Best Bedsheet Malaysia: Staying Comfy in 2021

Malaysia is a tropical country with a hot and humid climate. The weather in Malaysia may be exceedingly hot at times, both during the day and at night. When it rains, the air becomes more humid, and the wind becomes cooler.

Moreover, Malaysians tend to sweat a lot due to the hot and occasionally rainy conditions. We perspire all day, especially if there is no air conditioning.

It might also be difficult to sleep at night in hot temperatures. There are periods of the year when it gets quite hot at night, and we have to sleep in the heat. It would be unbearably hot and stuffy without a fan or air conditioner.

As a result, we Malaysians develop on a wide range of topics in order to make our lives easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. This is to help us cope with the hot heat.

Wearing lighter garments and developing cooling fabrics are just a few examples of innovation, as is improving mattresses and bed sheets to allow for improved air flow and keep you cool while you sleep.

The bedsheet plays an important function in keeping you cool while you sleep, especially in Malaysia. The bedsheet should be made from a cooling material so that it does not trap heat and keep you warm while you sleep.

Some bed sheet materials might cause skin irritation and allergies, which is something to keep in mind while shopping for a good or ideal bedsheet. It ought to be skin-friendly so that

In this article, we will be exploring the things to pay attention to when investing in bed sheets, frequently asked questions for people that want to purchase new bedsheets, and our top picks when it comes to the best bed sheets in the market of Malaysia right now so that you are only putting your money on what is truly worth it.

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Guides for purchasing the best bedsheets

Fabric material of the bedsheet

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when purchasing the finest and best bedsheet Malaysia is the fabric. The cloth must be both soft and breathable and that the natural fabrics are preferable since they do not create irritations or discomfort. It also does a great job of keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

Thread counts

It’s also necessary to consider the thread count. The thread count reflects the fabric’s quality; where the greater thread counts imply the fabric is high quality as it is also thicker, stiffer, and in the premium category. In other words, usually the bedsheet is the best when the higher the thread count.

Thickness and size of mattress

Before purchasing the best bedsheet Malaysia, be sure to verify the mattress size and thickness. In the process of making a smart purchase, make sure you’ve taken accurate measurements of the mattress’s size and thickness at home. With that, the bedsheet you wish to buy will fit precisely so that comfortability and durability of the bedsheet is always guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best materials for bedsheets?

There are many different types of cloth or the fabric that are used to produce bedsheets. However, always choose the fabric that has a cooling effect, because the temperature in Malaysia is relatively warm in comparison to other countries. Therefore, you’ll want to keep cool and airy when sleeping.

Cotton is best material to use for bedsheets, as cotton is composed entirely of natural fibres and does not contain any synthetic ingredients. As a result, the fabric will keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep. It’s also really gentle on the skin. Irritation and discomfort will be less likely to happen. Aside from cotton, another natural material is also suggested depending on your specific needs.

Fitted vs non-fitted bedsheets?

It is also recommended that you get a fitted bedsheet since it will save you a significant amount of time in the morning while making the bed. An elastic band is usually attached to the sheet’s corners on the sheet. This will keep the bedsheet firmly attached to the mattress and prevent it from slipping. The fitted bedsheet is simple to lay on the bed and to keep it clean every day.

What is thread count?

The number of threads or strands of the fabric per square inch in the fabric is referred to as the thread count. The nicer the cloth, the greater the thread count. A greater thread count suggests the fabric that is stronger and thicker, as well as of superior quality. Lower thread counts suggest a thinner fabric that is more likely to rip.

The number of threads, also known as the fabric strands, per square inch of cloth is referred to as thread count. The bedsheet consists of the amount of horizontal threads and vertical threads that make up the fabric’s weave, which are counted to arrive at this figure.

How long does bedsheets last?

If properly maintained, high-quality bed linens can last for many years. However, the number of variables that might detract from their happiness. Sheets of lower quality tend to last longer. Many people believe that expensive or high-quality sheets are fragile, however this is not true. There are multiple factors that can contribute to longer-lasting bedsheets.

The first factor is when the bedsheet is made from higher quality grades of cotton. One of the most important factors in the life of a bedsheet is grade of cotton. Long and extra-long-staple cotton sheets, which are superior grades, should feel better to the touch and last longer than sheets that are made from inferior cotton.

Apart from that, consumers should also avoid high heat in the washer as well as the dryer. It is important to only wash your bedsheets and dry them in a cool setting. It is also vital to only wash them once in a while so that there is no extra unnecessary stress on the fabric created from an overloaded washing machine. Bedsheet is very fragile under extra heat and pressure.

It is also more ideal to use mild detergent to wash your bedsheets and avoid bleach and brighteners at all cost.

Best Bedsheets in Malaysia for 2021

Now that we have gone through the guides for purchasing good bedsheets that fulfill your needs and answered questions that you might ask as consumers, we will move on to the list of best bedsheets in Malaysia.

1. Jean Perry Garni 5-in-1 Bedsheet Set

The first entry on this list is the Jean Perry Garni 5-in-1 Bedsheet Set. If you want something of high quality and luxurious, and you are not on a budget, then this is a go-to choice for you.

The Jean Perry bedsheet is meant to give you a taste of 5-star luxury on your own mattress. The fabric is made from 100% natural plant fibre and it is also high absorbency in nature to ensure that the surface of your bed stays cool and comfortable even if you tend to sweat in your sleep.

Furthermore, it is made from 950 thread count, which means that it provides more than sufficient comfort for you to sleep well at night as the number of thread count is quite high. The bedsheet is also made from materials that can ensure it to be anti-dust mite, which means that you do not have to worry about potential allergy reactions. This bedsheet is also suitable for 40 centimeters mattress height. Its silky touch will provide you with the best experience.

This set comes with 1 super king sheet, along with a quilt cover, 2 pillow cases as well as a bolster case. After testing out this bedsheet, it is also a bedsheet that is definitely worth the price, where you can easily purchase it from Shopee.

2. AKEMI Tencel Touch Clarity Quilt Cover Set 850TC

For the second entry on this list, is this AKEMI Tencel Touch Clarity Quilt Cover Set 850TC. AKEMI is a well-known brand for its high-quality bed linens and comfort. This AKEMI bedsheet is from the Tencel Touch line and has an 850 thread count.

The bedding goods in the range are created from a combination of Tencel branded fibres and high-performing synthetic fibres. It is made out of 55% Tencel Modal and 45 percent Polyester. The bedsheet is of rich appearance due to the mixture of fabrics, which gives it a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing look.

The cloth has a low static charge and is wrinkle-free. The cloth has also been carefully designed to improve ventilation. This offers a delightful sleeping experience and that the user is constantly cool and comfy. The durability of the cloth and the soft and silky touch are the hallmarks of this series.

Besides, the quilt cover set is available in two sizes: queen and king. Because it is a 43cm deep pocket, therefore it is also better suited to a thick mattress.

Buff-brown, linen blue, organic teal, raw pink, and sterling white are the five colour options available for the set. The AKEMI bedsheets all have the same patterns and design, which is a mix of Craig Stripes and Dion Box.

Each set includes 1 bedsheet, 1 piece of quilt cover, 2 standard pillowcases, and 1 standard bolster case. Our team has tested this product and it is definitely one of the best purchases in the market.

3. Novelle Cool Ripple King Bedsheet Set

The third entry we are including is the Novelle Cool Ripple King Bedsheet Set, where Novelle is also a popular brand that provides comfortable and affordable bedsheets as well as bedding products. It is a 5-in-1 bedding set that comes in king size only.

The Novelle bedsheet is made from the fabric known as anti-static treatment fabric and super soft yarn. It is therefore easy to care for. Cleaning is a simple task as it does not require a lot of ironing as it is soft and will not wrinkle easily.

The material of this bedsheet is that it has 680 thread count, where the number of thread count is relatively low. Although the thread count is not as high as the previous two bedsheets, it is still of good quality and makes it premium. It may be slightly thin compared to some other bedsheets, however for a bedsheet with such thread count, it still does not tend to tear easily if it was to be washed frequently.

Moreover, this means that there is no need to worry about feeling too warm while lying on a mattress when this bedsheet is on, as its thread count makes it super cooling even on a hot sunny day especially for consumers in warmer countries.

Along with its all-around elastic edge, it will fit just perfectly on your mattress as it will not cause a wavy surface on your bed or turn out to be loose fitting.

This Novelle bedsheet is most suitable for mattresses that are up to 35 centimeters high. It comes with 11 designs and colours for you to pick and choose from. For them, versatility is the key so that it fits your taste and aesthetic.

The set comes in 1 piece of king size bedsheet, 1 piece of king comforter, 2 pieces of pillowcases, and 1 piece of bolster case. The set is suitable to compliment your bedroom and complete the bedding set.

4. IKEA FARGMARA 100% Cotton King Size Fitted Sheet

For a decent and cheap alternative, we introduce the IKEA FARGMARA 100% Cotton King Size Sheet. This bedsheet is super simple in terms of design, as it is a plain white bedsheet, and it definitely suits you if you like minimalistic design.

Ikea is another good brand to shop for high-quality bedding. Ikea Fargmara is the name of this bedsheet. It’s constructed entirely of cotton. Cotton is a natural, long-lasting material. Cotton is also quite cooling and gentle on the skin.

It has a thread count of 104. The thread count of a fabric is the number of threads per square inch. A greater thread count suggests a more tightly woven cloth. A greater thread count indicates a fabric that is more durable and of higher quality.

This IKEA bedsheet is only available in king size. It’s basic and white, with no patterns. The basic white bedsheet is a perfect accent to any bedroom. It will lighten up your bedroom and make it appear larger, especially for a rather dull looking room.

It’s also appropriate if you’re searching for bedsheets for a holiday rental house, such as an Airbnb or a homestay. Because it is so easy to clean, the white coloured bedsheet is an excellent choice for holiday rental property. Everything is clean and immaculate after simply tossing the bedsheet in washing machine for cleaning.

This bedsheet is a fitted bedsheet by IKEA. It can accommodate mattresses up to 26cm thick. It has elastic edge to keep the bedsheet in place on mattress. This will ensure that your bedsheet does not interrupt your sleep. It also comes with different sizes for your convenience. It is definitely a good cheap alternative while still keeping you comfortable.

5. HOOGA Liv Fitted Sheet 950TC

HOOGA is a well-known brand for its home dcor and essentials such as curtains and bedsheets.In this part, introducing the HOOGA’s Liv Sheet, as it is one of the best bedsheets in the market.

The HOOGA bedsheets offer 6 ranges of gorgeous pastel colours, therefore this definitely suits you if you are a fan of pastels colours. It is known to be the best for sweaty sleepers, as it has excellent absorption characteristics, making it highly recommended for them.

Apart from that, this luxurious bedsheet is made from 100& tencel fabric, which is known to be eco-friendly, soft in texture and the fabric has breathable characteristics. However, the fabric as such makes it more prone to wrinkles.

The fabric has a thread counts of 950. This makes the bedsheet in the premium and high-quality category. The material is very durable and can last for a very long time, despite washing it for many times. It also has a soft and silky texture for your comfort.

The bedsheet is available in both King and Queen size. The bedding set consists of 1 fitted bedsheet, 2 pillowcases, and 1 bolster case. Ths is definitely one of the best with the fabric, as the fabric is breathable in the market.

6. Essina Modern & Stylish Design 100% Cotton Fitted Bed Sheet Set

Essina’s bedsheets are available in six trendy and attractive designs. The Valencia set includes this bedsheet. The bedsheet isn’t simple. Nature, as well as other creative and abstract elements, are used to inspire the designs. Maxfield, Corvina, Cleo, Delta, Lovella, and Zoey are the names of the designs.

The bedsheet is constructed entirely of twill cotton. The material is really soft, and it provides excellent comfort, plus it drapes well over the mattress. The fabric will not wrinkle quickly and will not be a sloppy mess.

The fabric of this bedsheet is also featuring a thread count up to 620, which provides longevity while simultaneously providing a strong texture. The fabric is not thin or prone to ripping, though.

Because the bedsheet is fitted, it has a set of strong elastic bands on each corner. This will keep the bedsheet in place on mattress and definitely make it look great on bed for a long period of time.

The bedsheet is designed to suit mattresses up to 33cm, or 13 inches in height. It belongs to the genre of deep pocket bedsheets. As a result, this bedsheet is appropriate for mattresses that are tall and thick.

The bedsheet comes in four sizes: king, queen, super single, and single. The bedding set includes 1 bedsheet, 2 pillowcases, and 1 bolster case in king and queen sizes. The single and super single sizes, meanwhile, only come with one bedsheet and one pillowcase. The wide options available makes this the best bedsheet.

7. Winny Artistique Fitted Sheet Set

For the seventh entry on this list, is the Winny Artistique Sheet Set. This set can definitely elevate your room decor and lift up your mood significantly with its uniquely artistic designs that are nature-inspired styles. It is a good choice if you want to bring art to the consumers’ bed as well, which is what makes it one of the best purchases.

The Winny bedsheet is made from 100% cotton that consists of virgin fibre, and virgin fibre is a Japanese technology that allows the fabric to increase its durability and also provide more support.

Aside from that, it is a highly breathable bedsheet, and it is also moisture-wicking. It also comes with a comforter that is easy to take care of. All you need to do is to shake briskly in order to restore its fluffiness. It also has thin piping.

Moreover, the bedsheet is known to be an easy fit to the mattress if it is 38 centimeters in height. The elastic band throughout the edges of this bedsheet makes fitting easier and convenient. The fabric is made from 700 thread count, which makes it a very sturdy and durable bedsheet.

For consumers that are afraid of allergens or have sensitive skins, this bedsheet will be good for you as the material is of anti-dust mites, antibacterial and antifungal. If you are suffering from asthma, this bedsheet will not cause you any issues as it demonstrates a strong and lasting resistance to fungal growth. The anti-microbial protection is colourless and smell-free. Therefore, it is best for consumers that are extremely aware of their health and safety.

This bedsheet comes with three sizes: king, queen and super single. The bedding set includes 1 bedsheet, 2 pillowcases, and 1 bolster case in king and queen sizes. The super single size, while it only comes with one bedsheet, one pillowcase and a bolster case. However, the fact that it comes in three sizes makes it one of the best as you have more options that suit your needs.

8. Home’s Harmony Diana Victoria Bedsheet 650TC

Another luxurious choice, which is the Home’s Harmony Diana Victoria Bedsheet. This is undoubtedly one of the best choices for you, if you are looking for something that can make you feel like royalty while still being able to have a good night’s sleep every night, as the name “Victoria” is strongly associated with the royals.

The thread count for this bedsheet is 650, which gives it a smooth and soft touch. It is definitely one of the best and most comfortable choices for you and your mattress.

The fabric is designed with floral pattern, and the set comes with 2 pillow cases and a bolster case, which is not only pleasant for the eyes, it is also pleasant to touch, as it is a linen that is made of 100% smooth cotton. However, it only comes in queen size, and it fits the best on a 35 centimeters mattress.

9. HOOGA Hayden Jacquard Balonos Fitted Sheet

For the ninth entry, it is also by HOOGA, the Hayden Jacquard Balonos Fitted Sheet. As mentioned before, HOOGA is popular for home decoration and essential items, and this series is also one of the best.

Tencel Modal fabric is used entirely for the bedsheet. The fabric is made from entirely of natural and organic materials. It is an ecologically friendly fabric, is well-known for its amazing softness and it is said to be a soft touch of nature for your skin.

The thread count on this fabric is up to 950. As a result, the bedsheet is qualified as premium and high-quality. Despite being washed so many times, the material is quite sturdy and may endure a long time.

The bedsheet is made from machine-washable material. It is quite simple to take care of them, and cleaning them is also extremely simple. You simply toss them in the washing machine, and your bedsheet is clean once more.

Lunar Rock and QuickSilver are the two hues available. Both hues are quite natural looking on the fabric and may be used in any bedroom. The bedsheet is simple and devoid of any designs. It also blends well with variety of hues, making it an excellent choice for your bedroom.

For this model, only the King size bedsheet is available, and it comes with 1 king size bedsheet, 2 pillowcases, and 1 bolster case as well that are included in the bedding set.

10. SUNLIGHT HOME Summer Sleeping Bed Sheet

For the last entry on this list, This bedsheet is by SUNLIGHT HOME and has a rich and distinctive style. Summer Sleeping is the name of the bedsheet’s collection, plus the fabric is the best in quality under this brand.

The bedsheet is constructed of a linen and polyester blend fabric. The cloth is cool to the touch and won’t make you feel overheated or uncomfortable. The fabric is also noiseless, so you will not wake up with the crunchy sound when sleeping. In addition, the cloth is airy and highly ventilated.

The fabric is robust and substantial, ensuring that the mattress fits well. It is quite long-lasting. Cleaning and storing it is a breeze.

The bedsheet is of the fitted variety. It has an elastic band across the entire perimeter. This will keep the bedsheet firmly attached to the mattress and prevent it from slipping away.

The bedsheet is available in four different colours. Pink, dark grey, light blue, and dark blue are the colours. The hues are all quite appealing. You can select the hue that appeals to you the most or that is best match for your bedroom.

There are three distinct sizes of bedsheets available. It comes in three sizes: king, queen, and single. Because each size has various dimensions, you should measure your mattress before determining which size is best for your bed. Pillowcases are also included with the bedsheet.


To the consumers, when it comes to the best bedsheet, Malaysia is definitely one of the places with the best choices, therefore we come up with the best bedsheet malaysia article for you. It is also very crucial to spend the right amount on decor that is worth it.

All of the bedsheets stated can be purchased and reviewed on both Lazada and Shopee. Further research effort is also advised if you need a more thorough understanding of different products.

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