sweat in your sleep. It is also known to be made of durable material.

Therefore, this topper can be used for a very long time while the shape still stays the same. Just like other toppers stated on this list, it is also allergens resistant so that you can have the best sleeping experience with it. This can be purchased at Shopee for only less than RM600, which is definitely a steal for latex made toppers.

8. Tatami Mattress Topper

Last on the list, is the Japanese Tatami Style Mattress Topper with fibre filling. All its features are correlated in order to provide you with the best sleeping experience.

This japanese style mattress topper provides you with ultimate comfort as it has fibre fillings, which also encourages the spinal alignment so that you do not have to worry about it being too soft for your health.

Coming with elastic bands, this topper can definitely stay still on top of mattress without having to worry about it falling or being out of place. With its luxurious design and the fact that it is made to ensure that it is free from bacteria, your well-being can be highly improved, all consumers need is to sleep with this topper on.

Conclusion: Get Yours Online Now!

When it comes to mattress topper, Malaysia is definitely one of the places with the most households that own it, as the majority has started to understand the importance of it. Therefore, it is very crucial to spend the right amount on the right appliances.

All mattress toppers stated can be purchased and reviewed on both Lazada and Shopee. Further research effort is also advised if you need a more thorough understanding of different products.

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