9 Best Android TV boxes in Malaysia [May 2023]

Why Should You Get an Android TV Box?

In this day and age, we have plainly advanced past the need for dedicated satellite television. We are looking at Astro and the like with their never-changing networks and sparse portfolio of shows. Chances are your favourite drama, movie or anime would not even pop up before they become old news, what more, your leisure would be running on their schedule as you do not have the autonomy to choose when the rigid broadcasts are aired. 

The digital age has heralded streaming devices that bypass those issues with their incredible versatility, and for that matter, at a cheaper price too! These smart TV devices are timely investments that simply outclass and outperform the best the yesteryear services could do on every single detail and more. It is time to dump your cable subscriptions and look towards smart streaming. 

You would be spoiled for choices that you could enjoy on your own time. An assortment of not only the latest and trendiest streaming services like Netflix and Hulu but also international TV channels, movies, apps and games are placed on the table with these devices. In fact, simply plug one onto any basic TV and turn it into a computer with an extra-large screen! The internet and its endless wealth of entertainment media could be enjoyed with just a click of the remote. 

Nevertheless, varying tiers of quality exist even among the modern smart TV devices in Malaysia. You would want to ensure that the one you pick measures up to the bountiful options we have today, and the best way to do that is to go for an acclaimed and trusted name. 

This is why we are looking at what the OS juggernaut, Android, has to offer with their TV boxes and which one resides among the best in this article. 

But why an Android instead of some other bigwig name in the first place like Apple or Roku? Well, to be fair, you would be hard-pressed to find a name as versatile and established in the game as Android, the smart devices that run on their famed operating system tend to be immensely powerful with thousands of apps thanks to it. 

Another huge boon to Android TV boxes is how compatible they are with KODI, a customisable media player software that is regularly used these days in conjunction with smart TV devices. These two technological wonders are almost akin to two stars orbiting each other – neither can properly operate without the other. Android TV boxes famously leverage upon their affinity with KODI, unlike Apple which fumbles in their compatibility.

Regardless, the goodwill and attributes of the operating system are not the only factors to be considered when eyeing an Android TV box, there are plenty of others that you must have a look out for in order to holistically determine the item that would be truly apt for you. 

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Factors to Consider When Looking For The Best Boxes For TV in Malaysia:

Pricing and Budget

Due to Android’s extensive platform, there is a plenitude of Android TV boxes out there whose features greatly differ, consequently, there would be a huge variance in their pricing as well – up to the hundreds! If you do not have the money to buy the best android tv box there is, it would be best to hold off for now or choose an adequate but less expensive alternative.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that if you want your Android TV box to be one that allows you to watch shows in 4K or even play games on it, you definitely need to be ready to cough up quite a sum. This need would be exacerbated if you own a picture quality television, it would simply be a waste of money if you squander its excellent video definition with a less than optimal Android TV box that could not keep up with it. 

Understandably, your pockets would have already been put through much stress after buying that likely expensive television that ranges in the thousands, but purchasing a lacklustre Android TV box that limits the television’s full capacity would be counterproductive after you have spent so much for its excellent showing. Quality TV must be paired with quality streaming devices. 


The question of what you want out of an Android TV box must be contemplated. Do you want it for simply watching movies? Or do you want to play games on it? Or do you just want to have another ultra-sized computer? 

You must have a fixed, decisive answer in mind, and even if you want to have all of the above in one Android TV box, it would be savvy to prioritize the specific functions you want the most. Even the best Android TV boxes would not be able to encompass and excel at everything, it is natural that these devices’ individual features would only allow them to specialise in certain niches. 

With an inkling of what you want most, you could now laser in on the features made for your needs. 

On a side note, you should decide on the best Android TV box that is highly compatible with popular media apps like YouTube, Netflix and KODI for the sake of convenience and frugality. Without the necessary apps, you may not be able to use your Android TV box as you wish, no movies and especially no games!

Performance Level

It is necessary to examine how efficiently an Android TV box could operate and how quickly it could deliver top-notch graphics with minimal frame-rate issues. All this would be reliant on external factors like the quality of your Wi-Fi and internal factors like the characteristics of the Android TV box itself. 

In the latter case, RAM is king. The one thing you must size up. It is the ultra-quick and temporary storage space that contains the data an Android TV box would need at a moment’s notice. You would want to seek out an Android TV box capable of handling the higher echelons of operating speed.

Remember, the higher the RAM is, the faster the Android TV box responds to your demands. A high RAM capacity is especially crucial if you intend on playing games on your Android TV box. 


Now that we have dealt with the “short-term memory” of your Android TV box, we would need to scrutinise the non-volatile memory of it, ROM, its actual storage size. Like with RAM, the general rule is that the higher the ROM is, the better. Who does not want the potential to store dozens upon hundreds of movies and games? 

If you cannot find a suitable one that inherently has a larger storage space, then external hard drives and memory cards would be your best bet. 


Finally, just make sure that your Android TV box is legal! They are likely so if they are official brands that run on the Android OS but do keep a lookout for their counterfeit equivalents. Just a heads up, an illegal Android TV box would not have SIRIM’s stamp of approval. 

Moreover, even connecting them to any non-Malaysian landline would turn any perfectly legal Android TV box into an unlawful device. Please do avoid that, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Alright, let us take a definitive look at the best Android TV box Malaysia has to offer today now that your eyes have been trained to detect the stand-out specifications of any streaming device.

The Best Android TV Boxes in Malaysia

1. Nvidia Shield TV Pro


  • NVIDIA Tegra X1+ CPU
  • NVIDIA 256-core GPU
  • 3GB RAM 
  • 16GB ROM
  • 4K Output Resolution
  • Dolby Digital Atmos sound
  • Android 9.0 Operating System 

We are starting off with a bang, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is widely considered to be the single most powerful streaming TV box and the ultimate cloud gaming console computer engineering could offer to this date. Stuffed to the brim with an array of specs that could not be found in one place anywhere else, the versatile product is a godsend for both film buffs and gamers alike, a leading technological wonder in both fields of entertainment.

Its advanced hardware is contained within a sleek, compact frame. It is tiny for the amount of processing power running within it. You could either lie it flat and let it disappear into the background or proudly display its ostentatious design by propping it up with a stand. 

Now onto the machinery belying that streamlined design. Its exceptional Tetra X1+ processor is one of its most prominent appeals, the principal factor that makes the Nvidia Shield TV Pro seem tailor-made for gamers. Belonging in the same line of processors behind the Nintendo Switch family, it allows for crystal-clear performance when it comes to game-play, handling any formidable app – even high graphics online multiplayer games! 

Its top-tier performance is further boosted by 3GB of RAM, a third more than what most Android TV boxes offer. It is speedy for sure, but it could also store an incredible amount of data with 16GB of ROM at hand. Nevertheless, there are other products in the Nvidia Shield model line that could even hold up to 500GB that you may want to have a look at if 16GB is not enough. 

GeForce services are also integrated into the TV box, this would mean that even demanding games whose presence was traditionally only restricted to PC would be up for grabs. The list of games within it is ever-expanding and ever-improving.  

Though the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is admittedly geared towards gaming, the fact that it could handle such taxing game titles would naturally mean that it could easily display any streaming app in 4K from YouTube to Amazon Prime. What more, it even supports the hybrid Dolby Digital Atmos sound feature! Excellent visuals melding together with lifelike immersive audio would turn your home theatre into something akin to an actual cinema. 

With access to both Nvidia Games and Android’s signature PlayStore, you would be pampered with a selection choice of thousands upon thousands of video games and movies. With a simple click of its cutesy Toblerone-shaped remote, endless hours of entertainment is right there in your living room. 

Aiding in the deliverance of these leisures are the built-in Google Assistant and Google Chromecast. The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is even compatible with Amazon’s Alexa devices, forget mashing away at your remote, even speaking would awaken the power box to your whims and fancies. 

All in all, it is a fully-featured Android TV box that is the best there is at what it does – which is nearly everything. 

You would like this product if 

You are an avid gamer. The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is custom-made for any gaming whiz, its array of games and tailored features could not be matched. 

You simply want the best for your home theatre. Accompanied by 4K HDR resolution, a processor that churns out excellent imagery, and even a Dolby Digital Atmos audio, you would be fully immersed in the world of anything you watch. 

However, you should be aware that 

It is priced very steeply compared to most Android TV boxes in the market, tripling your potential commitment towards its purchase. 

There exist older models of the Nvidia Shield family which are priced cheaper, with more storage to boot like the Nvidia Shield TV 2019. Though they lack the same processing power as their latest manifestation, they still share many of its features despite being cheaper by nearly a quarter. 

2. Tanix TX6S (64GB)


  • Allwinner H616 CPU
  • Mali-G31 MP2 GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB ROM
  • 6K Output Resolution
  • Android 10.0 Operating System

Not many TV boxes have the privilege of running on Android 10.0 OS, among the fortunate few is the Tanix TX6S, a jack of all trades that does not let up in any department. Armed with powerful hardware, humongous storage space and a decent range of unique features, this is not a device you should take lightly. 

The TV box itself uses prime quality hard plastic to encase its vitals securely, it is both durable and drop-resistant. The matte black material is moulded into a unique design with the top being shaped like a diamond, the Tanix TS6S certainly does not disappoint with its style. An external Wi-Fi antenna is fixed to its side to aid with data transmission and connectivity. 

Its Allwinner H616 processor is competent yet low cost, resulting in a similarly adept yet affordable Android TV box. The CPU could deliver videos in lifelike 6K at 30 FPS or in respectable 4K at 40 FPS. The most detailed visuals, down to the very pixels, could be illustrated through it. Just stream or game to your heart’s content with this delectable combination. 

Accompanied by a vast 4GB RAM that reaches the limit of practicability, most games, software and apps could be operated speedily. Speaking of those three, you would be spoiled for choices when it comes to them as the Android 10.0 Operating System opens up a whole new world of accessibility and compatibility. Tanix’s very own Alice UX interface is tailored for the support of most Android apps. Netflix and Amazon Prime are easily found. 

Not only could you access such a wealth of content, but you could also easily store masses of it as it holds 64GB of storage space. The insane amount of ROM the Tanix TS6S carries could not be understated, as a benchmark, though most smartphones could wield hundreds of GB space, the average TV box only lugs around 16GB – even the Nvidia Shield TV line! And if all that is not enough you could further slap on another 32GB through its microSD card reader.

You would like this product if 

You want an Android TV box that could store hours upon hours of fun. The inherent storage space within is simply something that most Android TV boxes could only dream of. 

You want an Android TV box that is affordable yet packed with convenient specifications that allow it to match many alternatives in terms of speed and detail. 

However, you should be aware that 

There are a substantial amount of complaints that accuse the Tanix TS6S of overheating. Its heat dispersing is considerably lacklustre with the simplistic cooling system in place. The lauded high-quality hard plastic is now unwittingly used to trap all that warmth. This could in turn plague its performance and cause lags. 

There are suggestions that the Android TV box may not be suited for highly demanding game titles due to its frequent overheating issues. 

3. T9 Smart Android TV Box


  • RK3318 Quad-Core CPU
  • Mali-450MP2 GPU 
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB ROM
  • 4K Output Resolution
  • Android 9.0 Operating System

Moving onto the T9 Smart Android TV Box, one of the best value for money products in this particular arena. The highly affordable TV box has not sacrificed any essential specs regardless of the fact that it is famed for its simplicity and efficiency. Every facet of it is there for a reason, any dead weight is dropped, and now what you have is a straightforward device that provides everything you need with none of the frills.  

T9 Smart Android TV box’s design is simple, rather boring, but it gets its job done with its solid encasing that shields its internals. It has both Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi function which makes it suitable for less demanding games. If your connection to the internet ever falls behind, there is always its 100Mbps Ethernet port. 

A special mention must be made on how easy it is to install, customers everywhere have commented that all they needed to do was just plugging it into their TV, the HDMI port with an HDMI cable. With only that, the TV, or rather the smart TV, lights up with its interface prepped and ready to go.

The particular TV box comes in with more than 10,000 live channels that are meticulously selected to satiate the Malaysian public’s tastes. Forget Astro, this would be all you need – with a one-off payment too! The T9 Smart Android TV Box is just the perfect tool for a whole day of lazing around and channel surfing. Apps from a diverse range of languages are also engraved onto it. 

Delivering those shows with a crystal clear definition is possible through the employment of its speedy and strong quad-core processor. This compounded with Android’s acclaim 9.0 Pie Operating System would generate stable buffer-free streaming that could be displayed to up to 4K Ultra HD Image. We have not even started talking about its RAM size, 4 whole GB! There would be little to no lag when you flick through those thousands of channels. 

Even gaming is possible with this high-value TV box, nevertheless, games that require intensive visuals should be avoided as though it has sky-high RAM, its processor is not designed to keep up with. Expect lagging if you decide to proceed with this Android TV box as your gaming console. 

Its storage size is similarly impressive at 32GB which could be further expanded through a MicroSD card. There are also other models of the same TV box that offer a spacious 64GB worth of storage. 

You would like this product if 

You want an Android TV box that is a budget-friendly option that upgrades your channel surfing experience to a whole new level. 

You are not tech-savvy and desire an Android TV box that is so easy to start with that you could install it even while on autopilot. You would need to go through hours trawling through hundreds of steps to set it up to its most optimal stage. It already comes in like that!

However, you should be aware that 

There are complaints that its remote is rather annoying to use with its frequent jamming problem. You should be prepared to get a keyboard instead. 

It is not meant for games with high graphics requirements. 

4.  Xiaomi Mi Box S 


  • 64-bit Cortex-A53 Quad-core CPU
  • Mali-450 GPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8GB ROM
  • 4K Output Resolution
  • Android 8.1 Operating System 

Next off our list is the Xiaomi Mi Box S. Designed and presented by the tech giant famous for its affordable and high-value products, the Mi Box S is the gold standard for budget Android TV boxes. Immerse yourself in the full Android experience at 1080P and at a relatively low price to boot.  

Its appearance is simple by design, an unassuming squarish plastic box with rounded edges that looks the way it does because it has a sizeable heat sink that detracts the heat away from its precious internals. There are ports for power, audio, USB drive and HDMI 2.0a at its back. As one could assume with its small size and practically shaped frame, it is very portable. 

The interface is rather user-friendly and self-explanatory, especially so if you are already used to Android devices. Armed with 4K streaming resolution, it supports high-quality Netflix binging, something that could not be said for many Android products.

While doing just that, it is also highly compatible with other apps like YouTube, Spotify, Disney+ and the thousands more within PlayStore that it could access due to the Android 8.1 Operating System built into it.

Among them include Google Cast and Google Assistant. The latter’s utility could not be understated as it could be used to control your entire home theatre even just through voice commands! As a matter of fact, the Mi Box S is so geared towards Netflix and Google Assistant that it even comes with a simplistic battery-powered remote that has dedicated quick-launch buttons for them. 

Though the Mi Box S lacks a dedicated Ethernet port, its Wi-Fi ac 2×2 MIMO module proves more than enough to make up for it as it is lauded for its excellent Wi-Fi connectivity which goes hand in hand with Netflix or YouTube streaming. 

It really is the go-to Android TV box if you are on a budget as it still offers you every signature feature that the Android name offers at less than a third of the price of other more exclusive and luxurious Android TV boxes like the Nvidia Shield TV line. It simply gives you everything you need out of an Android wrapped up in a discrete black TV box. 

All in all, you will like this product if 

You want an affordable great-value Android TV box that still owns an array of respectable specs that could square up to alternatives in the market.

However, you should be aware that 

It really is not meant for gaming as its processing power is simply not up to par for dynamic high-quality gameplay. 

Though there are few complaints when it comes to their visuals when it comes to 1080P streaming, its 4K streaming has complaints of lagging pinned on it. 

5. MECOOL KM6 Deluxe


  • Amlogic S905X4 Quad-Core CPU
  • Mali-G31 MP2 GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB ROM
  • 4K Output Resolution
  • Android TV 10.0 Operating System

The MECOOL KM6 Deluxe is an all-rounder of a product that still manages to excel across the board. Released late last year, this little thing is stuffed to the brim with the latest advancements a streaming device could offer. 

Though it is shaped conventionally like most Android TV boxes – like a box, there are some touches that make the MECOOL KM6 Deluxe live up its name. Unlike the average TV box with its dull black, its sides are dazzling in white, while its wooden top truly makes it a snazzy and luxurious product that appears more like decor rather than some random gadget. 

Ethernet ports, USB ports and the like are also present alongside its Wi-Fi 6 adapter which grants it a convenient transfer speed. Up to 2400 Mbps of data could be transacted effortlessly. At its price, any respectable Android TV box would come with Bluetooth, and thankfully the MECOOL KM6 Deluxe occupies that category, even its remote has it!

It is an Android TV box through and through, instead of running on the basic stock Android Operating Systems, it utilises the Android TV 10 Operating System instead. As one could assume by the “TV” smack-dab in the middle of its name, this operating system is naturally catered towards the television. Consequently, the available apps are highly optimised for the TV screen. 

Compatible applications would include the likes of Google Assistant, Google Home, Google Cast and more. Enjoy the aid of these apps as you drone away with your voice commands to activate the streaming process. 

With 4GB of RAM accompanied by an Amlogic S905X4 processor, the MECOOL KM6 Deluxe could easily handle years of movie streaming without a single buffer. Armed with HDR support, its Mali-G31 MP2 decoding graphics processor hands out incredible graphics in 4K and 120 FPS. Speaking of which, the device even supports YouTube and Amazon Prime under those stipulations. 

Unlike several devices on the list, this Android TV box could handle itself perfectly when thrown into the deep end with rather graphically demanding games especially if you pair the TV box up with a gaming controller, nevertheless, it has a limit and struggles with the very most visual-intensive games like PUBG. It still does not hold a candle to the Nvidia Shield line when it comes to their forte, gaming. 

Hours of movies and hundreds of games could be stored within its vast 64GB storage which could be further augmented through the use of its USB port or MicroSD slot.

You would like this product if 

You want a powerful and versatile Android TV box that shines when it comes to providing the very best television experience with its Android TV 10.0 Operating System

However, you should be aware that 

You would probably not like this product very much if you are a frequent Netflix watcher. It only displays up to 480P due to its lack of Netflix certification and support. 

Its price is considerably on the higher end especially for an Android TV box that does not offer a specialised niche in gaming as the Nvidia Shield line does. 

6. MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box


  • Amlogic S905 CPU
  • Mali-450 GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB ROM
  • 4K Output Resolution
  • Android 7.1 Operating System

Here we have the MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box. Its standout trait? Just how incredibly favourable it is to your coffer. It is so popularly priced that it perches at less than half the price of even our chosen “budget-pick”, the Xiaomi Mi Box S. You would be at the end of your tethers trying to find an Android TV box that costs less than a hundred ringgit in the current tech market. 

Now that we have sung praises for the MXQ Pro’s remarkably affordable price tag, what about the features within it? There is no way that an Android TV box that cheap could pump out high-quality, seamless imageries right? Well, you would certainly have to manage your expectations, but you already knew that with how economical it is. Nevertheless, it is still assuredly a bang for your buck with the convenience it brings to the table.

Its design is befittingly basic and discrete, a simple black box with an Ethernet port and an internal antenna that connects to Wi-Fi but not Bluetooth. Admittedly, this Android TV box should only be used for streaming and not gaming. Without Bluetooth, gaming would not be the same. Furthermore, it only holds 1GB of RAM, most games require 2GB to run smoothly. 

Even if certain games could be played on the MXQ Pro, which in itself offers a varied selection of them, heavy gaming would definitely be out of the question. Nevertheless, let us have a look at its more favourable streaming capabilities. With its excellent high-performance quad-core processor, it dishes out movies and shows speedily at top of the range quality of up to 4K HD resolution. 

KODI’s compatibility with this device is sensational. If you want an Android TV box just for KODI, this may be all you need. As a matter of fact, it already comes with KODI pre-installed and optimised. The MXQ Pro is made for TV and movie watching and it delivers with these specialised attributes. 

Interlaced with a simple interface, this  Android TV box is perfect for beginners who may have difficulties navigating through one cluttered with superficial features that newbies would not even know how to use. 

Its storage space is also relatively spacious at 8GB of holding power. Moreover, you could further boost this number up by another 32GB as it utilises an SD card reader. A USB port is also present for additional files and external content. 

You would like this product if

You want the cheapest there is that could still stream TV shows and movies in great definition. The product is made for anyone who just wants to move past cable channels. Take the leap comfortably with a low investment device like this. 

However, you should be aware that 

You should not expect it to be filled with features that are present within other Android TV boxes these days. There are certainly much more powerful and advanced boxes out there, nevertheless, their price tags are eye-popping. It is unrealistic to expect this simple, dirt-cheap TV box to achieve what they could.

You would definitely be annoyed with it if you are an intense gamer that wants to have access to many demanding titles. The MXQ Pro could not handle their demands of responsitivity and visuals. 

7. MINIX Neo U9-H AmLogic


  • AmLogic S912 CPU
  • Mali-820MP3 GPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB ROM 
  • 4K Output Resolution
  • Android 7.0 Operating System

The MINIX Neo U9-H has been circulating in the market for more than 4 years at this point so you may be wondering why we are rating it to be amongst the best Android TV boxes still, the answer is straightforward: it is just that solid of a product. Easily withstanding the test of time. 

MINIX has dominated the Android TV box space for years and it is easy to see why with their intuitive interfaces that you could effortlessly navigate, its sturdy makeup and always-current software. 

The Neo U9-H has been considered to be the pinnacle of the MINIX allure. Having been regarded as ahead of its time, it still goes toe to toe with many TV boxes released today with its frequent software updates and support. Older models have had up to 13 official firmware update. This one? 8 updates so far, something almost unheard of for most manufacturers. As such, you could rest assured knowing that what you have is not an outdated junk. 

Encased in a basic squarish design that is easily portable, its AmLogic S912 octa-core processor easily churns out stunning visuals for both gameplay and streaming without the slightest lag. In fact, it could deliver a stellar combination of 4K resolution at 60 FPS without a single second of buffering – that is if your Wi-Fi connection cooperates. 

Either way, it likely would in view of the TV box’s portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. 924 Mbps of bandwidth is handed around casually with those powerhouses siphoning away at the megabits. The fantastic blend of a powerful processor that leverages upon its respectable 2GB RAM size and a steadfast Wi-Fi connection would equate to a seamless, nimble interface that supports HD streaming. 

Its interactions with Amazon Prime videos, in particular, is outstanding, especially for an Android product. The Neo U9-H squares up to Amazon’s very own Fire TV devices.  Expect smooth playbacks and impeccable syncing which could be backed up by Dolby Digital audio. Plenty of games and movies could be stored within its formidable 16GB storage. 

You would like this product if 

You want a cheaper product that still excels in Amazon Prime streaming. Though MINIX has released newer and brawnier Android TV boxes jam packed with the latest features, we are of the opinion that the Neo U9-H does everything it needs to satisfyingly, considering it still has the integral features the later iterations flaunt while doing so at a lower price.  

However, you should be aware that 

Though MINIX is renowned for supporting their products years after their respective launch, the Neo U9-H is still stuck with the Android 7.0 OS. Newer versions have passed by it without a moment’s glance. As such, several functions enjoyed by newer products would not be present here. 

Though it supports Amazon Prime streaming wonderfully, the same could not be said for Netflix binging which is not even found within its PlayStore. You would need to install it through an APK file. 

Though it operates both sufficiently, the Neo U9-H does not allow for 4K streaming when it comes to Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

8. Tanix TX3 TV Box


  • Amlogic S905X3 Quad Core CPU
  • Mali-G31 MP2 GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB ROM
  • 4K Output Resolution
  • Android 10.0 Operating System

As one could expect from an industry titan, Tanix makes a reappearance on our list with its TX3 TV Box and deservingly so! It is similarly blessed throughout multiple departments like its TX6S counterpart. Their resemblance to each other includes their spiffy new Android 10.0 Operating System and their immense internal storage capability. The major differentiator between them would include their diverging CPUs. 

It yet again manifests in the form of a small, durable and portable black box. Reviewers commended the TX3 TV Box on the fact that it is so simple to install and get it running, the thought of asking anyone else for help would be embarrassing! 

All you would need to do is connect the TV box to a power source and it would activate immediately. Tanix’s signature Alice UX launcher would then accompany its interface and guide you to the multitude of Android apps they support. Pre-installed apps include Miracaster and TVCenter which are branches of KODI that own libraries of movies and shows within their portfolios. Its compatibility with KODI is a stand-out feature.

Over 10,000 channels communicated through a spectrum of languages could be found on the Android TV box. Traditional streaming services from YouTube to Netflix to HBO are also available through Google Play of course. Now, does it work these services well? Equipped with an Almogic S905X3 Quad-Core CPU, it certainly does so adeptly! Its supports most video format in 4K HDR resolution. 

Its Mali-G31 MP2 GPU does not let up either when it comes to operating games. With the aid of the new Android 10.0 Operating System and a massive 4GB RAM size, not only would movies be seamlessly displayed, even graphically intensive games would fluidly dance across the screen. 

There would even be a need to worry when it comes to tapping and downloading any material you fancy with its 64GB worth of internal storage that could be further expanded. 

You would like this product if 

You treasure certainty and reliability at an affordable price. Tanix’s TX3 TV Box is filled with the conventional stuffings that are proven to excel time and time again, case in point: their use of the flash friendly AMLogic S905X3 CPU and their compatibility with renowned media player application, KODI. 

However, you should be aware that 

It solely utilises an internal antenna for Wi-Fi connectivity. Despite its promise of 5G dual-band connectivity, customers have lambasted it for its low performance when it comes to 5G connection. To make matters worse, its Ethernet adapter merely dabbles in 10 to 100 Mbps. This could mean that despite its capable hardware that could combat the toughest of games, their responsivity may still be affected due to its lacklustre connection specifications.  

9. X96 MAX+ Box


  • Amlogic S905X3 CPU
  • Mali-G31 MP2 GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB ROM
  • 8K Output Resolution
  • Android 9.0 Operating System 

We are finally rounding off the list with the X96 MAX+ Box. Getting this Android TV box in your living room would give you the ability to turn any day into a cinematic experience. Lying at a rather affordable price point for the assortment of features it dishes out, it definitely makes a strong case for itself to be chosen as the best value pick for our list. 

The X96 MAX+ Box has the same basic “black box” design you have seen on this list over and over again, though it does alter the formula a little with its softer, triangular edges. An IR remote keeps the TV box company. 

The sturdy frame sufficiently protects the motherboard which has dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth integrated within it. Though there is no external antenna, its dual internal antenna more than makes up for it even when it comes to 5G connectivity. If it is still addled at any time, there is an Ethernet Gigabit port that could pump in megabits without a sweat. 

Onto the topic of video playbacks, the X96 MAX+ Box is certainly no slouch, as a matter of fact, it blows many of its competitors out of the water with its crisp 8K picture quality at 60 FPS. The nearly innumerable amount of pixels would allow your screen to glisten with detail and vibrancy. The immersive streaming would be aided by the ever-competent Amlogic S905X3 CPU, the advanced Android 9.0 Pie Operating System and a mammoth 4GB RAM. 

Its ambit of pre-installed material includes both local and international channels and movies. Modern conventional TV entertainment like Netflix, IPTV, HBO and YouTube are available alongside these personalised offerings. KODI could also be easily intertwined into the device. Evidently, the X96 MAX+ Box is the perfect storm for your viewing pleasure, even if you demand cinematic picture motions. 

Regardless of the fact that this Android TV box did not pour its resources and efforts into satisfying the gaming crowd, its Mali-G31 MP2 GPU is certainly competent enough to manage some big titles like PUBG if the settings are tweaked to “low”. Movies, shows and games could be confidently stored with its 64GB ROM space. 

You would like this product if 

You want an Android TV box with the highest quality resolution you could ask for in this day and age. Its 8K output resolution would almost make it seem as if there is no barrier between the characters on screen and you. 

You want an Android TV box that is affordable yet filled with highly sought features. With the relatively low price tag it is attached to, the X96 MAX+ Box and its amazing visuals, vast storage space and advanced operating system is without a doubt a high-value product. 

However, you should be aware that 

There are complaints that paid service apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime do not function as well as they normally would when running on the X96 Max+ Box. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the average Android TV box cost in Malaysia? 

The prices of TV boxes will inevitably be widely varied as certain boxes undoubtedly offer a lot more than what a “bare minimum” type of device would. There are TV boxes a tenth of the price of the most luxurious out there especially in Malaysia, you could even see this happening on our list!

If you want an Android TV box that is simple but could still fulfil the day to day function of providing you TV content, they should cost between RM100 to RM250. 

If you want a grand TV box that offers 4K resolution, gaming compatibility, excellent audio features and more, then you should prepare yourself to fork out more than RM500. The most expensive Android TV boxes out there could even go beyond the RM1000 mark. 

Would I need the internet for my TV box?

Well, technically a TV box does not need one to function but a lack of it certainly blocks you off from the appeal of a TV box which would be counterproductive considering you have moved past cable channels.

A TV box is far more flexible when there is the internet coursing through its circuits, you could now access apps that require it, download materials or stream shows you have come across. 

What are the Internet Speed Requirements for a TV box?

A TV box could work just fine with basic internet but if you intend on playing graphically demanding games or streaming high-resolution movies, you may need a faster internet connection to prevent any infuriating buffering. 

In any case, you should have a stable internet connection of at least 7 to 10 Mbps. You may gauge your internet speed here

Can I connect the Android TV box to my computer? 

The TV box is a sort of computer itself. You could only connect it to your TV with an enclosed HDMI cable and insert it into a HDMI port, any other contraption would probably be incompatible. 

What exactly is KODI? 

Kodi is a highly customisable, open-source media centre that compiles all online streaming apps and local media files into a visually appealing, convenient, and remote-control-friendly library. There are various add-ons and plugins available for KODI that allow you to watch videos, audios, podcasts, pictures, games, and other digital files on your TV.

How To Set Up an Android TV Box in Malaysia? 

Installing an Android TV Box isn’t as difficult as you would think. Although the guidebook or user manual is given, let us guide you through the simple stages.

To begin, use the HDMI cable to connect the gadget to your smart TV. Next, turn on the TV and connect it to the HDMI port. The image should appear now and both the Android TV Box and TV should be connected to your WIFI and it’s all done. You will be able to enjoy the TV Box after following the simple installation instructions.

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