Best Mini Fridge in Malaysia 2021: Cold and Compact

Why Get a Mini Fridge?

A refrigerator is a common appliance in Malaysia and other countries as well but let’s be honest, not everyone has that much space in their kitchen for one full-sized fridge. Instead of going for full-sized refrigerators, you can still get to enjoy the functions of one by going for a mini fridge.

A mini fridge is small and compact but certainly effective in getting the job done. Plus, a mini fridge is also cheaper than a full-sized fridge. There are many mini fridges in Malaysia and it might be difficult to find the best one. Which is why we’ve done our research and came up with some of the best mini fridges in Malaysia for you to pick from.

However, before getting to the list, there are some things that we think you should know first and that is the types of mini fridges and how to choose the best mini fridge. By understanding these things, it will make the process of choosing from the best mini fridges list much easier.

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Types of Mini Fridges

Similarly to a full-sized fridge that comes in various styles, there are also various types of mini fridges.


First off, there is the thermoelectric mini fridge. This type of mini fridge does not require liquid refrigerant and as a result, they are very quiet. However, it is not cold enough to cool things quickly or to prevent bacteria from growing.

Compressor Fridge

This type of fridge is similar to a regular refrigerator and uses liquid refrigerant. It can also get slightly noisy during operation because of the motor pumping the liquid around. For better energy-efficiency, you will have to go for an expensive model.

Absorption Fridge

An absorption fridge is usually the most expensive type and it usually operates on gas or electricity. They are extremely quiet and some can be absolutely silent too. In addition, they also consume very little energy compared to other types of mini fridges.

How to Choose the Best Mini Fridge in Malaysia

By considering the things below, it will help you to pick the best one for your home.


First things first, you want to consider your budget and look for a mini fridge that has its price matching your budget. While mini fridges are cheaper than regular refrigerators, some can still be quite expensive.


It is very likely that space is an issue for you and hence the reason you are going for a mini fridge. Therefore, the next thing you should think about is the space available wherever you plan to put the fridge. To choose the best one, make sure its dimensions can fit in the space you want to put.


To know what capacity to go for, you’ll need to ask yourself what are the items you intend to store in it. Different types of food or drink might require a different capacity so make sure you consider this before buying.

Best Mini Bar Fridge in Malaysia 2021

Now that you have a clear understanding of the different mini fridges and how to select the best one, we can move on to the list of the 10 best mini fridges in Malaysia.

1. Hisense 60L Mini Bar Fridge


  • Width: 439mm
  • Height: 510mm
  • Depth: 470mm
  • 60L capacity
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Separate chiller
  • 2L bottle rack


Hisense has been a well-known company for making excellent home appliances and this Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN is an excellent example. The Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN is highly rated on Malaysia shopping platforms like Lazada and Shopee and is definitely a mini fridge that you would want.

With the Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN, you don’t have to worry about nasty smells thanks to its Automatic Deodorizing system that removes them. It has a temperature control with 7 different ranges and you can simply turn to “0” to turn it off.

An extra compartment is also present to store foods that require a cooler temperature. The good thing about it is the price that it’s offered at is most likely affordable by most people.

You will fancy it if:

You are looking for something cheap. The Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN has incredible quality while being offered at a reasonable price.

You prefer a quiet mini fridge. Thanks to the Low Noise technology that Hisense Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN uses, there won’t be uneasy noise at night.

You won’t fancy it if:

You want adjustable shelves. The compartment inside is fixed and cannot be adjusted.

2. Morgan 50L Mini Bar


  • Width: 440mm
  • Height: 470mm
  • Depth: 470mm
  • 50L capacity
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Separate ice-compartment
  • CFC free


The Morgan MMB-NB62LSL Mini Bar Refrigerator is one of the top mini fridges in Malaysia with a sleek and small design. This mini fridge also has a modern look thanks to the polished silver finishing. With a design like this, you’ll definitely find a space in your room for it.

With a capacity of 50L, it may seem like it’s too small but because of its clever design, it’s actually more spacious than it seems. In the Morgan MMB-NB62LSL mini fridge, you’ll also find a separate ice-compartment and bottle racks at the door.

Another reason that this is considered as a top mini fridge in Malaysia is because of the adjustability for temperatures which can help to save energy and without the use of CFC, it is safe for the environment and you too.

You will fancy it if:

You like its design. The Morgan MMB-NB62LSL mini bar fridge utilized a modern design that many people are a fan of.

You want a mini fridge with great adjustability. Besides adjustability for temperatures, the compartment in the fridge can be adjusted too.

You won’t fancy it if:

You don’t have the strength to carry it. Even though the fridge is compact, its weight could make it difficult for some smaller sized people to carry.

3. Sharp 60L Mini Bar Fridge


  • Width: 449mm
  • Height: 501mm
  • Depth: 470mm
  • 60L capacity
  • Recessed handle
  • Bottle pocket
  • Utility compartment


For those that are searching for a good-looking mini fridge, you should definitely check out the Sharp SJM60MK Mini Bar Fridge. It has a sleek and all-black design that’s going to fit nicely in your bedroom or kitchen. Thanks to the black exterior, it also has a slim and compact appearance.

The 60L space in the Sharp SJM60MK Mini Bar Fridge is also utilized efficiently. The main compartment is split into two levels with a wired shelf and it is removable to accommodate for taller items.

In the list of best mini fridges in Malaysia, the Sharp SJM60MK mini fridge has the nicest looks which justifies the slightly higher price compared to other mini fridges in Malaysia.

You will fancy it if:

You find the sleek and all-black design appealing. The Sharp SJM60MK mini fridge is probably the nicest looking mini fridge in Malaysia with the sleek all-black feature.

You like the versatility of the compartment. The compartment is able to be used as two levels or one big compartment by removing the wired shelf.

You won’t fancy it if:

You are not a fan of the all-black design. Looks depend heavily on personal preferences and if you don’t find the design appealing then this might not be the right one for you.

4. Haier 115L Single Door


  • Width: 560mm
  • Height: 840mm
  • Depth: 500mm
  • 115L capacity
  • LED lighting
  • Non-inverter compressor
  • 5 years compressor warranty


For anyone that has a small family of 2 to 3 people, the Haier HR-135H fridge would be perfect for it. It has a size that is slightly bigger than a mini fridge but not as big as a full-size one.

The Haier HR-135H has a capacity of 115L and has a 100L capacity for the fridge compartment while 15L is for the freezer compartment. The freezer compartment is also cold enough for you to store your ice cream or if you want to freeze some ice.

The reason that the Haier HR-135H is on the list of top mini fridge Malaysia is because of the price that it’s offered. You can enjoy the large capacity while paying for the price of a normal mini fridge and that’s why this mini fridge is highly rated on Lazada and other shopping platforms in Malaysia.

You will fancy it if:

You need a bigger space than what a normal mini fridge offers. The 115L space is bigger than what most mini fridges in Malaysia offer.

You want a fridge with a freezer compartment. The Haier HR-135H has a 15L space for the freezer compartment.

You won’t fancy it if:

You have limited space in your home. The height of this fridge is taller than a typical mini fridge in Malaysia so it might not fit your house perfectly.

5. Sharp 156L 1 Door Refrigerator


  • Width: 580mm
  • Height: 1075mm
  • Depth: 625mm
  • 156L capacity
  • Vegetable compartment
  • Egg tray
  • Large freezer compartment


If you’re in the market for a fridge but realise that they’re too expensive and most of them have really big capacities and you just want something not too big nor too small. The Sharp SJD190MS refrigerator might be the perfect option.

It has a capacity of 156L which is much bigger than most of the mini fridges in Malaysia but not as big as the normal fridge. The Sharp SJD190MS is a better choice than a typical mini fridge because it has a freezer compartment that is bigger than the mini fridge freezer compartment. As such, you can store more food and drinks without worrying about running out of space.

You will fancy it if:

You want something between the full-size fridge and the mini fridge. The space offered by the Sharp SJD190MS is a balance between the mini fridge and a full-size one.

You won’t fancy it if:

You prefer the small and compact mini fridge. This is not exactly the typical mini fridge so it might not interest you.

6. Midea 50L Mini Bar Refrigerator


  • Width: 472mm
  • Height: 492mm
  • Depth: 450mm
  • 50L capacity
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Separate crisper compartment
  • Direct cooling defrosting


The Midea Mini Bar Fridge MS-50 is perfect for you if you’ve been searching for a quiet mini fridge to put in your home. Besides, you can adjust this Midea mini fridge easily based on the space available thanks to the adjustable features it comes with.

Your bank or wallet is taken care of as well because you can buy this Midea Mini Bar Fridge MS-50 at a reasonable price range. It also comes with a crisper compartment so you can store items that require more cooling in it.

You will fancy it if:

You have limited space. The adjustability this mini fridge offers is perfect for anyone staying in smaller areas.

You prefer something low cost. The price of this mini fridge is at the lower end so you won’t have to break your bank to buy it.

You won’t fancy it if:

You want mini fridges with lower energy consumption. Since this is a normal mini fridge only, there is no advanced system to reduce energy consumption and it only achieved 2 ticks for energy efficiency.

7. Panasonic 50L Fridge


  • Width: 489mm
  • Height: 488mm
  • Depth: 510mm
  • 50L capacity
  • Plastic shelf
  • Direct Cooling technology


Panasonic is one of the greatest brands known for making high-quality products in Malaysia and other countries. The Panasonic NR-AE51SHMY is one of the most sought after mini fridges in Malaysia because of its quality. Hence, it justifies the higher price that it’s offered at.

Thanks to the cooling system used, you can expect your food in the fridge to cool down in a quick manner. Plus, the method used to cool down the fridge has a decent energy efficiency so you can expect a lower electricity bill too.

Anyone that has a more flexible budget should check out this Panasonic NR-AE51SHMY mini fridge in Malaysia shopping platforms like Lazada or Shopee and you’ll discover the highly rated reviews for this Panasonic mini fridge.

You will fancy it if:

You want a high-quality mini fridge. Panasonic is known for making incredible appliances and this is one of the top mini fridges by them.

You prefer an energy-efficient mini fridge. Thanks to the cooling system it’s using, it is able to achieve decent energy efficiency.

You won’t fancy it if:

You have a tight budget. A high-quality product is usually more expensive.

8. Haier 50L 1 Door Fridge HR-60H


  • Width: 440mm
  • Height: 513mm
  • Depth: 473mm
  • 50L capacity
  • Non-inverter compressor
  • Shelves adjustments
  • Ice-maker compartment


You can now own a compact mini fridge thanks to this Haier HR-60H mini fridge. This is one of the most compact fridges in Malaysia and you’ll definitely agree that the 50L capacity is enough for personal use.

Additionally, this Haier HR-60H mini fridge is equipped with a satisfactory ice-maker compartment. It also comes with a shelf that can be adjusted based on the items you want to put in. This compact mini fridge is the go-to option for storing your drinks.

You will fancy it if:

You prefer a high energy class rating mini fridge. This Haier mini fridge is rated 5-star for its energy class.

You’re looking for a compact fridge. With a capacity of 50L and the compact dimensions it comes with, you can fit it easily in most space.

You won’t fancy it if:

You don’t have the need for the ice-maker compartment. Since there’s already limited space in the fridge, you might not want to have the ice-maker compartment.

9. Midea 156L Refrigerator


  • Width: 520mm
  • Height: 1120mm
  • Depth: 590mm
  • 156L capacity
  • Semi-automatic defrosting
  • 2L bottle rack
  • Separate chiller compartment


The Midea MS-196 is the fridge to go for if you prefer having ample amount of space to store your items. It has a large capacity of 156L and 151L of it is dedicated to the fridge space which means there is no freezer in it. However, it does have a space for you to store your meats.

Storage for cans and bottles is also great and it has an egg tray to keep your eggs fresh. Another great thing about the fridge is that it’s very cheap for a fridge of this size. Matter of fact, it is as cheap as the compact ones.

You will fancy it if:

You have 2 to 3 people in your family. This capacity is good for small families of 2 to 3 people.

You don’t need a freezer. The fridge by Midea does not come with a freezer to keep more of your other stuff.

You won’t fancy it if:

You prefer an energy efficient fridge. The energy rating is only rated at a 2-star which is at the lower end.

10. Baseus 8L Portable Mini Fridge


  • Width: 335mm
  • Height: 425mm
  • Depth: 335mm
  • 8L capacity
  • Cooling and heating
  • Translucent window
  • ABS material


When you’re looking for “mini fridge Malaysia”, you’ll usually get mini fridges with 50L to 60L capacities but what we have here is something uncommon and you might just think it’s useful. What we have here is the Baseus CRBX01 portable mini fridge.

With the compact size it comes with, you can easily carry it around and use it to keep your drinks and other small stuff too. Not only does it keep your things cool, but it is also able to heat things up too. However, it is very costly for the space it offers but you are ultimately paying for your convenience.

You will fancy it if:

You wanted the mini fridge for convenience. Thanks to its small dimensions, you can easily carry it around.

You intend to heat and cool your stuff. This mini fridge has the capability to heat and cool.

You won’t fancy it if:

You rather spend the money on something with a bigger space. The money you are paying can get you something 5 to 6 times bigger in terms of space.

FAQs For Small Refrigerators in Malaysia

Where can I buy mini fridges?

Other than physical stores, you can also buy a mini fridge from online shopping platforms in Malaysia like Lazada or Shopee.

Which is the best brand for mini fridges in Malaysia?

Brands that are reputable such as Hisense, Panasonic, Sharp, Midea and Haier are generally good and offer good-quality products too.

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