Best Mattress Malaysia [2023]: Sleeping Well Every Night

Why Should You Invest in A Comfy Mattress?

A mattress is quite possibly the most important part of the bedroom. When it comes to bedtime comfort, a good mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep. It has been shown that individuals with better mattresses tend to have better sleep quality. This is of course without taking into account individuals that suffer from diseases that affect their ability to sleep (but we’d imagine that a good mattress may help).

Sleep is often overlooked when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and mind. However, quality sleep has been proven to help boost the immune system, reduce weight gain, strengthen the heart, improve memory retention, boost physical performance and so on. This is why sleep is an essential part of our lives and should be taken seriously.

Speaking of taking sleep seriously, getting quality sleep can partially be associated with a good mattress. Individuals tend to spend more on mattresses as they are an investment that will pay dividends by providing you a comfortable medium to sleep. We say that they are investments as mattresses tend to last 6 to 8 years, with some manufacturers even providing service up to 10 years.

In this article, we will be helping you choose the best mattress for your needs. We will first be going over some important factors when it comes to buying mattresses in Malaysia, followed by our recommendations of the best mattresses in Malaysia, and lastly some frequently asked questions.

Even if you do not end up purchasing mattresses that we will be recommending, we hope that this buying guide will provide you with the knowledge needed to choose the best mattress for you.

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How to buy the best mattress in Malaysia

When it comes to buying the best mattress(Malaysia), there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration. In this section of the article, we will be going over some of the more important ones that will help you make the best choice during your next mattress purchase.

Bed Sizes

Before you consider purchasing the best mattress (Malaysia) for your room, you have to consider the size that will best suit your current needs. Whether you’re a single uni student, a couple with a baby, or even a family of 4, you will always have the option to choose a bed size that will fit your current phase in life.

In Malaysia, there are some common sizes that you are most probably familiar with such as single, king, queen and so on. We will be going over the sizes, their measurements and some recommendations regarding capacity.


Single beds are the smallest option you can choose in Malaysia, they come in with dimensions 92cm x 188cm (3ft x 6ft). As the name suggests, the single bed is ideal for a single individual. They are typically found in college dorm rooms, children rooms, or in the spare bedroom.

Super Single

Super single beds are next as they are an upgrade from the single beds. They are simply a little wider than single beds with dimensions of 107cm x 203cm (3.5ft x 6.6ft), perfect for those who have fur babies or just a lot of extra pillows and bolsters on the bed.

You’ll find that these beds are the most common in Malaysia as they offer a great deal of comfort as well as some wiggle room unlike a single sized bed.


Much like the relationship of the single to super single, the queen sized bed is an upgrade from the super single size. Queen sized beds have dimensions of 153cm x 203cm (5ft x 6.6ft). Looking at the statistics, queen sized beds are the most popular size among couples.

This option is affordable for 2 people when compared to the king sized which is normally pricier. Another great benefit of the queen sized bed is that it does not take as much size as a king sized bed and therefore does not take up as much space.


King sized beds are the largest size of beds commonly found in Malaysia. It has dimensions of about 183cm x 203cm (6ft x 6.6ft). This bed is large enough to comfortably accommodate 3 people or simply for 2 people with some additional breathing space.

This option is not seen as often in Malaysia as they typically boast a high price point which might not be justifiable from a financial standpoint. Secondly, the large size is a double edge sword as most Malaysians do not have the space to accommodate the king sized bed in their bedrooms. But for those who are seeking a lavish sleeping experience, the king size is definitely for you!

Type of Mattress

There is no shortage when it comes to the types of mattresses available in the current market. In this article, we will go through the types of mattresses commonly found in Malaysian households briefly. Given that this is just a brief summary, we advise you to do further research before deciding on the types.

Memory Foam Mattress Malaysia

Memory foam was developed by NASA in 1966. It was designed to help improve the safety of aircraft cushions and has since then made its way into more commercial applications such as pillows, mattresses, shoes and many more. Memory foam is inexpensive and is relatively easy to make. This is one of the factors that caused its popularity to skyrocket.

Not long after the memory foam boom, this versatile material was found in bedding as it provided a “sinking sensation unlike any other, simulating the feeling of being cradled. Memory foam mattresses are designed to bounce back once the weight on it is removed.

Most people who sleep on their sides or have painful conditions that require extra cushioning are advised to purchase a memory foam mattress. The main drawback of memory foam is that it tends to retain a great amount of heat.

Latex Mattress Malaysia

Latex is another popular option available in the Malaysian mattress market as it is seen as a more natural bedding option. This is because natural latex is a byproduct of rubber tree sap. But if you aren’t fussy about the mattress being more natural, you can always opt for a synthetic latex material instead.

Latex is seen as a material comparable to memory foam with its pressure relieving properties, though memory foam still holds the number one spot for this. The main difference between latex and memory foam is that it is a bit more bouncy. Latex is also better at dispersing heat when compared to memory foam.

The differences between latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses is not that significant and it can be boiled down to personal preference.


Innerspring mattresses are the most traditional type of mattress found all around the world. They are made up of a layer of coils encased in other more comfortable materials. Innerspring mattresses tend to provide a great deal of support, come in a wide variety of firmness, and tend to be rather budget friendly.

The drawbacks of having an innerspring mattress include the short lifespan, the noise it may produce after extended usage, and it’s general wear and tear property.

Spring mattress types

Depending on the type of construction used by the manufacturer, spring mattresses can be broken down into different subtypes. These subtypes offer their own pros and cons and will not be discussed in detail in this article, but it is good to know their names. Spring mattresses come in the continuous coil type, the Bonnell type, the Offset type, and the Marshal (pocketed coil) type.


Hybrid mattresses, as the name suggests, are composed of 2 materials, spring and foam. The hybrid nature of this type of mattress is a great option for those who are not able to decide between the innerspring type mattress and the foam mattress. Hybrid mattresses are softer than springs and do not offer that “sinking” sensation that foam offers.

They also offer some back support with some additional pressure relief and are able to better regulate temperatures when compared to memory foam mattresses. The main drawback of hybrid mattresses come in the form of a hefty price tag. The dual nature of the product is often pricey to manufacture and hence the high price point. Additionally, hybrid mattresses are not as fluid in motion and could pose some discomfort.

Firm vs soft?

Firm mattresses are generally more comfortable for individuals who do not have any sort of troubling back pain. This is because sleeping on firmer surfaces causes the bones to absorb most of the pressure from the weight of the body, meaning that there is less stress placed on the muscles, veins and arteries.

Firmer mattresses are preferred by individuals who sleep on their back. This will often lead to better circulation overall. For individuals that suffer from any chronic back pains, firmer mattresses may not be suitable as it could make the pain worse.

Sofer mattresses on the other hand are recommended for those who are dealing with back pain. They are also recommended for individuals who do not weigh as much as harder mattresses do not compress for them. Individuals who sleep on their side will find soft mattresses a much better fit when compared to the firm mattresses.

Soft mattresses can actually lead to some back problems for back and stomach sleepers and even those of a higher weight class. Feedback from numerous consumers who share softer mattresses with their partners are generally negative as both individuals are of different weight and cause the mattress to sink unevenly and cause an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

Multi-zoned beds

When you’re looking at firm and soft mattresses, you’re likely to wonder if there is an alternative that is in between the 2. Well multi-zoned beds are just that! They are an in between option for those who can’t decide which type of mattress they prefer. Some might even say that it is their preferred choice and we will explain why.

Individuals who sleep on their side can relate when they wake up with aches while sleeping on a firm bed, as such they can opt for a multi-zoned bed that is firm at areas that require support and soft where some support is traded for comfort. With that being said, everyone can benefit from purchasing a multi-zoned mattress given that it is flexible in providing support and comfort of varying degrees.

Branded vs generic

Branded mattresses are branded as they have been approved by the manufacturer and tend to have a high standard when it comes to quality and customer service. They are however by no means always better than generic mattresses.

Generic mattresses come in at a fraction of the price and are generally not as good as branded mattresses. Though branded mattresses are typically the go to when it comes to purchasing a mattress, one should not overlook the money that can be saved from researching some generic mattresses as well.


When it comes to an investment such as a mattress, it is important to consider the budget that you plan to set aside for it. Most individuals are willing to pay top dollar to purchase a mattress of superb quality as it is something that will be used everyday, not to mention the benefits a good night’s sleep offers.

There seems to be no end to how expensive mattresses can get as the price does scale with the additional features that are given. If you are on a budget, worry not as there are some options for you!

Mattress topper Malaysia

With any mattress you purchase, you will have the option of adding a mattress topper. Mattress toppers are basically a pillow that spans the size of your bed and is placed on top of the mattress. Mattress toppers were designed with the sole intention of boosting comfort.

As such, there isn’t much to consider when you’re choosing mattress toppers as you do not have to worry about the material, build quality or size given that it is easily replaceable. Mattress toppers are an accessory that come in many materials and budgets. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, the mattress topper is a must have.

We have seen people spend sparingly on the mattress itself and spend more on the mattress topper. This combination can help you savemoney whilst still achieving a decent amount of comfort.

Best Mattress in Malaysia 2023

Now that we’ve seen the factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a mattress, we can start diving into the list of best mattresses in Malaysia. Please note that this list is solely our opinion and we have selected these products based on their availability on popular Malaysian online retailers such as Lazada and Shopee.

The products we are about to list are in no particular order. As with any product, the best mattress (Malaysia) is one that fits your needs.

1. Dreamland Chiro Latex Anti-Static Mattress

Starting our list of the best mattresses in Malaysia is this mattress from Dreamland. Dreamland is a bedding company that is known for being the first to introduce groundbreaking technology for optimal body alignment and health in Malaysia. Dreamland began its journey in Muar about 40 years ago as a small business that specializes in foam mattresses.

They eventually progressed into the internationally available bedding business that it is today. Since then, they have been a strong contender in the Malaysian bedding industry. As such, it is only fitting that we start our list strong with an entry from them.

The Dreamland Chiro Latex Anti-Static mattress comes in a variety of sizes, including single, super single, queen, and king. It comes in with a thickness of 15 inches. This mattress from Dreamland features the “Microcoil” technology and an anti-static memory foam. What does this mean?

Microcoil technology is considered to be the world’s most advanced spring system. It is designed by Leggett and Platt, USA and is engineered with back care as its first priority. The technology is a big hit with Malaysians with over 80% of Malaysians stating they prefer it over other types of coil technology.

The microcoil technology helps minimize partner disturbance, increase comfort and back support, and extends the life of the mattress. The anti-static memory foam helps reduce body tensions and stress, combined with natural latex, the effect is amplified.

In terms of softness or firmness, this mattress is decent as it does feature some multi-zonal properties. The coils of the product are more concentrated in the center, offering more support for the spine while being 49% fewer on the outside to maximize softness for optimal comfort.

The product itself comes with a mattress top that is protected using Fresche, the next generation in fabric protection technology. It is able to protect your mattress against bacteria, fungal growth and odors.

From our testing, we can say that we felt refreshed after a night on the Dreamland mattress. If you are concerned about the longevity of the product, worry not as it does come with a 10-year warranty. The product might not have received the most ratings on Lazada or Shopee, but it is indeed a serious contender on this list as the best mattress (Malaysia).

2. Slumberland TempSmart

The next product on our list of the best mattresses in Malaysia is this product here from Slumberland. Slumberland is a brand well known in the bedding industry all over the world. Originally from the United Kingdom, it was established in 1919 (over a 100 years ago!) with the goal of finding a way to manifest the dreams of thousands of people.

They have been awarded by the Royal Household 3 times. They have since then made their way around the globe, having over 40 years in the Asian market whilst being established in over 20 Asian countries. Not to mention they have also completed over 2000 projects in 5-star hotels worldwide! With over 500 different models of mattresses available, we had to choose 1 for this list.

The Slumberland TempSmart 3.0 3600 pocket spring mattress is the second entry on our list. Much like the previous entry on this list, this mattress also comes in single, super single, queen, and king sizes. It comes in at a thickness of about 15 inches from top to bottom. The 3600 pocket springing technology gives the mattress movement isolation and durability for total comfort.

The TempSmart in the product’s name comes from the temperature regulation technology that comes with the product. This temperature regulation technology helps the mattress maintain the perfect temperature throughout the night.

If you were to cut the mattress in half, you would see the cross section area that features their spring on spring technology. This spring on spring technology enables this Slumberland mattress to support the natural frame of your body so that your movements are barely felt on it.

A great feature to have if you intend to share the mattress with anyone. Furthermore, the lambswool top layer also helps with keeping the product at the perfect temperature. Lambswool is naturally good at regulating temperature and keeping the bed dry for optimum sleep.

The Slumberland mattress is a great option for those who like firmer bed beds as they themselves give it a rating of 8 out 10 where 1 is soft and 10 is firm. Overall it is a good product that does not receive enough love from online customers as it does have a high price point.

3. Sonno Original

Sonno is one of the newer brands in the bedding industry on this list, having been established in 2017. With that being said, they do offer a limited selection of mattresses that caught our eyes. The company was made with the mission of helping people sleep well and live better as quality sleep plays an important role in mental health and physical health.

Sonno was also founded as the creators realized that the online mattress industry was full of overpriced mattresses and the hassle of going to a physical showroom was too much for some. As such they have designed their line of products to have the quality of premium mattresses that come in at a fraction of the price.

The Sonno mattress comes in a variety of sizes including single, super single, queen, and king. It also comes with all the technology you would expect from premium beds such as heat regulation and so on. This product from Sonno is made from 3 layers to optimize comfort and spinal support.

The layers are made of a 2cm natural latex top layer with a 5cm memory foam and a 16cm support foam. The cover of the mattress is made from Sonno’s ultra-soft removable cover made from Outlast technology textile that was designed to proactively regulate heat and temperature for optimal thermal comfort.

If you are concerned about the materials used to produce this mattress, Sonno has taken the extra steps to put your mind at ease. Their products are made without the use of ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, any heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates that are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Their mattresses have a hardness rating of about 6-7 from a scale of 10 with 1 being extremely soft and 10 being firm.

Sonno has ensured customers that their products are manufactured responsibly by a leading factory in Malaysia. As such, their products are said to have the highest quality standards in Malaysia. This product from Sonno

is compatible with most bed frames in the Malaysian market and it does come with a 10-year warranty. We could only find the king sized model on Lazada but you can make your way to their website to find their complete range.

4. Sealy Back Saver Spring


Daniel Hayness was an inventor who found a better way of baling cotton into mattresses. Eventually these mattresses became famous as ‘the mattress from Sealy’. He would eventually sell his business that registered the trademark name ‘Sealy’. Though Sealy’s story started in 1881, they only broke into the Asia market around 2001.

Since then, Sealy has been providing quality mattresses all around the globe. Their posturepedic technology and orthopaedically correct design also gives us assurance that their products will provide a comfortable sleeping experience. We have chosen the Sealy Backsaver mattress from their classic range of mattresses to include in this list.

This mattress comes in the 4 sizes single, super single, queen, and king. Sealy has included core spring technologies such as the Double Offset Coils that lets the mattress conform better to the body shape while still providing substantial alignment. Offset coils are hourglass shaped and have flattened edges on the top and bottom.

This is what gives it the ability to conform so well to the body. Not to mention, offset coils produce a limited amount of squeaking sounds.

Secondly, this product from Sealy comes with mattress edge support. If you are the type to sit on the edge of beds, you’ll be glad to know that this mattress has come prepared to support you. Even if you don’t like sitting on the edges of beds, the extra support can help extend the sleep surface, giving you more room to wiggle around on the bed.

When it comes to comfort, Sealy has included comfort layers that are made from high quality foam. These additional layers give their product exceptional durability and comfort.

This product from our testing shows great promise in terms of comfort and durability. If you are worried about durability, it also comes with an additional 10-year warranty which is always nice for large investments such as furniture

5. Mylatex Tara from Aerofoam

Aerofoam is a leading manufacturer of bedding products in Malaysia. The company was established in 1969 and they have been producing bedding products since then. With 220 dedicated, committed and experienced staff members, they have made their mark in the Malaysian bedding market.

Their products include natural latex mattresses, pillows. Cushions, spring mattresses, divans, headboards, as well as other bedding accessories. Aerofoam also supports Malaysia’s primary natural commodity by using 100% pure Malaysian rubber as it’s main raw material. As such we are proud to include one of their natural latex mattresses in our list of the best mattresses in Malaysia.

This natural latex mattress from Aerofoam comes in 4 sizes, single, super single, queen, and king. The mattress itself has a height of ±5cm/10cm/20cm. This Aerofoam mattress is made from 100% natural moulded block latex. This natural latex has been tested and certified by international laboratories, ensuring it’s quality and safety.

Being a natural latex mattress, it is able to conform to movements, and can also provide comfortable support to the head, neck, back and spine.

The natural latex mattress comes with an anti-static velour cover to prevent unwanted zaps from your bed. The product is also described to be hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Being antimicrobial also allows it to be free of dust mites. When it comes to temperature regulation, this mattress features interconnecting air channels that provide natural ventilation, allowing the latex mattress to remain cool, dry, and fresh.

When we were testing this product, we found that it was not as soft as memory foam mattresses. We also found that it did have some bounce to it when compared to other types of mattresses on this list. Overall we would have to give this mattress from Aerofoam a thumbs up as it truly is a great product for anyone looking to purchase a natural latex mattress.

6. Vono Ortho Saver

Vono is a renowned international brand from the United Kingdom. It was established in 1896 and has since been producing quality bedding products. Vono mattresses use exclusive and technologically advanced Intalok Springing System developed with British technology. The result of this is a better sleeping experience from a quality and health standpoint.

The Vono brand is also associated with the Slumberland brand which is owned by Hilding Anders Group. They are one of the world’s largest bed and mattress suppliers with the vision to provide customers around the world with a good night’s sleep. We have decided to include this product from Vono as it is one of the more budget friendly options available in the current Malaysian market.

This product from Vono comes in 4 standard sizes, single, super single, queen, and king. The Intalok Springing System provides solid support with moderate comfort and durability. This patented system from Vono is what gives their mattress a firmness of 9 out of 10, with 1 being soft and 10 being very firm.

This makes the Vono Ortho Saver a great buy for those who sleep on their back or on their stomachs. If you prefer sleeping on your sides, we would advise you to look for another mattress as this level of firmness could cause some discomfort.

The Vono Ortho Saver also comes with an anti-dust mite knitted fabric which helps reduce allergens and helps minimize the risk of asthma, eczema and rhinitis. The coconut fibre top is also great in Malaysia as it is great at regulating temperature and helps cool the user during sleep.

This product is double sided and can be flipped to gain access to the other side. This unique feature helps boost the longevity of the product and makes it an overall worthwhile investment.

This spring mattress from Vono measures 9.5 inches from top to bottom. We’ve talked about how long the lifespan of this spring mattress previously is and to further reinforce this product as an investment, Vono has graciously given consumers a 15-year warranty.

7. KingKoil Prince Crystal Mattress Malaysia

KingKoil is a brand that most Malaysians are familiar with. The KingKoil brand was founded in the United States in 1898 under the name United States Bedding. United States Bedding added employees over the years and was able to eventually expand their manufacturing and become innovators in the bedding industry.

As time went on they were able to improve the bedsping and hence took up the name King Koil. King Koil Malaysia offers only the highest quality when it comes to bedding products.As such we will be adding this product from King Koil in our list of the best mattresses in Malaysia.

Much like the other mattresses on this list, the King Koil Prince Crystal Mattress comes in the sizes single, super single, queen, and king. This mattress measures 10 inches from top to bottom. The King Koil Crystal mattress is part of their Prince collection of mattresses. The mattress is designed with multizonal firmness and softness.

This makes it a great in between option for those who want a mattress that is firm in all the right places. The additional softness is a great comfort addition and makes this product a good fit for any sleeping position.

The King Koil mattress comes with 3 key zones, the first providing comfort for the upper body, second providing support for the spine, and the third providing support for the lower body. This feature paired with the chiropractic coil system from King Koil makes this mattress incredibly comfortable to sleep on.

If you happen to purchase this product from the official King Koil website, you’ll be delighted to know that regardless of size (single, super single, queen, and king), you will get either 1 King Koil compressed pillow (single, super single) or 2 King Koil compressed pillows (queen, king). Furthermore, this product is extremely durable and also comes with a 15-year warranty. With all these additional features and free gifts, it’s no wonder King Koil has remained a famous name in the Malaysian bedding market.

8. Dr.Alstone Marrison Pocket Spring

With over 40 years of experience in the bedding industry, Dr.Alstone has established brand presence within Malaysia since 2005. Dr.Alstone takes pride in designing and producing mattresses that incorporate the latest technology and carefully curated materials that will ensure only the best for their customers’ sleeping requirements.

We have noticed that the official Dr.Alstone website does not feature their entire range of products. We have since then found the official retailer on Lazada and that is where we stumbled upon this pocket spring mattress. If you want to look through their full range, we advise you to go to a showroom or look through Lazada or Shopee.

This mattress from Dr. Alstone comes in the traditional single, super single, queen and king sizes and is 15 inches in height. This mattress is made from many layers and materials. The top layers are made from memory foam, charcoal fabric, and natural latex, followed by coconut fibre and a foam encased pocket spring layer. The natural latex layer offers a great deal of support for your body and relief for pressure on joints.

The coconut fibre layer helps regulate the level of firmness and the charcoal fabric allows the material to breathe as it gives the mattress proper airflow and ventilation. Despite its name, the charcoal material is not harmful in any way.

Diving into the foam encased spring system, we can see the pocket springs are arranged into 9 zones to prevent motion transfer in the mattress, giving you the best possible sleeping experience. The spring mattress comes with a Viscose knitted fabric which helps prevent the development and growth of molds, bacteria and fungi.

The many layers make this mattress incredibly comfortable to sleep on. This mattress truly fits the description of a in between mattress when it comes to firmness. It ranks 5 out of 10 with 1 being soft and 10 being firm.

9. Joey Mattress

The second last product on our list comes from another Malaysian bedding brand that has recently made its mark on the online bedding market. The founders of Joey believe that Malaysians deserve to get better sleep at a fair price. How are they able to produce high quality products while keeping the price low?

Well, they’ve adopted an online-only business model that allows them to bypass all the traditional channels. This allows them to deliver their mattresses straight to the consumers doorstep at a fraction of the cost. They only have a single product under their name and we have decided to include it on this list given the brand’s superb reputation on the online bedding market in Malaysia.

The Joey mattress comes in the regular single, super single, queen and king sizes. The weight of the mattress will vary depending on the size you purchase. The single size comes in at 18kg, the super single comes in at 20kg, the queen size comes in at 30kg, and the king size comes in at 35kg.

The Joey mattress is made from their proprietary in-house blend. This proprietary blend is what makes up the J-foam layer. J-foam was relentlessly engineered to be unrivaled for bounciness, breathability, deep pressure-relief and durability.

The J-foam used in the production of the Joey mattresses helps Malaysians stay cool and sleep comfortably during hot nights as it is highly breathable. This can be attributed to the micro-cell foam that allows air to flow in and out freely.

When it comes to firmness, the Joey Mattress can accommodate any sleeping position. The manufacturer has designed it to have a medium firmness, which provides the perfect balance to comfortably support the body. If you are worried about dust mites, worry not as the Joey Mattress has been treated with dust mite repellent to strengthen protection against dust mites.

The Joey mattress is one of the few mattresses on this list that comes from a truly Malaysian background. As such this product was made for Malaysians by Malaysians. If you are worried about the product, you can always opt for the in-home trial that they do provide on their website.

10. The Emma Original

The final mattress on this list of the best mattresses in Malaysia is this product from Emma. The brand was founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015. Since its creation, Emma has expanded to 22 countries on 5 continents. The company was named as one of the fastest growing start-ups in Germany and Europe.

If you think that’s impressive, you’ll be surprised to hear that they’ve also managed to win awards in every country that they have been present in. They pride themselves in providing optimal spinal alignment through their patented technology. We have decided to include one of the best sellers from Emma, The Emma Original Mattress.

The Emma Original Mattress comes in the traditional single, super single, queen, and king size. The product offers full body support by utilizing advanced zoning technology to ensure that consumers are fully supported in areas that need it most. The mattress is made of three layers and it is able to adapt to any body shape to align your spine. This allows consumers to sleep in one of the many positions they choose.

If you are planning on sleeping with a partner, this product is a great mid range option as it has exceptional motion isolation that will ensure you that you will never distrubed by your partner moving on the mattress ever again. The eco-friendly foam is made from natural materials that help you stay cool at night.

Their innovative layer wicks moisture away and prevents you from getting too hot. This high quality cover can also support great air circulation.

We recommend this product to those looking for a mid range mattress option. If you are worried about not liking the mattress, this product is similar to the Joey Mattress as it does come with a 100 day sleep trial period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to air out a new mattress?

New mattresses need to be aired out as there could be odors remaining from the manufacturing process. Secondly, there are odors that are present from the packaging that the mattress comes with.

How long do I need to air out my new mattress?

The time taken to air out your mattress will depend on the type of mattress you get. But as a general rule of thumb, you would want to let your mattress air out for 24 hours. The best way to judge if your mattress is aired sufficiently is to simply take a whiff. If the mattress still has that new smell to it, let it air for longer.

How do I maintain my mattress?

Wash your linens frequently. You will want to strip the bed completely and wash all of the bed sheets, duvets, and mattress covers frequently with the exception of the mattress cover which can be washed every month or so. It is generally advised to launder in hot water as this helps to kill possible dust mites inhabiting your linens. Deodorizing and airing of the mattress itself can be done every 6 months or so.

Why are there rust stains on my mattress and how to prevent them?

Rust stains are caused by excess moisture that makes its way into the coils of the mattress. Though it does not affect the performance of the mattress, it is quite unappealing to look at. To prevent rusty coils, you will want to purchase a waterproof mattress pad over the mattress cover.

Furthermore, you will want to blot up at spills immediately with a clean cloth followed by fanning the afflicted area to dry the mattress quickly. Do keep in mind that other materials can cause rust stains like spots to appear on your mattress cover.

How do I remove mold from my memory foam mattress?

If you notice mold on your memory foam mattress, we are saddened to tell you that you are advised to chuck it out. You might be tempted to just simply remove the mold on the surface of the mattress and continue using it.

If you do, it is only a temporary solution as there could be more mold in the many air pockets throughout the memory foam mattress. Exposure to mold spores can also cause a bunch of health issues that can be debilitating to those who already experience any sort of respiratory illness or existing allergies.

Are there more sizes available?

The 4 most common sizes you’ll see in the Malaysian market are the single, super single, queen, and king. But what if you want other size options? Well it’s hard to say given that these are the ready available sizes in Malaysia. However there are some companies in Malaysia that do offer bigger mattresses such as super king.

Which mattress is the best?

If you are looking for a one size fits all solution, we’re sorry to disappoint as the best mattress (Malaysia) will depend solely on what requirements you have. If you do need further advice in regards to choosing the best mattress for you, we would advise you to contact different manufacturers or showrooms as they can help you further.

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