Food Steamer Malaysia: Must Have in Every Kitchen 2023

A food steamer, also known as a steam cooker for some other people, is a small kitchen appliance that uses steam heat to cook or prepare a variety of foods by enclosing the food in a closed vessel, preventing steam from escaping. Steaming is the name for this method of cooking.

With that being said, steaming is known to be one of the healthiest cooking methods for everyone, as this cooking process does not require any usage of cooking oil. Moreover, the nutrients and moisture of the food oftentimes can be preserved and retained.

Steaming does not discriminate: you can cook all kinds of food by that, such as meat, fishes, and even vegetables. You can also save a lot of time and energy from steaming your food as there is no need for supervising it while you are cooking.

In this article, we will be providing you and discussing the best food steamers in Malaysia, so that you will be able to choose the best food steamer that suits your wants and needs in the kitchen.

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Top 10 Best Food Steamers in Malaysia for 2023

1. Philips Electric Steamer HD9104

The first entry on our list is this food steamer, Philips Electric Steamer HD9104. This food steamer is known to be the best overall model, where it has exactly everything you need to steam your dishes. It is designed to be in plain white and green colors, with a capacity of 5L.

The Philips steamer has a unique aroma infuser that is capable of adding delicious aroma of herbs and spices. This allows more taste being brought upon to the steaming process. You can add on the spices you desire and the steamer will utilize its special infuser feature to finish the rest of the job. With that, there is no need to worry about how the food may taste bland, and a healthy yet tasty meal is guaranteed with this appliance.

Besides, the Philips food steamer comes with 2 baskets. This is so that you can steam several ingredients or food at once with more space capacity. This food steamer also comes with an egg rack, where you can put up to 6 eggs per basket.

Apart from that, It has a reservoir that can be easily filled with water when needed, even when the steamer is in use. There is also a food set timer for different dishes of your choice, including rice,fish, vegetable, meat and so on.

It also has an anti drip lid, which is often a problem when it comes to steamers, therefore although it seems insignificant, yet it is one of the highlights of this appliance. It is dishwasher safe, and the baskets of this steamer are easily stackable for easy storage purposes.

2. Tefal Stainless Steel Convenient Steamer VC1451

The next entry on this list is the Tefal Stainless Steel Convenient Steamer VC1451. One of the most obvious characteristics of this food steamer is that it consists of a huge capacity of a stainless steel steaming compartment. It is definitely designed to be strong and sturdy.

This Tefal food steamer is a 2-bowl steamer, which offers you the convenience of easy storage, as the bowls can be stored upside down in a neat manner on the base. It is designed for compact storage, where consumers can save up a lot of space in the kitchen. It is also made with excellent grade stainless steel for the purpose of high durability.

Aside from that, this food steamer has a 60-minute mechanical timer with audible sound alert, which can inform you when your food is ready, as well as an automatic stop function. This allows consumers to cook anything at all with a peace of mind.

There is no need to worry about the problem of overcooking, and it is also ideal to cook juicy and tender meat, as it is also known to be very well-insulated, which makes cooking delicious food easier, especially if you are cooking meat-based food.

Moreover, this food steamer provides external water filling, and the water level indicator is always visible so that you can easily fill the steamer with the amount of water that you need while you are cooking with it. It has a total of 6L capacity, which allows you to cook just as much for a big family.

The bowls and lid for this steamer is dishwasher-safe. After testing this product with my team, this is undoubtedly one of the best food steamers in Malaysia that is also made of stainless steel material, especially if you are keen on cooking meat-based dishes.

3. Trio Extra Large 25L Food Steamer

Next up on this list is the Trio Extra Large 25L Food Steamer TFS-28, which is known to be a food steamer with exceptionally large capacity, as the name stated itself, 25L worth of cooking capacity.

With such cooking capacity available, it also has flexible assembly for various steaming capacities in accordance to your cooking needs: 20L, 25L, or even having them separated into 10L, 10L and 5L respectively so that you can steam various different dishes at one go.

This food steamer also comes with a 60-minute ‘autostop’ timer that comes with a bell alert. This feature is built for the purpose of guiding you and informing you when the heating process is stopped. With that, there is no need to keep rechecking your time and schedule just to observe how the cooking process is going.

Besides, this steamer also has an exterior water refill funnel so you can add water into it without having to disengage any part of the steamer. Other than that, it also has a water level indicator that allows you to know how much water is needed for the steaming process to take place. With that, you will not be kept in the dark about how much water is needed.

One of the tips for using this food steamer is that you can use it as an alternative for a microwave, where you can use 5L and heat up your food in only 5 to 8 minutes. The base tray is removable, so that you can put a huge portion of food inside to steam.

The trays are also stackable so that it is easy for consumers to store and it will not occupy too much kitchen space. Lastly, this steamer comes with an inclusive rice bowl and a water refill cup. Therefore, if you are looking for something bigger than your ordinary steamer, this is definitely one of the best food steamers in Malaysia with larger capacity.

4. Tefal Convenient Food Steamer

For the fourth entry, we have another food steamer by Tefal, which is the Tefal Convenient Food Steamer VC1401, which is just as convenient as it sounds, where consumers can definitely enjoy all the benefits of steam cooking and create your own simple recipes.

Starting off with one of the most important features, which is undoubtedly the 60-minute timer along with automatic shut off for the convenience of consumers so that you do not have to constantly supervise what you are cooking.

Next, this food steamer is a 2-bowl steamer, where it promotes easy storage as the bowls can be stored upside down for compact storage. The grids can be removed as well if you want to cook something that requires larger capacity.

Similar to all the previous food steamers mentioned, this model makes water easy to fill even when the cooking is taking place, and the water level is very much visible as well for the convenience of supervision.

5. Morgan 28L Food Steamer

Next up, introducing the Morgan 28L Food Steamer MFS-29. This food steamer has an even greater capacity in comparison to the previous extra large steamer, with a total of 28L capacity, where it is the best option if you want to cook in bulk.

Being one of the most popular food steamers in Malaysia with nearly 3,000 units sold, this food steamer allows you to enjoy more rapid healing with it’s double heater system.

Aside from that, this food steamer comes with a rice container and a water refill cup for your convenience. Its steam trays are also stackable so that you can keep it in your storage when you are not using it.

Plus, similar to most previous steamers stated, this food steamer also has a 60-minute timer with a bell to inform you when your food is done cooking.There is also a exterior water refill funnel so that you can refill it easily while cooking with the food steamer at the same time. There is also an indicator available so that you know where the water level is in an easy manner.

Lastly, this food steamer also has an anti-dry thermostat protection. This is to ensure that the food steamer is always in good condition with high durability. It has all the guaranteed goodness in a food steamer.

6. Elba EFS-G1035

For the sixth entry, we present the Elba EFS-G1035. With a power of 750W and a fairly good amount of capacity, this stainless-steel exterior food steamer is a kitchen essential that you will need so you can cook delicious, healthy food for your friends and family.

Firstly, this food steamer has 3 detachable baskets to suit your convenience, depending on how large is the dish that you are cooking, which is in a 10L steaming capacity along with a 1.5L rice bowl. This allows you to make the food prep process simpler than ever.

Apart from that, it also has a control panel with a very sleek design so that it is easy to read and use. Similar to most food steamers, it also has an auto cut off function, an anti-dry protection and also a timer with bell signal. These functions are to fulfill cooking convenience, so you can use the appliance in peace without worrying about overcooking or anything that could potentially go wrong in the kitchen.

In terms of the materials used to manufacture this food steamer, it has a stainless-steel exterior, which is also of excellent grade stainless steel, that makes this food steamer extremely durable. Whereas the basket as well as the rice bowl are both made of plastic that consists of food-grade materials.

After testing this product with my team, this stainless steel food steamer is definitely a must have in your kitchen.

7. Mi XB Electric Steam Lunch Box

This model that we are about to discuss is rather unique in comparison to all the previous food steamers. Just like the displayed image, the Mi XB Electric Steam Lunch Box is a portable lunch box that also possesses the ability to steam your food at the same time. This is definitely one of the most innovative food steamers of all time in the 21st century.

This food steamer is made from PP material and food-grade stainless steel, which forms a 2-layer inner compartment. Apart from the materials used to make this steamer, this model also put an emphasis on the aesthetic, where it has a chic design so that you can have a beautiful lunch box while you are on the run to somewhere important.

Other than that, this lunch box or steamer also features 3 eggs steam trays, as well as a smart switch for the purpose of convenient cooking, and a carry-on handle so that it is easy to bring around. Apart from that, there is no need for you to worry about containers getting all dried up, as this lunch box comes with the dry-protection system.

It also has an autostop function so that it does not oversteam nor overcook the food. After testing out this product, the circulatory heating is definitely working excellent on the lunch box. It is definitely a must buy for a person that is too busy and has to prepare food beforehand.

8. Pensonic Chef’s Like 9L Food Steamer

The last entry of the list is the Pensonic food steamer, Pensonic Chef’s Like 9L PSM-1603. This pensonic food steamer is the best choice for you especially if you are on a budget, as the discount price is lower than RM100, and without discount it also does not cost more than RM150.w

This 3-layer Pensonic food steamer boasts a 9L overall capacity. It also has a transparent water window along with a side water refill facility so that you can refill the water easily while you are still cooking.

Moreover, this steamer comes with a standard 60-minute timer as well as an auto shut off feature. With that, you can go on with other chores and businesses without a worry, as it will stop steaming depending on the time set, along with automatic shut down mechanism for your convenience.

Other than that, this model comes with an indicator light and a rice bowl. With the necessary features, this steamer will be able to transform into a rice cooker easily as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, this is undoubtedly one of the best choices, as our team has tested this product out as well.


When it comes to purchasing the right food steamer, Malaysia is definitely one of the places with the most households that own it. Therefore, it is very crucial to spend the right amount on the right appliances. All of the steamers stated can be purchased and reviewed on both Lazada and Shopee.

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